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  1. Personally, I dont think you can go wrong with anything by Hawsegawa
  2. I would use a compressor/tank combo witha water seprator on the air supply line. Then you can plumb the supply line to the work area and leave the noise elsewhere. Just make SURE to drain the tank at lLEAST weekly and let it air out for a day or two to reduce the rust/corrosion factor. My sorry two cents worth.
  3. Okay, my expected answer is going to be "nothing". But I have to ask. Does anyone know of detail - decal - photoetch or update sets for a 1/24 scale Airfix mustang kit.
  4. I have a set, but the decals glued themselves to the instructions. I can easily replace the decals with an aftermarket set, but the cockpit, fuselage section is compleatly unreadable. If anyone has a copy they could scan and send that would be awsome.
  5. Ron

    Uglyist Airplane

    I don't care. It was an open thread and I wans't trying to include or exclude any one or thing.
  6. Ron

    Uglyist Airplane

    I honestly think the Flea is one of the uglyist.
  7. I personally would pick the F4U-1D Corsair
  8. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    You should try it. it is very simalar to soft plastic. But cheaper to fill, duplicate and replace when needed as long as you keep the original plan template or make a copy of the original :-)
  9. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    Actually, it's almost ready for the glass and color. Just need to see if I can do better with the servo mounts. Learned a great deal on this kit, good thing too because the next project is by the same manufacture and is put together in a VERY simalar fashion.
  10. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    Yup, still alive, still working and still trying to get r done. here are the latest pictures.
  11. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    progress pictures more still needed, but getting there.
  12. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    Progress has been made. Have the wing 90% sheeted. Need to buy servos nd then can finish the job and begine fitting to the fuse. Then I can begine the sealing, painting and finishing. Pics soon.
  13. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    alrighty then. Got some work done Now all I need to do is cut out the ailerons and install the servos and ...
  14. Ron

    Yet another Corsair

    That’s my thoughts too. I at first thought there was about a quarter-inch twist. But further investigation showed there was a built in washout which was the majority of what I saw. The actual twist, once I was able to get the a level board, is abut 1.5 mm at most from left to right and front to rear even less. so it is a minor issue. It's my own fault though, I thought the thin board I had, that was reinforced by 2x4 would be flat enough and level. but alas, I was just a dumba#$. I now have a nice THICK board that and should no longer have the issue. My only saving grace is that I was attentive enough to notice it before finishing the wing and then having to try and fix or trim it out possibly causing the plane to be unstable.
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