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  1. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Mary Jane in person, I did talk with her on the phone a few times. She was always very sweet and extremely helpful. IPMS has a very big pair of shoes to fill!
  2. The Aircraft Resource Center is the largest airplane modeling site and forum on the net. ARCAIR is the updated daily ezine for airplane modelers run by Steve Bamford. There are thousands of past articles in the archives now after more than a decade of it running! Well Steve has branched out into car modeling and armor modeling by launching 2 new sites...ARCAUTO and ARCARMOR. These are new daily ezines following the same proven format as ARCAIR. The invite is out for car modeling articles. There is a guide at the site that makes it extremely easy to submit a model for an article...couldn't be any easier. I was one of the guys pushing Steve to branch out from just airplanes into cars so I hope the new site catches on. You can visit the ezine here.... http://www.arcauto.com/ Terry Sumner
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