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  1. Hi gang. I have found a set at Jay's Models in the land of Down Under and it is on order. Thanks for getting back to me. Gil, that 1/48th thing is one of the reasons I don't have much at all in 1/72.
  2. Peter. Congrats on getting the Nationals. Looking forward to getting there. We have several Air Force Friends in Texas and this gives all the more reason to come down. Have driven past San Marcos any number of times. Friends in San Antonio - DFW areas. As soon as I saw your logo I had to chuckle and approve of it whole heartedly. I have already sent a copy of it to a friend in Greeneville that flies the flag that has inspired your design. I know where it came from. A lot of our members do, but then, I am sure there are many who don't. I would like to recommend that you put out some info on where you logo comes from. It could be a blurp on your website, maybe a quick side note on the Ad placed in the Journal. If nothing else, you will inform our group of some of the Texas history that is so deeply ingrained in the great state. These thoughts come from a member of the great state of West "By God" Virginia that has always admired Texas. except maybe when I was going to tech school at Amarillo AFB BTW, and just for informational and instructional use only - nothing personal, it is said that if West Virginia were flattened out, it would be larger than Texas. (Forwarded by a guy that lives on top of the hill and commands the high ground.) Drawn years ago by my (then) young daughter: Happy Modeling
  3. Mark. Thanks for the 'encouragement' I guess Wants and Disposals is still official and alive, but the actual activity has seemed to migrated to the various genres in the forum. So far I have no leads from this forum or HS, so it looks like I may be placing an order. While the kit parts don't look all that bad, their fit is atrocious and I am hoping to improve on that. Happy Modeling
  4. Good afternoon, crew, Apparently no one reads Wants and Disposals. The last entry before mine was Feb 2018, the one before that, some time in 2017. Hence, the posting of this Want here. I am looking for the Falcon Clear-Vax #30 US Acft in Foreign Service Canopies in 1/72 scale. In particular, I am looking for the B-10 set. If you have a complete or partial sheet of the canopies, I am ready to buy it from you. Or, if you are feeling generous, I will accept donations They are available, but from halfway around the world. Prefer dealing with someone here in the States. Shipping distances and costs and all that. Has anyone dealt with Jays Hobbies? I think they are out of Singapore. How about HPM Hobbies, not sure where they are from? Any assistance will be appreciated and a big Thank You in Advance. Happy modeling.
  5. Marcin, A friend sent me a set of Cleveland Model plans for the Wedell-Williams #44. He is somewhat of a student of the Air Racers and though he cannot be certain, he feels like the #45 cockpit would be very similar to #44. Educated guess if nothing else. I have hopefully uploaded a .pdf of those plans. If this does not work, contact me at myoungcc @ gmail.com. Hope this helps. My buddy says he will keep snooping around. Happy Modeling Wedell-Williams #44 plans.pdf
  6. Hi Gil, I just Googled ceramic wire and all that comes up are spools of it. Is the wire you use straight or curled? Could have used some of that not too long ago!
  7. Wunnerful, Wunnerful, Wunnerful, or in current vernacular - Sweeeeet, Sweeeeet, Sweeeeet.
  8. Gorgeous representation of the PZ.11. Superb craftsmanship and finishing skills. I am very curious as to how you did the ribbed skin on the flying surfaces. How'd you do that?
  9. SBD-3, 1/48 Accurate Miniatures - Coral Sea TBF Avenger, 1/48th, Monogram. Although this is a late war scheme, the TBF made it's debut at Midway - with disastrous results. A6M2 1/48th Lockheed Hudson, 1/72nd, Airfix Westland Whirlwind, 1/48th, Cooper Details Vacform Breathfire MkI, 1/285th - veddy veddy secret project. Discontinued when Percy (The Dragon) had trouble sorting out friend from foe. Sorry, but these are all I have on hand that remotely fit the current Turning Point Theme.
