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  1. Fantastic piece of work here! Love it.
  2. VonL

    1/48 F-16C Viper

    Nice model! I remember the 185th TFG guys, too. Good times!
  3. VonL

    Opinion & Analysis Needed!

    Sure makes me wanna go build one! Only suggestion I would add is to maybe weather the finish a bit more, as applicable to the subject. I suspect that the camera/lighting is washing out a great paint job on the C-46. Am not suggesting that you go full-Verlinden-mad on it, but just a bit more, to pop the surface detail and such.
  4. VonL

    Test photo

    That's what I get for being away for a while and passing by this gallery - missing stuff like this. Beautiful piece of work here! Got more pix of 'er?
  5. FYI - There is a product called Smooth-On that's supposed to help with the rough surfaces from 3D printing. Great online pitch, but I've never seen it in person.
  6. VonL

    Iraqi Mig-25RB

    That is one vicious looking airplane. One of my faves, beautifully done.
  7. Given our local "postal" history of IPMS JOURNAL delivery issues and that a summer issue is still depicted on the national website, please advise whether the SEP/OCT issue: a) was published and not received? b) was not published and isn't gonna be? c) is still breathin' hard...? Thanx for any illumination.
  8. VonL

    Hints for gloss (insignia) white

    Ditto to the dittos. Likewise, Duke's glosscoat over flat white technique can give that nice semi-gloss sheen, where a show-car finish is not desired.
  9. VonL


    Amen to what Gil said. And ditto on the 'scale slave.'
  10. Well there ya go, thinkin' again...
  11. My 2 cents: Agree with Mark & Gil that the Home Page dashboard could use a re-look, to make finding this info more intuitive. I'm also a frequent user & a chapter contact, looking at the event & chapter maps to see what's on & how far, as our chapter is rather isolated. One has to dig a bit for the great Galleries, to see what's new. Less frequent: The officer contact info, to pursue some admin question, and things like the ABC course, which our club (still) wants to try out. It's all there, but I frequently forget which menu the desired pages are under and spend a few extra clicks finding that stuff. It's not horrible, just a little cumbersome...IMHO.
  12. VonL

    1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Fantastic. Love to follow this.
  13. VonL

    CVA-64 USS Constellation

    We've got some family history with this ship, so the 1/720 Italeri kit has been lurking in the stash for a long time and is finally at the top of the to-do list. I've seen a couple of informal reviews and build-ups that cite significant changes needed to correct the hull sponsons, etc, to distinguish her as the Connie. There are some good pix of the superstructure out there, so between those and the GMM Super Carriers PE, that will get close. The model will be configured for the late Vietnam era, as able. QUESTION: Where might one go, for accurate hull drawings, diagrams, etc...? Thanx for any help here.
  14. VonL

    1:48 Monogram F-8E Crusader

    That.Is. Beautiful. Super, inspiring build of one of my favorite jets of all time.
  15. VonL

    Wingnutwings Roland D.VIb

    Just beautiful. An advanced player, for sure.
  16. VonL

    US Army Vietnam Helo Colors ?

    Whenever I've used MM Olive Drab spray or bottle, it appears to darken significantly over time, compared to how it looks in the jar. Have seen this happen on various subjects and always feel the need to lighten it for weathering, etc. Have got a few Vietnam helos in the queue and my plan for them is to use this paint straight-up with no lightening/fading effects. YMMV
  17. Love watching this thing come together. Rage on!
  18. If Testors made that bed, then they can sleep in it. Am more than happy to transfer the flag to these guys: http://www.scalefinishes.com/welcome.html I discovered Scalefinishes.com as a vendor at the (Colorado?) IPMS Nationals and bought a couple of samples. Nice enamel paint, looks accurate for the mil colors, great shelf-life so far and the per oz. cost appears very competitive with MM. My impression is that they got established making quality paint for the model car sector. More power to them!
  19. VonL

    1/48 B-66 Destroyer- DONE!

    Hope to see this one at Omaha!
  20. VonL


    Very nice - and much better results than my attempt at that one.
  21. Is the market for this paint really that lame? Multiple LHS owners told me that sales of paint & supplies outperform the kits themselves and are the justification for even offering the kits in the store. (Of course almost none of them even try to move kits below MSRP.) Something just doesn't smell right here, IMHO.
  22. VonL

    A6M2 Zero research

    Very cool - THANK YOU - !!!
  23. VonL

    A6M2 Zero research

    RFI for corrections & suggestions from any Zero Experten here. Our museum is working with artist/filmmaker John Mollison on a Battle of Midway project. He's detailing a Zero that flew CAP during VT-8’s attack on the Soryu on June 4, 1942. He’s asking around for insight as to what tail number would be appropriate, plus any additional identification marks. If you have any opinions, I’m happy to pass them on. Profile in Work: (On a related happy note, Photobucket's new 'features' have made it almost unusable, even for this very simple application. Congrats, guys!)
  24. VonL

    Maddog Manufacturing 2017 Production Line

    Duke, you're my hero. Absolutely fearless. Am intrigued to see that FWD with some WX effects...?
  25. VonL

    Make those laminated props — from paper!

    This is just too cool. I'm gonna go scare up some constructo-paper and try it - !