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Mark Deliduka

Maddog Manufacturing 2015 Production Line

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Okay people, it is a new year now and time to start another Maddog Manufacturing Thread to showcase the works I'll be doing this coming year. Since I haven't gotten anything done yet this year (seeing how it's only the first day!) I'm going to post pics of all the models I did not get done in 2014. These will be the models I focus on this year in general and this January in particular.

Here they are in no particular order. Let's start with this:

Heller 1/72 scale DC-6 Super Cloudmaster:


I have a few more decals to apply to this beastie, as well as touch up a couple areas where they didn't work out the way I hoped they would.

1/72 scale Frog Gloster Meteor. This will be bare metal finish:


Revell Snap-tite Pirate Ship I snapped together over my vacation, along with the sails I plan on putting on the masts. Maybe after that I just might rig it!




Another boat; this one is the ancient Airfix RAF Rescue Boat in 1/72 scale. It was a Distressed Kit I got from my IPMS Distressed Kit Auction so it had been 'slightly started'.


Trumpeter 1/72 scale F-35:


Here's some pics of the 1/72 scale Williams Brothers C-46:




1/72 scale Dragon Saturn V Rocket. Yep, you saw that right: 1/72 scale!


1/72 scale Airfix Vicker's Valiant:


Next is a 1/32 scale Tigershark I was challenged to build a few years ago for a New Years Challenge. This January, my IPMS club's theme is "Go Big" so I'm working to finally finish this since it's been on the bench for far too long:


Something different from my favorite American legend, the Polar Lights Legend of Sleepy Hollow: the Headless Horseman.


1/72 scale Hobby Boss Easy Build F-86 Sabre jet:


1/72 scale Hasegawa Australian F-111 Aardvark:


Hasegawa Iranian F-4 Phantom:


1/72 scale Revell of Germany Swedish Leopard II:


1/72 scale ACE British Forlite Staff Car:


1/72 scale RPM FT-17 that is going to sit in the back of the Mack truck I just finished. There's 11 pieces on this little assembly and this is just the basic hull:


1/72 scale Opel Bus W-39 Late:



1/72 scale Roden Strassenzepp bus:


Yeah, that's quite a lot to do. You can see that many of these are simply waiting for decals. Others need a second or third color of paint, and some just need some serious elbow grease. These are all the models I shall be really focusing on and hopefully get done as quick as possible. I may eventually start a few more models in the next month or so, but I want to get as many of these done as I can first.

Okay, the Factory Doors for Maddog Manufacturing are now open for 2015. Stay tuned for more as I get production up and running again this year! And as always, comments are welcome.

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Wow! That's quite an assembly line, Duke! I wish I had more time to complete some of my projects going on, but the exigencies of work and bad weather here have slowed me down somewhat. Keep up the good work!



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Thanks Mark! Many of these didn't get done because of similar reasons that you mentioned. In addition to that, I was gone from home most of the summer. I am hoping to get many of these done as early as possible this year.

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I don't know what that PT boat is saying, but don't let it sass ya Duke! :P


GIL :smiley16:

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I agree Gil! I ain't gonna take no sass from that boat! It has been quite the challenge though, but I already know how I'm going to beat it. Stay tuned, more progress to come.

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Happy New Year everyone, and it is now about two weeks into the New Year. This will be a small update but I now have some decent progress to show, so without further ado; here is how I started the new year.

I resolved to finish at least eight of the unfinished models from 2013 and 2014. At least six are now extremely close to the finish line. With that being said, here is the work I did on the two buses I had hoped to finish last year.

This first bus got the suspension done and then the interior was added to the top. I later snapped the top part of the bus to it. Here it was ready for clearcoat and decals; you an barely see the suspension underneath:


This is where it is now; all decaled up and ready for dullcoat, wheels and weathering:



I also added the suspension to the bottom of the Strassenzepp bus interior:



Afterward, I painted the dash up. I was trying to make it look like wood paneling with chrome trim around the instruments; not that it'll be visible once this bus is closed up:


Last, I added then front fenders to this bus:


I wanted to add the windows so I could finish this bus up, but I some how lost the clear acetate that came with it which contained the window outlines on it. So now this bus has gotten a whole lot more difficult to finish now.

Next I decided to paint the Forlite staff car. It got a full coat of green drab and is almost ready for me to add the windows and close it up:


That's Silly Putty inside masking the interior detail from the airbrush, in case you were wondering...

Finally, I tried to make some progress on my FT-17. I built up the drive and idler wheels first:


They were easy!

