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  1. Who remembers Mail-Call Models of Costa Mesa, CA? I just acquired a near-mint-condition (except for the now-yellowed polyethylene bag containing it) J&L vacform kit of the Douglas DC-7C complete with Northwest decals, scale 1/72. The instruction sheet states it was distributed by Mail-Call Models. I think the J&L line was picked up by Formaplane and distributed by Squadron back in the '70s. The molds eventually wound up with Aircraft in Miniature (AIM) in the UK. AIM was going to re-release the kit a few years ago, but discovered the mold was damaged. I vaguely remember the name
  2. I've been able to locate some of them on ebay by doing a lot of Google searching. But they will be the last items I buy from Testors/RPM EVER! Perhaps our Industry Liaison Person could contact Testors and find out the reason(s) for the discontinuance of these colors?
  3. Read this: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO APPLY A GLOSS COAT BEFORE APPLYING DECALS! I've been preaching this for years, but nobody seems to believe it's true. So i refer you to Paul Budzik's videos on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_-v7-Wp6no https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chCLz7xnnZQ
  4. The body of the Atlas was basically a fuel tank - an aluminum balloon that had to be kept pressurized when empty lest it collapse. The extremely cold fuel and oxidizer caused ice to build up on the outside from condensation of the moisture in the atmosphere, and Cape Canaveral, being on the coast, had a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. At launch, all that ice broke off. I'm old enough to have seen every Mercury Atlas launch live on TV, and the first time I saw one I thought the Atlas had broken up, until the announcer explained what it was. The later Saturn launches featured even more ice du
  5. And why are new Forum posts and new Calendar items not shown?
  6. A list of discontinued Model Master bottled paints was recently posted on ARC; I have checked it against Testors' web site, and here are my findings. All have been discontinued except where noted: Armor Sand FS 30277 - available only as bottled acrylic Field Green FS 34097 Forest Green FS 34127 Pale Green FS 34227 Flat Sea Blue FS 35042 Gloss Gull Grey FS 16440 - available only as bottled acrylic & spray enamel Camouflage Grey FS 36622 - available only as bottled acrylic & spray enamel Panzer Grey FS 36076 - available only as spray enamel Light Earth FS 30140 - available only as spray
  7. The family has made the following statement: We are sorry to have to communicate the sad news that Gordon Stevens, ‘Mr Rareplanes’, passed away on 28th October at the age of 88, after a short illness. We know that Dad really enjoyed corresponding with all his vacform aircraft modelling friends which kept him in the present and in touch with the modelling world. After years of resisting the internet he eventually took the plunge and over the past 10 years has been quite taken aback to discover so many postings relating to Rareplanes Vacforms, not to mention the many emails of appreciation he
  8. For the FACTS about the GHS labeling system, see here: https://www.msdsonline.com/resources/ghs-answer-center/10-ghs-facts-in-60-seconds The anti-government/anti-regulation/new world order conspiracy theorists among us should note item 5: "The GHS is not a global law or regulation– a common misconception – it is a system. Think of it as a set of recommendations or collection of best practices. No country is obligated to adopt all or even any part of the GHS." Note also that OSHA is the lead agency, not EPA. No doubt Testors/Rustoleum has voluntarily adopted the GHS system b
  9. I never met MJ personally, but most of us, whether we knew it or not, had contact with her through her efficient running of the national office for so many years. I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing and extend my sympathies to her family and her many friends both inside and outside IPMS-USA.
  10. http://www.jfrteam-neufgrange.fr/pages/maquettes-fsc/fsc-dujin/liste-des-kits-fsc-dujin/dassault-falcon-10.html
  11. I am ecstatic to see this kit make a come-back, as I could not afford it on my meager childhood allowance when it was first released (in 1959!). However, it is not a Comet IV, which is the only reengineered Comet variant BOAC flew. It lacks the pinion tanks and longer wingspan of the Comet IV. Second, it also can't be a Comet IVB because the fuselage is too short, being Comet IV length. In fact it's a Comet IIIB, only one of which (G-ANLO) was built for BEA (the same fuselage length as the COMET IV, originally with long wingspan/pinion tanks, but converted to shorter wingspan/no pinion tan
  12. The first model shop I remember was a little hole-in-the-wall shop in Abilene, Texas, close by and just north of the railroad tracks that still run east-west through the middle of town. I was probably about 1951-52. I was 5 years old and was with my father, who bought a Comet or Strombecker balsa Piper Cub kit and some Cub Yellow dope. The shop catered mainy to the balsa-and-tissue flying model enthusiast, and I recall a couple of large free-flight (or possibly even early radio control) models hanging from the ceiling. As an adolescent, most of the models I acquired were purchased at varie
  13. You guys are all children! Except Marmo. And Wentzel. Guys like us are "elder statesmen" and should be shown proper respect! :-) IPMS # 1746.
  14. That's one of the things Paul Budzik mentions in his video (posted above).
  15. Jay was unique, a true character in addition to a consumate model builder, and his contributions to the hobby were many, in spite of the health issues which he suffered from. His book was then, and still is, is a valuable source of primary information for those interested in the subject of WW II US aircraft camouflage. Thanks for making it available again.
  16. Yeah. I don't think the wife is gonna let me keep them all in the house!
  17. I have embarked upon a project to depict the history and development of delta winged aircraft in 1/72 scale. Here is my preliminary list of available kits, in order by date (M/D/Y) of first flight of prototype (or cancellation if unbuilt). Additions, corrections, comments, and suggestions for best kits appreciated. 1930s - Kalinin K-15 (unflown; concept only) Unicraft 1944 - Lippisch P.12 (unflown; project only) Unicraft 1944 - Lippisch P.13a (unflown; project only) PM Model PM-224 1945 - Lippisch DM.1 (unflown) Huma HM0021 1946 - Convair XP-92 (mockup only) Unicraft 9/18/1948
  18. Fill all panel lines completely, sand smooth, prime, repeat as necessary, then scribe the primer or the paint. Paul Budzik shows you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqLXyWqkBoQ
  19. It's beginning to sound like it was judged by the wrong team of judges. I suppose with so many models entered, it's possible that such a mistake could be made. Unfortunate, but unintentional.
  20. For as long as I can remember, awards have been a part of the banquet and vice-versa due to requirements imposed by the venues. Some may feel that they are entitled to attend the awards ceremony because they have paid for everything but the banquet, but that's never been the case. Bottom line: If you want to attend the awards, then buy a banquet ticket.
  21. Scalpel blades work just fine, in fact, better than X-Acto blades. i gave up using X-Acto years ago. But if you must use an X-Acto-type blade, try Testors. I'm told they hold an edge better than the competition.
  22. Thank you for making these available!
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