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  1. My apologies Ed; I was going by a category used in a couple contests here. Perhaps someone in the Ships Judges can adjust the description of Category 405; or the other category that has 1/350 carriers and battleships to say "All Ships: 1/350 Scale" so commercial ships can be added back in. Otherwise he'll probably have to enter it into the Miscellaneous category.
  2. Wow! I'm still amazed and overwhelmed at how well you did such a smooth and even coat on your multi-colored metallic finish. I envy you your ability to do that, especially on such a difficult kit as this! You are truly a Master of Vac-formed models!
  3. That was a brilliant step-by-step for making one of these! Thank you for posting such an incredibly informative post.
  4. Bob, I would expect it to go into the "Ships; 1/400 and Larger" Category.
  5. Sensational work! That looks just like the real one I saw at the Fullerton Airport Days last year! Way to go man!
  6. Magnificent! I am most impressed with the metallics as well as the smooth red coat. Way to go!
  7. Thanks to Hobby Day, I was able to make a good amount of progress. I even felt like I got somewhere! I'll start out with some simple stuff. Just before Hobby Day I was working on the church. I started to fill in some of the seams and small gaps. I'll need to re-scribe some of the lines afterward: Next up, I decided it was time to add the photo etch to these models so I could get them to the paint stage. I started with the Centurion, adding the photo etch to the top of the hull: Next I added all the photo etch to the Centauro. Much of this was extremely difficult: Now that puppy is ready for paint. More photo etch fun was done on the little V-100 which fortunately, did not have much: That one is also ready for paint now. Despite the instructions, I was able to make some progress on the Nagmachon; adding all the reactive armor and other detail parts to the hull: Later I posed this with the doghouse to see how it's looking so far. I next have to finish up the doghouse and then get the photo etch added: After that, I got the windows inside the Trattore truck so I could close it up and get it closer to the finish line. I also added the wheels to it, after having to "adjust" the wheel wells: Here it is with the tilt dry-fit in place: Finally, I made some more progress on the MAN Pershing tractor, adding some additional parts and finishing it up. Now all I need to do is add the cab and photo etch to this: After that, I started the trailer for the rocket: While stuff was drying, I decided to pull out my Russian BMP-3 Early and get started on that. At least this is one BMP-3 that I have a chance to finish! It has me start with the turret, so I got that assembled: Next was the lower hull. This kit had been very slightly started as all I had to do was to add one or two parts to this assembled lower hull: Next I assembled the main parts of the upper hull: Just for fun here's all that all test fit together: Now the painting fun could happen! Let's see what I got painted so far..... First was the little V-100. I shot a coat of Olive Drab over it: Next up I shot the Centurion. This got a coat of Bronze Green: Later on I added the roadwheels and sprockets to this tank: Next up I shot a new coat of olive on the Diamond T wrecker: Afterward I completed the assembly on this truck, getting it almost completed: While I was shooting greens, the next thing I shot was the launcher for the SA-2 Guideline: You can see it was still wet when I shot that. I also painted the rocket white: This will be painted the grey on white scheme, so the white went down first. Finally, I shot the two Hell cannons; one was green in preparation for the tri-color camo pattern the other is black for the rusty version: Since I had some extra black left in the airbrush after painting that cannon, I decided to shoot a few other things. One was the exhaust pipe for the Israeli Sufa: ...and the other was the lower section of the Redstone rocket that gets black on it: Finally, to wrap this all up, I'm leaving you with a teaser of one more project I started that I expect to make a long term project out of. I will have extensive workup to do with this one. Here's the teaser.... That's all I have for now everyone! I hope you enjoyed the latest 'tour'. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  8. That is sensational! Looks just like the one on the show.
  9. Wow! What magnificent work on this ship! I love the 'tween' improvements, like they were testing things on Kongo before fully refitting Enterprise!
  10. Beautiful aircraft Ora! You did an exceptional job on it. Well done!
  11. Looks fantastic Bruce! Very nice work!
  12. Welcome Butch! I love that Star Trek diorama! Way to go! I just started two more Real Space models after my Space Shuttle with Boosters and my Saturn V rocket so I'm expending my Real Space now. Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work.
  13. I agree, exceptional article! That was fun to read!
  14. Finally, this is the last model I completed in April. This is the 1/72 scale IBG Models Hungarian Toldi II. I had finished up painting and detailing the tracks and now this one is done: Now it's time to move on to other projects yet again. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.
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