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  1. I haven't seen the Airfix Walrus, but my method of rigging 1/72 models has always entailed drilling holes and threading nylon monofilament ("invisible" thread, smoke color) through the holes. With proper planning, you can run several rigging wires using one length of thread. For one-piece wings, I countersink my starting holes for a knot in the thread; this is then filled and sanded smooth and painted after the rigging is complete. I paint the top of the bottom wing and the bottom of the top wing prior to assembly and rigging. If the wings are two-piece (top and bottom), I assemble the model w
  2. Looks like the domain name has not been renewed. Perhaps Tony just got tired of maintaining the site. That happens.
  3. … Color Query Pro. You can: - Use camera to capture color from object. - Query color and compare to twelve standard palettes;: - Pantone - RAL Classic - HKS K - NCS - Sherwin-Williams - BEHR - Valspar - 日本の色の一覧 Colors of Japan - Federal Standard 595 - HTML - Material Design - Wikipedia. - Query color by number or name. - Mix and match color in RGB, HSB or CMYK colorspaces. - Use sliders to adjust color. - Get RGB with #hex, HSB and CMYK numbers. Enter #hex code directly to see a color. - Save up to 25 color samples over five sample palettes. Rotate throug
  4. For those of us of advanced age (!), reading the small print or seeing small details can be a problem. Magnifier Flash turns your iPhone into a magnifying glass that allows you to zoom an image up to 6x, illuminate it with the iPhone's built-in flashlight, and save the image for reference. You can find it at the App Store. Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the application or Apple Computer.
  5. I, too, have wondered about the bright chrome on model car parts, especially for models of classic cars, such as Deusenbergs, Packards, Mercedes, Rolls Royces, etc., from the 1930s. Were these parts actually "chromed," or were they in fact nickle-plated? Would toning down the chromed kit parts with a clear semi-gloss or satin finish be appropriate?
  6. Modelers often ask, "Why can I buy Brand X paint here in the U.S. but not Brand Y?" I emailed Sovereign Hobbies asking why it was possible to purchase their Colorcoats paint here in the U.S. but not certain other brands (i.e., Hannants' Xtracolor). This is the reply from Sovereign's James Duff, posted here with his permission: "Flammable liquids are, like many substances which have properties beyond completely inert (such as explosives, infectious substances, etc) classified as Dangerous Goods by IATA who administer the rules that all vaguely 21st century civil aviation national bodies fo
  7. Or "Backtothe Future." But it never was a wax; it is a polish designed to restore gloss to no-wax floors after they had been cleaned with ammonia-based cleaners.
  8. First it was "Future." Then it was "Pledge with Future Shine." Then it was "Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish." Now it's "Pledge revive it": (Thanks to Paul Boyer for originally pointing this out on Hyperscale.)
  9. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/dazzle-paint-wwi-us-navy
  10. New to me, anyway: https://www.truenorthpaints.com/ I've not tried these myself, so cannot comment further.
  11. The Erection and Maintenance Instructions (25 April 1945, rev. 26 August 1949) , paragraph 5 (Final Color and finish Requirements), Section a (Interior), Sub-paragraph 4, state: "One coat of gray lacquer, Specification No. AN-TT-L-51, is applied to the nacelle, main landing gear and tail wheel wells and doors." The landing gear was also to be painted with one coat of the same gray lacquer, but over one coat of zinc chromate primer. These instruction do not specify an exact shade of gray, and a Google search for "gray lacquer AN-TT-L-51" turned up nothing. I'll post an inquiry on Hypers
  12. Hank, there are suitable computer fonts already available which will preclude your making your own or can be easily modified. Many are free, some cost a few bucks. Here's one source (these are not free, but well worth the cost): http://www.tlai.com/med_des/modeling.html A search for "US navy hull number font" will turn up many other possibilities. Install the font, type your number/name in Adobe Illustrator using the appropriate font, then convert the type to outlines. Voila! A vector graphic which can be scaled up or down or otherwise modified as necessary.
  13. The closest Hobby Lobby to me (Lewisville) has its spray paints under lock and key, not just Testors but other brands as well. It's due to Texas law, I think. As to having to show an ID when I buy an adult beverage, I just flash my Medicare card!
  14. The first "issue" of "All Hands" was printed as the Bureau of Navigation News Bulletin No. 1 (dated Aug. 30, 1922). Twenty years later, the title was changed to "Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin." As America claimed "Victory in Europe" on the cover of June 1945, the magazine's new banner read, "All Hands," and the name stuck. Subjects include a variety of naval-related topics. In January 2003, the US Navy's Office of Information completed a two-year project to archive every back issue (more than 89 years worth) in Adobe Acrobat® format. http://www.navy.mil/ah_online/department_
  15. I have posted Leo's request on Hyperscale's "Ship Chat" forum in the hope it will reach an even wider audience.
  16. In case there is any misunderstanding, all the plaudits belong not to me but to Seattle IPMS and John Miller. I just posted the link to the story for all to enjoy. Living as i do in Texas, it's difficult for me to attend their meetings!
  17. https://www.facebook.com/groups/471475156211444/permalink/2156133867745556/ http://one-man-model.main.jp/index.html And a Saunders-Roe princess to follow!
  18. https://modelpaintsol.com/builds/painting-zunum-prototype-display-model
  19. With your permission, I'll post your message on Hyperscale and the WW I Modelers mailing list. There are a lot of knowledgeable modelers on both forums.
  20. I've already suggested US Coast Guard colors on the SteelNavy forum.
  21. Adobe Illustrator also gives precise control. it's a vector program like CAD software. There's also a CAD plug-in for it.
  22. Death was due to a combination of many things including Alzheimers, heart troubles, pneumonia, and aspiration of food, as well as other unspecified causes. John was the author of two books, Scratchbuilt! and The Master Scratchbuilders, both published by Schiffer in 1993 and 1999 respectively. Many of you will remember his scratchbuilt 1/24 DH-9A that won the US nationals in 1998 but also won the 2000 UK Modelworld. He spent about 6 years and an estimated 8,000 hours on it. Here's John with George Lee's O3U-3 Corsair, begun by George and finished by John after George's death
  23. I'd like to see: HH-52 S-61L/N Bell 47J All in The One True Scale (1/72)
  24. Nice! I have that kit for a "Delta Wings" collection but haven't worked up the nerve to start it yet.
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