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  1. I like it. I have only one nit to pick: On the contents page, in the first paragraph, line 5, "it's own website" should read "its own website." "Its" is possessive; "it's" (with apostrophe) is the contraction of "it is."
  2. Those tins that you find so troublesome will keep the paint fresher longer. Use pipettes to transfer the paint from tin to airbrush cup or bottle. If brush painting, make sure the rim of the tin and the lid are clean of paint before resealing. I have tins of Humbrol that are going on 60 years old and are still good thanks to this practice.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. There have been so many developments in the hobby and the kit industry since OOB was first established that it is now meaningless.
  4. Got my copy a couple of days ago. Patience, Grasshopper.
  5. As posted on HyperScale: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filed. Court Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court Case number 3:2021bk30105 Assets $500,001 to $1 million Liabilities $10,000,001 to $50 million Judge Michelle V. Larson Chapter 7 Filed Jan 19, 2021 Type voluntary Updated Jan 20, 2021
  6. Nope, not that. Nor is it even pining for the fjords. It's a late business.
  7. Former Squadron employee Jef Verswyvel had a Facebook video this evening. Squadron/MMD is dead. Kaput. Finished. Gone. Sleeps with the fishes.
  8. Their website design was the least of their problems.
  9. One of the founders of IPMS, whom old-timers will remember as writer of the "Model Enthusiast" column in Air Enthusiast magazine for many years, has died, according to David Riley of AviationPhotographyInternational.com. David sent this message to the Airline Modelers Digest group: "It is with regret that I have to advise the death of Bill Matthews, who passed peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday. I know that Bill is known to many of you here. I met Bill through AMD whilst living in Hong Kong and we have been great friends ever since. On my return to the UK twenty years ago, Bill introdu
  10. As far as i have been able to discern, regulation had nothing to do with Testors changing the formula for Floquil. Original Floquil met all the regulations (except, possibly, for California's) but was not "plastic friendly" due to its solvents (toluene and xylene). Also, Floquil catered primarily to railroad modelers,and that hobby changed as more and more ready-to-run pre-painted locomotives and rolling stock began to replace kits. Killing off Floquil and Pactra was nothing more than an unregulated capitalist business decision to eliminate any competition in favor of their Model Master line.
  11. Duke, give True North paint a try. It is an alkyd enamel much like Model Master. The only drawback is that their distribution is not wide, but they do mail order: https://www.truenorthpaints.com/
  12. Steal your kids’ Legos. You can make custom assembly jigs with them.
  13. 🎶 🎶 🎶(Twilight Zone theme)
  14. According to announcement posted elsewhere. The former kit designer for Monogram Models and designer/producer of his own line of some of the hobby’s best vac-form kits had been in declining health and had recently entered hospice.
  15. Have you tried the Wayback Machine? https://archive.org/web/
  16. Looks to me like it might be a ‘71-to-‘73, but I’m no expert when it comes to car identification. Google Mercury Cougar for more info.
  17. Did you have any trouble contacting Whirlybird? I’ve sent emails to two different addresses but have not had a response. I know the proprietors are social distancing due to underlying health conditions , but I used to be in regular contact with one of them and am somewhat concerned.
  18. I have nothing on the HH-3F aft ramp gunner’s position.
  19. I’ve purchased from Whirlybird in the past with no issues. As far as the Special Hobby TH-55 is concerned, you’re probably gonna hafta go to eBay. I know of no US dealer of Whirlybird’s products.
  20. I did a search after reading your post and found many sources on line, especially for the cement in the needle applicator bottle.
  21. Testors has discontinued the entire Model Master line, but on-line vendors still seem to have supplies of many colors.
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