Then I had to put together all the small roadwheels. I cut off half of them (three at a time) and carefully cemented them to the other halves that were still on the sprues. You can see how small these are compared to the Exacto Blade:


And these were the larger ones! I had already done the smaller ones; only losing one small one that I didn't even bother to look for. I'll deal with that issue when I come to it later.

After that, I had enough!

Moving on to my aircraft, I decided to apply some decals. I only had enough time at Hobby Day to get two aircraft done of the three that I had brought to do.

The first one was my F-86, done up as Major Jabara's plane:


Next I did my Australian Aardvark that had been sitting on my workbench since 2013:


Now these two are ready for a final clear/dullcoat and finishing up. I can't wait to get them done.

The day before Hobby Day, I had some time to work on my 1/32 scale Tigershark. Here it is with the final set of Silly Putty Masking on it:


Then I shot the final color on this:


When I got home from Hobby Day on Saturday, I had some time to go in and remove all the masking off this plane. I think it's looking pretty good:


You can see I also fixed the wingtip missile rail......again. Hopefully it stays fixed now; I'm tired of dealing with it.

Now all I have to do is paint the black nose on it and the metallic wrap around the exhausts, then I can clearcoat this and decal it.

That's about it for now. I have a few days coming up where I can get more done so hopefully soon I'll be able to post some finished models. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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I'll just watch in awe as my assembly line has stalled. Mrs. Treadhead bought me seasons 1-6 of Castle on DVD for Christmas and we have been having a Castlethon every night until we watch them all.

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Thanks Mark! I also have Seasons 1-6 of Castle as well! I love that show! I love the Halloween episode where he comes out wearing his Captain's outfit from his TV series "Firefly". There are so many that are my favorites it's really hard to name. That is one brilliant show!

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Mark, you're amazing. So much going on.

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That camo on the F-5 came out sharp Duke! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks guys! I'm really enjoying this Silly Putty camouflage technique. I hope I can get more done here soon.


Stay tuned!

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Okay, after about two and a half days of marathon building, I finally managed to get a few things done. I wanted to get even more done but sometimes it felt like I was going two steps forward and one step back. That was still moving forward at least; not as much as I wanted, but I still moved forward.

First off, this will be a short update since most of the progress resulted in some completed models. In fact, I completed three aircraft and three armor. Feel free to check them out in their respective Forums.

And now, on to everything I've gotten done.

On my aircraft, I finally finished up my F-86 Sabre and set it on it's wheels. It promptly fell back on it's tail, despite my having added weight to the nose. So, I cut off the nose to add some more weight to it, both in the intake as well as the space above the intake:


After that was done, I replaced the nose and touched it up again and called it done.

Next, I applied the decals to the Gloster Meteor. They look bad because they are the original Frog decals in this kit. I had no others to put on this so I just used them. They actually went on fairly well to my surprise. I didn't have nearly as many issues with them as I thought I would:



Later I recoated this with another clearcoat, installed the landing gear and gear doors and set it aside as finished.

Finally, I pulled out the Aardvark and started on the landing gear for it:


After getting them installed, I did some final touchups and then called it done.

Next, my armor....

I had some serious issues here to take care of. On my British Forlite Staff Car, I had some gaps to fill in and so I added some Mr. Surfacer 500 to it. I put it on thick to account for shrinkage:



Next I sanded it smooth and then added a new basecoat to it. Once that dried, I clearcoated it for decals:


Once that was dry, I added the decals and dullcoated this before setting it aside to dry:


Once dry, I added the wheels and did some minor touchups to this. That completed this one.

I also added the wheels to the L-39 bus, and dullcoated and weathered it to call it done.

Finally, I found the glazing for the Strassenzepp bus so I was able to add the windows to it:



Now I could finally close this up! So, I put the top on the bottom and found a huge gap above the fenders that shouldn't be there:


Fortunately, I hadn't glued it in so I pulled it off; cut off the fenders from the chassis, and added some strip styrene to them to raise them higher to meet the bus body:



Lo and behold, it worked! I did have to glue the bottom a little tighter than usual to make them match better, (thus the clamp) but it worked like I wanted it to. There is still a tiny gap there but it is within my tolerance levels:



I have given up making this an "award-winning" model after I couldn't get the paint to behave; I can accept that small amount of gap. It would take far too much effort and damaging work to try and close it up further.

So, now that I got it closed up, I finished up by painting the front end. There is supposed to be a decal that goes above the windshield, but it got messed up and unusable, so I left it off. Now it is complete.

