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  1. Due to a delay in the mailing of the latest Journal, we are extending the voting period for Executive Board and Staff members to October 1. Electronic votes and paper ballots postmarked by that date will be accepted.
  2. Its also part of the official IPMS minutes >> https://ipmsusa.org/about/executive-board-meeting-minutes/2021/august
  3. https://news.ipmsusa3.org/news/2021-ipmsusa-national-contest-preliminary-winners-list
  4. Making progress with the new theme.... E
  5. If you notice on SVSM's Chapter page, for example, there is a field for Next Meeting Time and Additional Meeting Information. Every year during the chapter recertification cycle we try to get each Chapter to check its page to make sure the information presented is accurate. Sometimes we get a response, sometimes we do not. Eric
  6. See https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter-map?title=&region=9&state=CA
  7. I'm doing a little work behind the scenes on the site so www.ipmsusa.org, www2.ipmsusa.org, and ipmsusa.org all are the same with www2 being the final page the others are being redirected to. Once I have that finished, www. will be the final destination. E
  8. Hmm... it was fixed. I need to look into this - something is not clearing the cache correctly and the calendar page is overriding things.. E
  9. Setting up a new Forums space for the 2021 National Convention
  10. Hi, I don't get such a box on the Checkout page - see attached. When I click on the yellow PayPal button at the bottom, I get a pop up to log into my PP account, but that's all. What browser are you using and which OS - with version numbers/names? Also, see if you have popup windows blocked in your browser. (As to why iOS likely works - mobile Safari likely shares little code with desktop Safari and other iOS browsers (Chrome, FF, Opera) all use the Webkit engine used by Safari, so those are different from their desktop counterparts.) Eric
  11. James - I checked the Voting site and it already had a ballot in for your account. I removed it so you can now try again. Also, you need to go to https://voting.ipmsusa3.org/form/2021-ipms-election-ballot to vote, you tried accessing the 2018 ballot once or twice. Michael - I'm not sure why you are having issue with the store. I see an abandoned order in the system but I cannot process any further. You should see the PayPal section right after the CC section - see below. If not, perhaps the security settings on your browser are blocking that part of the page. I'm not really sure. Eric
  12. Voting is now live - https://voting.ipmsusa3.org Eric
  13. Things are progressing.... just need a little more time... E
  14. This may not happen until Wednesday evening now.
  15. I need to make a configuration change for the IPMS/USA Web Site - ipmsusa.org - so it may be unavailable for a little while. Eric
  16. Hmmm.... try again... can you give me a screenshot if you get the banned message again? Thanks, Eric
  17. Hi, That's really nicely done... Eric
  18. If you have added an image to the gallery (Ben T. V.), please also upload the file with the information listed below!!! Eric
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