  10. You may have to do a ctrl+click to get the link to work. More of Photobucket's voodoo magic I suppose. Holler if you have any question/comments. http://s643.photobucket.com/user/myoungcc/library/Marks%20Models?sort=9&src=wap&page=1
  11. Yes, USAAC light blue #23 (the first light blue 23 - almost a turquoise) and the orange-yellow #4 would be great additions. Also, you might want to go with Olive Drab #22. It was used extensively from the 1920's thru the mid to late 1930s. Looking at your WWII listing, it appears you have the Olive Drab covered, but I did not see any reference to Medium Green 42 or Neutral Gray 43. You may already have them covered under another name. As you say, there are other colors out there, but IMHO, they are not extremely accurate. The Official Monogram US Army Air Service and Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide Vol 1 1908-1941 by Robert D. Archer contains all these colors and many more on a large page of color chips. Just how accurate they are, I cannot vouch for, but for many years they have been the go-to reference for the between the wars color by many people. Another color would be a duplication of Floquil Weathered Black. I use it all the time for tires and de-icer boots. Thank you for your efforts to fill some very big holes that were either (a) never filled or (b ) filled but the paints are no longer in production.
  12. I know this is a little off topic, but there is much more traffic in this forum than the Want and Disposals. Please pardon the intrusion. I'm looking for a set of nose wheel and tires for the Testors/Fujimi 1/72nd scale Grumman A-6E Intruder, kit #346, part #B41 My set has gone missing, even had them painted. Probably put them up in a safe place to dry! Of course I need them to finish the model for an upcoming contest. I really hate to think about scratchbuilding teeny tiny cinder blocks. :Smile_sceptic: Anyone able/willing to help, please contact me at myoungcc@gmail.com.. EDIT - Replacement parts have been offered, accepted and received.
  13. Hi Dick, As you are a frequent user, yes, the Chapter Listings Page would be easy to find and use. On the other hand, not being a frequent user, I had considerable trouble finding and using the page. Hence, my question. Now that I know how to get there, easy peasy. Now, think about the prospective member coming to the home page, looking for a point of contact or information on the possibility of a chapter near them. Nearly every business home page out there has a "Contact Us" button. If that is not readily available, our potential member will quickly get discouraged and move on. Beyond a doubt, Eric has done a wonderful job with the site. It is far beyond my pay grade and skill level. I have no intention at all of demeaning his work. All we are trying to suggest is a way to make contacting the people of IPMS/USA easier for the new guy just looking around and some of us old fuddy duddy members that are not all that hot at ferreting out what we are looking for. Thank You All, for your dedication and support of IPMS/USA
  14. Thank you guys for the feedback. And especially thank you Gil for understanding what I was looking for and the the problems I was having finding it. I did, after a fair amount of playing blind mans bluff, find the Chapters page. I did search on Ohio and found the dots shown. Clicking on the one dot for Dayton revealed it to be for the second chapter in the Dayton area. Not the IPMS/Dayton Area Plastic Modelers. I did not zoom in on the map. With the guidance provided from above I went back to the map and zoomed in. Voila - both chapters were there, but like you say there is no link to a particular chapter's information. You must go else where the find that, and again, I failed to scroll down. While not completely computer illiterate, I am more at the goo-goo, da-da, mutter stage. Mostly mutter. I was looking to see if our Chapter Contact (Me) information is correct, and it is. How a visitor from off the street could find that is beyond me. I agree whole-heartedly on your recommendation to create a separate tab for Contact Us. Within that could be sections for the National Office, National Officers, Non Officer Positions, Regions and Regional Contacts, Chapters and Chapter Contacts. I will look and see if I can find the web-master, but just in case I can't, I will throw it out here. Web-Master, or to Whom It May Concern. The dot denoting the IPMS/Dayton Area Plastic Modelers is not quite in the proper position. I know it is hard to plot exactly, but you have us about one mile too far to the West. Staying on Dayton/Xenia road, come East from the current dot location until you find Research Park Drive on the South side of Dayton/Xenia Road. Directly across Dayton/Xenia Road you will see a building with a squiggly outline. That is the Peace Lutheran Church. Put the dot there and it will be accurate for any new comers. As I said in my original post, the Web Site looks great, but it can stand a bit of tweaking to make it more user friendly. Especially for us goo-goo, da-da, mutter types. Thank you and Happy Modeling
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