Okay, you've seen the work I did to these, now feel free to check them out in their respective Forums.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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FWIW: To fill a gap like that, I will very often attempt to fill it with white glue, Krystal Klear and/or the white 'canopy' glue, immediately wiping the adjacent surfaces with a damp finger or tissue, as it pushes the filler/glue into the gap and wipes away the top of the bead. While the filled gap still tends to have a meniscus, at least it's closed, will take paint and prevent a hole there.

Edited by VonL

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Thanks for the tip Bob. I hadn't considered that. I may still try that again with the small gap that is left. maybe when I get the nerve to try again to paint this thing....

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Wow, it has been awhile since I've posted anything but now I've completed enough progress on my models to actually post something here.

I'll start with some of the simple things I did that didn't take long.

First of all I shot some more black on the Headless Horseman to see where any seams and other issues were found. Not too many, but I still have a few touchups to do before I go further. I was also getting some good advice for painting this from one of my IPMS club's resident figure experts.


Another simple little model I did was this basic, snap-together model of an Italian heavy gun, with crew. It's made from soft plastic so it's gonna be a bit difficult to paint and such, but I'll try a few techniques on it. Here it is after assembly; I haven't started on the crew yet:


This was a pallet-cleansing build to relax after the difficulty I had building this next little model:

I had decided to buckle down and get the running gear done on the little FT-17 that is going in my Mack truck. That was an ordeal! Some pieces are missing and others aren't glued in right, and the drive sprocket on one side isn't the same since the original got lost; but it looks close enough that I'm moving on. I've had it with this stupid little tank. I had a devil of a time with the turret as well, but now this little beastie is ready for paint:



At Hobby Day, I also tried to get some work done on my Saturn V. I was so busy with so many other things that I barely had the chance to get anything done! I did manage to work on the remainder of the main booster nacelles. It took some extra work drilling out some of the holes for two of the brace parts:



Finally, I was able to complete all five of these engine boosters and test fit them into the bottom of this rocket:


Now to get these all painted and I can move on...

Speaking of moving on, I spent a lot of time on one of my projects that I had made a resolution to finish before I started another major project. I spent a day applying all the fuselage decals to my DC-6 Super Cloudmaster. Once that was done, I clearcoated them to seal them in:


A day later, I went to work applying the decals to the wings. While not as extensive as the fuselage decals; they had their own issues. I finally got them all on the wings and then cleacoated them as well to seal them in:



Now I'm finally able to move on with this plane. The first thing I did was to remove the window masking on the windows and the cockpit canopy:



I knew I had to do this now. Since I completed that, I am now free to re-install the landing gear to this model. I also need to add the engine nacelles to this as well. There's supposed to be some orange decal striping to apply around the front of the engine cowls, but given the difficulty I had getting the orange decal to fit around the compound curve of the nose of this thing; I don't want to deal with that issue times four again, so they are staying off! I know I could paint them on, but I don't want to hassle with trying to match the paint and then mask etc. I just want this thing done; it's been sitting on my workbench since 2012! After that, I think I'll be finished with it and I'll be able to chalk another resolution build off the list! It won't be any kind of award-winning model, but at least it'll be done.

Well, it's a small update but at least it's some progress. I do hope to have more to show later. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in and comments are welcome.

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Well, here's another small update, only because I don't know when I'll be able to get back to the bench again.

I'll start with the pics of the work I started on the 1/72 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters. Here is what I got done on that so far:


This Space Shuttle will be almost three feet tall when it's done!

Remember this RAF Rescue Launch that had the deck popped up on the bow? Well, I found a way to hold it down while I glued it in place.This also served to expand the sides of the hull to meet the edge of the deck so that this looks right when done:


Next I decided to do a bit more on the C-46 since I'd been trying to get this all closed up for awhile now. I finally succeeded, after first adding the interior and cementing in the fuselage windows:


Now the hull sides are together, but not before I had to do some selective sanding along the edge of the interior so this would close. I also only glued the top of the fuselage and the tail because I found that one of the fuselage sides was warped underneath:


Here you can see the gap from the warpage. Once the rest of the fuselage dries adequately, this will be easier to close:


After awhile, I decided to dry-fit the wings to the fuselage to see how big this monster is going to be:


The wings themselves have a lot of sanding and filling to be done to fix the many gaps and ill fitting edges that need attention. I already added some gap filling CA glue to the areas in question. They will be taken care of later.

Now on to the DC-6. This beastie took a lot of work. First off, here's a shot of all the broken parts of the landing gear.


