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  1. Good Evening Troops, I am Mark Young and I am a glutton for punishment. Having stepped into the job of getting the Chapter Newsletters passed around, I have done a lot of work updating and upgrading the previous system. Nothing at all against Fred or David, just newer technology needed to be applied. Read: The mass of mail got way too large for Gmail to handle, so something had to be done. Anyway, I want every IPMS member with an email address to receive the Newsletters. Many are served by their respective Chapter Contacts, and I rely on them heavily to get the word out. Many people are not associated with a Local Chapter and are floating out there in the hinterlands of our modeling world. They (You?) need love too. Please help me get the word out to everyone you know. The following, or a reasonable facsimile, is to be posted in an upcoming Journal. In order to jump the gun a bit and deal at a more personal level, I'll start here. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ For those not aware, there are some 30 Chapter Newsletters being produced by some very dedicated and talented individuals within the respective chapters. I have recently taken over the national distribution of these Chapter Newsletters. My goal is delivery of the Newsletters to every IPMS member with an email. I need a bit of help in achieving that goal. 1. Chapter Contacts – Please open the emails with IPMS Newsletter Distribution, sent via Mail Chimp, in the subject line. They are not SPAM. So far, only 55% of the emails are being opened on a regular basis. I want to see 100%. 2. Chapter Contacts – Please forward the email to all the members in your chapter. 3. Chapter Contacts – If you have not been receiving these emails, please contact me with a current name and email address. I will be happy to add your chapter to the distribution list. Several of the links on the IPMS websites are not valid. While you are at it, let the Director of Local Chapters know of any changes. 4. Chapter Contacts – If your chapter publishes a Newsletter that is not being distributed nationally and you want it seen by everyone, please send the Newsletter to me. PDF format is preferred. A link to the Newsletter will work as long as I can download it. 5. Individual IPMS Members – If you are not in a chapter and not receiving the Newsletter emails, please send me your name and address. I’ll get you added in. Let’s make the Newsletters available to everyone. Please send any submissions or correspondence to: myoung.IPMS.5494a@gmail.com Thank You Mark Young IPMS Newsletter Distribution guy.
  2. Could it be that the OP just wants to know who built that model he admires so he can contact the builder? Good chance he wants to know how a certain technique or effect was done so he can improve his model. I have no problem with the names being turned under, but there are times I would like to know who built that model, so I can contact him if possible. No arrows here. Just my perspective.
  3. Very nicely done. For many years I have wanted to do one in 1/48th. Have the kit, have the conversion, have the get around to it-ness - eh, not yet.
  4. Spurious Works For Me. It is all about having fun, right! Were you able to carbon date that plastic?
  5. Very Nice Dick, I always wanted to do a 1/48th on floats, but doing it in 1/32 was as close as I came. Did this one in 1995. It now resides at the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. Run down and take a gander if you have a mind to.
  6. Hi gang. I have found a set at Jay's Models in the land of Down Under and it is on order. Thanks for getting back to me. Gil, that 1/48th thing is one of the reasons I don't have much at all in 1/72.
  7. Peter. Congrats on getting the Nationals. Looking forward to getting there. We have several Air Force Friends in Texas and this gives all the more reason to come down. Have driven past San Marcos any number of times. Friends in San Antonio - DFW areas. As soon as I saw your logo I had to chuckle and approve of it whole heartedly. I have already sent a copy of it to a friend in Greeneville that flies the flag that has inspired your design. I know where it came from. A lot of our members do, but then, I am sure there are many who don't. I would like to recommend that you put out some info on where you logo comes from. It could be a blurp on your website, maybe a quick side note on the Ad placed in the Journal. If nothing else, you will inform our group of some of the Texas history that is so deeply ingrained in the great state. These thoughts come from a member of the great state of West "By God" Virginia that has always admired Texas. except maybe when I was going to tech school at Amarillo AFB BTW, and just for informational and instructional use only - nothing personal, it is said that if West Virginia were flattened out, it would be larger than Texas. (Forwarded by a guy that lives on top of the hill and commands the high ground.) Drawn years ago by my (then) young daughter: Happy Modeling
  8. Mark. Thanks for the 'encouragement' I guess Wants and Disposals is still official and alive, but the actual activity has seemed to migrated to the various genres in the forum. So far I have no leads from this forum or HS, so it looks like I may be placing an order. While the kit parts don't look all that bad, their fit is atrocious and I am hoping to improve on that. Happy Modeling
  9. Good afternoon, crew, Apparently no one reads Wants and Disposals. The last entry before mine was Feb 2018, the one before that, some time in 2017. Hence, the posting of this Want here. I am looking for the Falcon Clear-Vax #30 US Acft in Foreign Service Canopies in 1/72 scale. In particular, I am looking for the B-10 set. If you have a complete or partial sheet of the canopies, I am ready to buy it from you. Or, if you are feeling generous, I will accept donations They are available, but from halfway around the world. Prefer dealing with someone here in the States. Shipping distances and costs and all that. Has anyone dealt with Jays Hobbies? I think they are out of Singapore. How about HPM Hobbies, not sure where they are from? Any assistance will be appreciated and a big Thank You in Advance. Happy modeling.
  10. Marcin, A friend sent me a set of Cleveland Model plans for the Wedell-Williams #44. He is somewhat of a student of the Air Racers and though he cannot be certain, he feels like the #45 cockpit would be very similar to #44. Educated guess if nothing else. I have hopefully uploaded a .pdf of those plans. If this does not work, contact me at myoungcc @ gmail.com. Hope this helps. My buddy says he will keep snooping around. Happy Modeling Wedell-Williams #44 plans.pdf
  11. Hi Gil, I just Googled ceramic wire and all that comes up are spools of it. Is the wire you use straight or curled? Could have used some of that not too long ago!
  12. Wunnerful, Wunnerful, Wunnerful, or in current vernacular - Sweeeeet, Sweeeeet, Sweeeeet.
  13. Gorgeous representation of the PZ.11. Superb craftsmanship and finishing skills. I am very curious as to how you did the ribbed skin on the flying surfaces. How'd you do that?
  14. SBD-3, 1/48 Accurate Miniatures - Coral Sea TBF Avenger, 1/48th, Monogram. Although this is a late war scheme, the TBF made it's debut at Midway - with disastrous results. A6M2 1/48th Lockheed Hudson, 1/72nd, Airfix Westland Whirlwind, 1/48th, Cooper Details Vacform Breathfire MkI, 1/285th - veddy veddy secret project. Discontinued when Percy (The Dragon) had trouble sorting out friend from foe. Sorry, but these are all I have on hand that remotely fit the current Turning Point Theme.
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