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  1. I just need 3. Anyone got 3 they want to sell me at a decent price? thanks. Dri. email: siouxque1@gmail.com
  2. we ue to live in california, like you said way too expensive for retired folks, i retired last year and we moved to newport, oregon, costs are much more inline with reality
  3. If you are searching for the original documentation about pilot manuals and TO info check out this website: http://www.avialogs.com They have got tons of stuff for manuals and stuff about engines. It ain't free. I took their cheapest subscritpson which was $9.00 for a 2 month unlimited download of their pdf files. Took me about to a week to get everyting i was interesed in. Now their website is not all that friendly, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to finally find what you are looking for. But, it is well worth the effort. They have stuff from most every country. Check it out. ALSO, revell has a website for FREE down loading of their model instructions. Another great place to visit: http://www.revell.com/support/instructions.html
  4. Mark, the buyer is a little hesitant on some of them. he is starting to become a pain in the A. Anything you are intersted in? and you're down in rowland heights, my wife and I grew up in the sf bay area before i retired last year and moved up to oregon. ca is WAY too expensive to live for retired folks. EMAIL me back at: siouxque1@gmail.com. i can respond to you via email MUCH faster. thanks Ken (aka DriDiggins)
  5. That is what I thought but couldn't find anything about it danke
  6. Any one know how a RDF antenna was used? My question is all of the photos I've seen on aircraft (ie Earhart's plan) shows the antenna pointed forward. But wasn't there some way it could be rotated to port or starboard? And how did they rotate it? thanks, Dri
  7. thanks, and where do I find the sale forum, I can't find it. thanks again
  8. thanks so much, and isn't Carrollton where the toy store Squadron hop use to be?
  9. I'm kinda new to IPMS and I have posted a message that is no longer valid. How do I delete it? Thanks, Ken Rumbaugh, aka DriDiggins
  10. Sorry, but this is no longer valid, all of the kits are gone. 1. 1/32 Skyraider AD-5 (A-1E), Revell NIB still sealed in shrink wrap. 2. He 219 A-7 (A-5/A-2 late), Revell opened, unassembled. 3. 1/35 MSD Bison 1, opened, unassembled. 4. 1/35 Dragon Bison 1, opened, unassembled. 5. 1/48 Monogram F4F Wildcat, opened, crew figures missing. 6. 1/35 Zvezda Soviet Army 1.5 truck WWII, NIB box, still shrink wrapped 7. 1/35 Tamiya Hanomag Sdkfz 251/1, NIB, still shrink wrapped. 8. 1/35 MiniArt German Soldiers at rest, NIB, still shrink wrapped. 9. 1/35 Zvezda GAZ-AA truck, opened 10. 1/35 Tamiya Krupp Protze with 37 cm Pak, opened 11. 1/35 Tamiya Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B, opened. 12. 1/35 MiniArt German Soldiers at rest, opened. 13. 1/35 Military Miniatures German, opened 14. 1/35 Trumpter German s.SH 18 Field Howitzer Gun Crew Ammo Supplied Team, opened. 15. 1/25 Revell ’41 Willys Stone-Wood-Cooks, opened 16. 1/25 ’50 Ford Pickup, open. Not quite sure about this one, it was a gift and to me it looks me everything is there, parts still in their bags. Pleae email me back with your request, thanks Ken Rumbaugh/ aka DriDiggins email address: siouxque1@gmail.com
  11. Thank all of you for your very kind response, now I have all that I need thanks to IPMS. again, thanks
  12. i just received my copy of Grumman Goose by Steve Ginter. Absolutely fantastic. He has pics of the Goose i have never seen before, If you are thinking about building a model of the Goose, you really need to check out his book!
  13. Hey, I know how to smear glue and paint around. Never said i was guud at spelling. Hope you enjoy the site :smiley5:
  14. http://www.avialogs.com is a great place to checkout if you are looking for 'original' documentation about your aircraft. It also has a tab for Engines. It ain't free. I chose their cheapest sign up for $9.00. It gives you 2 months on their site to download what you want. I found the original Pilot's Handbook for the Grumman Goose, and some Tech stuff, plus engine reference material. I saw the Pilot's Handbook on the web for around $45. The site is a little cumbersome for a first time visitor trying to get to whta you want, but the effort is well worth it. Dri
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