There's actually a few parts still missing; if I can't find them, I'll have to get replacements cast from a C-118 kit I recently got.

Here are the two main landing gear bays where most of these parts go:



Here are the two main landing gear bays after the parts I did have were re-installed:



You can see the missing pieces I'm going to need to replace if I cannot find them. I didn't stop to look; that's what I get for letting this thing languish on my bench for so long. Moving on....

I added the landing gear doors to this model, sans the missing one...


There always seems to be just one missing....

Next I added the nose gear and nose gear doors:


Yes, the nose gear looks like hell. I had lost the original landing gear fork that is supposed to hold the nose wheel. What you see is my poor attempt to scratch build one just so I could move on with this instead of leaving it unfinished indefinitely. I had already given up on making this a 'contest worthy' model; too much went wrong from the beginning. I tried to do things that were beyond me for something of this magnitude, but hey, lessons learned....

Finally, here is a couple shots of this thing with all the parts on it. Yes, assembly is completed on this; all that is left is some touch-up painting and I'll be able to call this done:



I have it sitting up on "jacks" so that the landing gear and the gear doors all glue in the proper position. I can only hope that they do and that the landing gear will hold this beastie when I finally place it on a table for the finishing pics.

Okay, that is my small update for now. It might be awhile before I have anything else to show so I figured I should just post this now. This weekend I'll be going to the Pasadena Valleycon being held at the Ronald Reagan Library. I doubt I'll bring home any awards, but I will definitely have a blast, especially since it's happening on my birthday! Until next time, thanks everyone for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Nice recovery Duke! Once you get that missing tire in place I'm betting almost no one will ever notice any of the gear leg problems, especially if you get their alignment right.


GIL :smiley16:

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Nice finish!!!

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I always liked that AA scheme, nat metal with the orange lightning bolt. Even with your aformentioned "problems", she looks the part. Nice job.



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Thanks guys, you are all way to kind. Gil, there's a few more pieces than just the wheel missing, but I'll be on the lookout for them.


Thanks Mark and Bill. I'm just glad to finally get this one so close to the finish line. The next pics I post of this should be the "finished" model, sans any parts I couldn't find in time.

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Okay, here's another small update. It seems I can't ever find time to make any significant progress lately.

I'll start with this 1/72 scale Airfix RAF Rescue Launch. I mostly just tried to refine the seams along the deck and deckhouse. I need a few more applications here I guess:


Just for fun while it was drying, I dry-fit some of the extra parts on it, including the pilot house which is why it has such large seams:


Moving on, I took this F-4 Phantom to Hobby Day to finally get the decals on it. Seeing all the tiny stencils made me realize why I waited so long! Well, I buckled down and three and a half hours later, here is the final result:



Now all I have to do is apply another clearcoat, then a dullcoat and then I can add the landing gear and extra detail parts to this and call it done. This will then be another of the Modeling New Year's Resolution builds.

After that ordeal though, I was ready for something simple, so I pulled out this old Eastern European kit of another Czech biplane whose name escapes me at this time. This is the biplane I recently got and I started it by painting the cockpit interior black. There is no cockpit, and the seat that I was going to put the pilot in was missing so I painted everything black so that there would be nothing visible through the canopy. I then built it up, adding the wings, landing gear and tail surfaces to it. I then started to sand the atrocious seams and steps; you can see some of the sanding residue still on this little beast:



I'll be applying WWII German Luftwaffe markings on this since the decals are unrecoverable. It's the easiest thing to do since the Luftwaffe assimilated these into the Luftwaffe after the annexation of Czechoslovakia.

After all that, it was time to step it up a notch. I got the last of the structure of my Saturn V done: the escape tower. This was a tough little assembly since everything was molded in clear plastic. I was quite surprised when I got everything more or less aligned. In this pic, I raised the dark contrast significantly so you could see it; otherwise this all but disappeared in the pic. No, it is not singed at the top:


Here it is sitting on top of the fully (dry-fit) assembled rocket:


Just to give this a size reference, I took this next pic with my friend Frank standing next to it. He's 6'2" and the rocket is sitting on a three-and-half to four-foot tall table:


He didn't know I'd snapped that pic I told him later. Later on I assembled this rocket on the floor and stood next to it while someone else snapped a pic. Silly me, I didn't get the same pic with my own camera. The model comes up to my nose though.

That's all I have for this week. As I said, small update, but at least I'm crawling along. Enjoy this trip through the Factory, and as always, comments are welcome. Thanks for looking in.

