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  1. Now that is outright pretty!! G.L.
  2. Am I crazy or do the foreward parts of the "pontoons" kinda look like RPG-7 rounds w/launcher? head on view. gl weeks
  3. Also think mangroves. lots and lots of mangroves. think deep steep creeks in the mud and mangroves that you can get a pbr or aspb up when the tide is in; yet walk/wade across at low tide sinking in to your knees. fringe with swamp grass, saw grass, rice paddy and jungle or jungle that has been defoaliated a month ago ( greyish/browinish dead trees & weeds) and you got a genuine delta landscape. Try R & J up in wash. state they might have some hudson & allen jungle stuff or some photo etch. lotsa celluclay. tidal browinish mud, no red dirt. think fla. everglades g.l.
  4. These days no steer is a bum steer, it's all hamburger. Thanks for the help. g.l.
  5. A good 1/700 or 1/350 WWII Soviet Gangut class battleship. I see the current 1/700 ones are all badly flawed. g.l.
  6. Thanks Mark. Verlinden makes a set and I ordered some pilots to go with it. Parts is parts. g.l.
  7. Thanks guys. Verlindin does have the raft/aircrew plus I ordered another set of their generic pilots for body parts g.l.
  8. I used celluclay elmers water and paint. Don't mix the celluclay much. Load up the four ingreadents before you start mixing, then try to leave it as "chunky" as possible while mixing. Spred it out like your runway needs to be and let it sit over night. Don't worry it won't dry. Nexxt day mix a darker wash (oh yeah, the paint is craft store acrylic- white) say a light cream, brush in depressions and all over. Use a real light grey for dark. Play with light & dark washes. You could also go to the pet store and get some coral or something close. Fish section. Haveing grown up in Miami, kicked around in the marines some that coral was not like white dirt. So they was and are "rolling" it often enough which gets the dust and small particles going. Otherwise knarlie, jagged, calicum rock, and you will see that underlay around the edges etc. Hope this helps. g.l.
  9. Thanks Mike & Phil, the only thing I could find was a verlinden two men in a raft (usn) and a generic pilot set which I also ordered for parts. Feel like Dr. Frankenstein ........ I need that wrist! On through the fog..... g.l.
  10. I'm serching (think the evil eye on mordor always serching ) for 1/48 ww2 usn crew in a raft. Another airplane in the drink dio. but with enough of a plot twist to let the ol' AMS run amok. thanks g.l.
  11. Trying to hunt up 1/48 aircrew in a raft. Any plastic, or resin or metal out there? thanks g.l.
  12. I' going to do a ww2 dio. and need two pilots in a raft. or one piolet in a raft x two The good part is I know (not jack s) or think I've seen something like this before. thanks.... g.l.
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