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  1. THEME PICS: Turning point of the war.

    November 1942 marked the turning point of Axis fortunes in World War II. In Africa, the Allied forces rout the Germans at the Second battle of El Alamein. Russian forced launch Operation Uranus, encircling Stalingrad and trapped an entire German army in the city. The Japanese thrust into the South Pacific is checked at Guadalcanal, where they lose several precious battleships and carriers.

    For this month, display any models that represent this period in history. Sherman tanks, American battleships, and even merchant forces use to ferry troops during Operation Torch or really any of the other major theaters of the war.

  2. Photos, Photos, Photos

    Post photos and/or links to other modeling-related photo galleries, reference photos, contest galleries, build shots and anything else that would be of interest to modelers.

  3. Photos: On the Bench

    Post your latest in-progress photos here. What's on your bench?

  4. Photos: Juniors' Builds

    This is a forum for posting photos of the models built by younger modelers. We know you're proud of your kids, so show off their projects here as a way to motivate the rest of us to get our kids motivated to build models! Constructive comments only, of course.

  5. Photographing your work

    A discussion of the tips, techniques, software and gear needed to shoot and share your projects

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