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  1. PeteJ I like it! I’ll check into any licensing issues and see how it goes.
  2. Bob, Here is a photo of my haul to the Orlando Nats back in 2012. A clear plastic storage bin with a snap-on top. All done with homebuilding insulation sheathing, toothpick and pins and rubber bands. Suitable for the overhead bin of a Southwest 737 at the time. Have since taken entries across the pond on a British Airways 777 for Telford. No ill effect to them from travel. Just have to be careful not to drop the box... Hope it helps. RB
  3. Thanks Ed! We hope that all IPMS members who are winners at this year's Nats will appreciate the uniquely Texan theme of our awards this year. The total budget to put on our national convention is a rather large sum, as you might expect. The trophy costs are not an insignificant part of that sum. In an effort to be fiscally responsible in putting the event together, we decided to try to offset the cost of the category packages that go unsponsored every year. Rather than shoring up the cost of the category awards sponsorships (by some 30-35%) to cover the unsold categories, we tied the cost of the average number of unsponsored categories to the Best of Class awards to do our best at securing 100% funding of the awards packages. We hoped that this approach would keep the category sponsorships more affordable to IPMS members and Chapters. We have received several sponsorship requests for various things from firms and individuals within the hobby industry. We wanted to offer the Best Of awards to these folks to accommodate that and balance our awards costs. I have an email prepared to go out to all our vendors and a select industry contact list tomorrow. If the response is what we hope for, I would encourage you to put your budget towards supporting several categories within the class you wished to sponsor. You are welcome to contact me if, as a chapter or an individual, you want to sponsor a Best of Class package after June 1, and I’ll be happy to discuss it at that time.
  4. All, Last chance for your input for the 2020 Convention Decal offerings. We appreciate everyone's input thus far, with lots of great ideas presented. We have more than enough aircraft submissions to choose from, but still need some SPECIFIC ideas regarding a military vehicle subject. We've received some general suggestions, but at this point we're looking for a specific vehicle that has a Texas connection, and photo documentation to work from. Please email me at rbooth@hctc.net with any specific subjects you'd like to submit. We'll be making final choices in early January, and put together a teaser for announcement later in the month. Merry Texmas to all, and may Poncho Claus bring all of you that special box of plastic you've been wishing for.' Rob Booth – IPMS# 37548 Awards Coordinator Decal Coordinator Chief Gofer IPMS/USA National Convention 2020 www.nats2020.com
  5. Very good ideas coming in for the decal sheet(s). Could I ask the auto guys to chime in with some relatively current kit releases that would be a suitable palette for some law enforcement decals? It might be easier to research by vehicle type of available kits than vice versa. i.e. TX DPS is using Tahoes in my area right now. Are there any readily available kits? Also, they were using some pretty hot Mustangs for a while... Pics of the subjects and model kit manufacturer's names and kit nos are VERY helpful. NASCAR buffs - what about the Labonte Brothers? Any ideas there? Armor guys - what specific subjects from Ft. Hood, Ft. Sam Houston (field ambulances????), Ft. Bliss, others, would you like to see? We're trying to avoid putting together an all aircraft sheet. Thanks, RB
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