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This week was good to me so now I have a not-so-small update.

I'll start out with the model of the Italeri Italian Heavy artillery piece made from soft plastic. I found a Plastic Primer spray similar to one recommended by someone else. I couldn't find the Krylon brand. I shot a coat of this primer on so that I could move on and paint this thing:


Here is a shot of the crew that I also primered:


Another small thing I did: I filled a lot of the seams and other issues on the C-46 Commando and set it aside for sanding later:


Moving on to other models, I figured that I should move on with that little FT-17 now that it is fully built. I shot a coat of Olive Drab over it first:



Next I took the tracks and dry-brushed some Humbrol Gun Metal paint over them:


It is a dark grey metallic that looked pretty good on this. It looked so good, I dry-brushed some on the flat-black exhausts on the F-4 Phantom:


Getting back to the FT-17, I added the tracks to this little model. I was quite surprised at how well they looked; at least to me:



Just for fun, I tucked it into the back of the Mack truck that will be holding it:


Now all I have to do is decal that and weather it and it'll be done.

Now back to the Phantom. I had shot a gloss coat over it in preparation for decals. On Friday last, I spent 3 and 1/2 hours applying all the stencils and other decals. Here it is after I shot a dullcoat and removed the masking from the canopy:



I also dry-brushed a little copper paint on the exhaust to give it a bit more of a burnt metal effect.

This Phantom is now done; you can see the finished pics in the Aircraft Forums.

Moving along again, I decided to start one of my Russian armored trains for a couple railroad-themed Group Builds I joined. This model is gonna be a tough one.

First of all, they have you assemble all the wheels to the axles. So, to make sure they lined up, I put them between two thick sanding sticks that were set parallel to each other:


I competed the two sets of wheels and set them aside to dry. Meanwhile, I figured I'd build the turrets that go on this car. Trouble struck from the start. Trying to remove two parts from the sprues resulted in them, breaking. The gun barrel end snapped off and flew into oblivion, and the mantlet section snapped in half. You can see them indicated by the two arrows:


This is going to be a long build.....

I cut a section of plastic rod that was closest to the size of the third part of the gun barrel; cut the broken part off and replaced it with the styrene rod:


Eventually I got the two turrets assembled that go on this car:


Finally, a fun shot of the car as it will mostly look like with the turrets on. the top half is only snapped in place and the turrets are also just placed in place:


I'd had enough of that so I called it a day by then. Hopefully soon I'll have more to show. Until then, comments are welcome, thanks for looking in.

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Here's a small update for today. I say small, but it took me a good four and a half hours to get this much done to this point.

The FT-17 tank for the tank/truck combo is finished, you can check it out in the Armored Forums now. I think it looks great, although the pics don't show it as well as I'd like them to.

This is my 1/72 scale Vicker's Valiant after all the decals have been applied and a dullcoat sprayed over it. I also removed the masking from the windows, engine intakes and the landing gear bays. Now I can complete this model. The next pics you see of this will be the completed pics... provided I can find a large enough place to shoot a decent couple of pics!





There were almost as many stencils on this to apply to the Valiant as the Phantom, but it was harder since this was so much larger, making it harder to move around. I can't wait to get this one done; it will be number five or six on my Modeling New Years Resolution list.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are always welcome.

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Cool Valiant and F-4. What can I say...I'm a jet guy!


Nice job on your stuff. Keep em coming.



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Thanks Wild Bill! I'm a bit of a jet guy as well. Have you seen the finished pics of the Phantom yet? I had it done a few days ago and posted it.


Meanwhile, here's another small update to post. It may be small, but I sure did a lot of work to get this far! This is because I was spending a lot of time finishing off the Vickers Valiant since it was so close to being done. Just for fun, here's the bomb loadout I did:


Meanwhile, as I waited for parts to dry on the Valiant, I went back to working on one of the two Japanese Type 60 Self Propelled Recoilless Gun vehicles. I had already added the wheels to one of the hull sides. I finished the other side and put the hull together. This thing is small!


As I went on, this thing has an engine included:


Here is the radiator installed afterward:


There's even a crew interior:


I'll get some of that painted later and see what is visible from the hatches and such. They also include clear parts for the vision blocks and such just like on 1/35th scale kits. This little guy is gonna be a blast to do!

After all that, I went back and added the landing gear, gear doors, antenna and sundry parts to the Valiant to finish it off. You can see the finished Valiant model in the Aircraft Forum. Meanwhile, comments are welcome here, thanks for looking in.

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