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  1. That is sensational Ron! Way to go.
  2. It's now halfway through March and I'm finally able to post something finished. These are my two latest finished armor models . This first one is of the Military Wheels 1/72 scale Soviet SG-122. It's a 122mm cannon mounted on a PzIII chassis and hull and covered with a casemate. It was a stopgap project that only had a bout a hundred or so built before the SU-122 was accepted: The next one is the Trumpeter 1/72 scale Russian SA-6 Gainful. I made this as an East German machine that was repainted with the West German insignia after the German re-unification: My apologies for the poor pics. These look better in person. Well, that's all I have completed so far. Stay tuned, I have more to come.
  3. Well, after a very busy weekend, I finally have a small update to post. Here's my latest. I started out working on some of my simpler kits but that was after I clearcoated these two tractors for decals: Then I got started on the SA2 SAM system again. I assembled the stand for the launcher body first: After that, I sanded and refined the launcher body halves in preparation for assembling the whole thing: I then completed the blast shield for this: Finally I installed the missile on the launcher arm: After some consideration, I think I might have screwed that up, since this will make it much harder to paint. Oh well, what's done is done and I'll just have to deal with it then. Moving on, I decided to start another simpler kit. This is the ACE Syria Hell Cannons. I assembled the shorter barrel first: Then I did the longer barrel. Here it is next to the short one: I then completed most of the 'carriage of the larger gun: That's where I stopped on that. I then started on the Nagmachon but only got the lower hull assembled: I set that aside to dry before moving on. Besides, I was distracted by the Centauro. I'd wanted one for so long I just had to start it. Naturally, I started on the lower hull: Afterward, I finished off the top of the hull: I then got the basic turret assembled: Finally, here is a shot of the hull and turret together: I'm loving this! And that brings up to the close of this short update. I hope to have more posted soon. I'm really fired up about getting further progress on all these plus what I was working on before. Stay tuned people, more to come. Thanks for looking in.
  4. Okay, after all this time, my last Christmas purchase finally came in! Before I show that, here are two models I got from a friend and fellow IPMS member. These are two WWI aircraft for our Crimson Skies game: Revell kit in a bag of the Fokker DVII. Disregard the $10.00 scrawled across the front, he gave this to me: Pegasus kit of the LVG C-VI: Now for my last Christmas purchase... All these are ACE kits I'd been wanting forever ACE XM 706-E1 AKA V-100: ACE V-150 Armored Car: ACE Syrian Artillery AKA Hell Cannons: ACE Israeli APC Nagmachon: ACE British FV-4005 JS Killer: ACE Centurion Mk-5: ACE Centurion Mk.3 and Mk.5 Long Range: And finally my current favorite, the ACE Italian Centauro B-1: Okay, that completes that. Now, unless I win any raffles or get gifts, I'm done with purchases for now. I gotta get caught up and make some of these to make some more room now... Thanks for looking in.
  5. Thanks Kevin! I've seen it a few times before as UM has had that on their inventory for quite some time. I just never had the funds to get it before; whenever I did, I could never find it. Sean took care of that for me here. Thanks for the birthday wishes as well.
  6. Wow, what a tremendous improvement! Congrats on a job well done!
  7. Okay, everyone strap in tight for this tour of my manufacturing plant; this is going to be a long update; and it will be all armor and vehicles again. For some reason I have quite a mojo boost to finish a bunch of these; especially since I started a few simple and fast ones for a Light Vehicles Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. Okay, I'll start with this first one. I'm building the Pershing II on a trailer with the MAN cab tractor, but the only thing I did on that model so far was the Pershing missile. I figured I'd get that out of the way first: That's all I did on that one so far. I'll get more done on the tractor and trailer later. First, I'll continue on and work on these other models. Like the other missile vehicle I have going... On my German SAM-6 Gainful, I painted the missiles in a pale green: I then mounted them on the launcher to see how they look after the paint was dry. I like it so far: Later I masked and painted the white nosecones: I then added the decals to the vehicle and later dullcoated it after these pics were taken. All that's left now is to weather it and then I can call it done: Moving on, I did some more assembly on the little Toldi II. I had held off since the torsion arms were so fiddly which would make the wheels almost impossible to line up. Still, I did my best: After this was sufficiently dry, but not too dry; I added the roadwheels to it and tried hard to line them up straight as best I could: It won't be any contest winner with those wonky wheels, but they are at least on there and I can then add the tracks later when everything dries. While that was dying, I finished adding all the fiddly bits to the upper hull, except for the tools. Later on, when everything was dry(er) I posed the upper hull and turret on this little tank to see how it looks: Pretty cool! It's certainly a tiny thing too. Now all it needs is tracks and then I can paint this. Speaking of painting a tank; as you all know I had painted the basecoat on the Chi Nu and then I masked it with Silly Putty. I finally got a dry enough day to spray so I shot the second color on it. Here it is sporting the darker green color now: Later I added more Silly Putty for the final color, a lighter green: That will be sprayed when I get more time for the airbrush booth. Meanwhile, as that was drying; I brush painted the various colors on the roadwheels and also detailed out the tracks a bit: That's all I got done on that little beastie. Now for the work I did on some trucks and light vehicles. As mentioned above, I started a Light Vehicles Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. I submitted four vehicles for it, three of which I started at Hobby Day. The first one of these was an ACE kit; the Italian Coloniale staff car. I did the chassis first; it only took abut three minutes which was so fast I also did the dash board with steering wheel: Building it up from there was fairly simple and easy which is becoming more common now with the newer ACE kits. I commend Alexey for doing such a fantastic job improving his molds: Later I decided to make this with the top up, so I assembled the canvas top and window frames: A simple dry fit later shows some issues but they will be easy to take care of. This is a nice looking little car: That's all I did on that one so far. Moving on, I also started another ACE kit, which is another Italian vehicle. This is the ACE Italian Autoblinda Tratorre, and I started with the chassis again. Because of the way the front axles are mounted, I also assembled and installed the front hood for stability: I then did the rear bed for this truck; also using it later to stabilize the rear wheel axles: Later I started the cab, leaving off the roof so I could add the windows later: Here's how it looks all together so far: The last light vehicle I started for the Group Build was the new Airfix Airborne Vehicles set with the Jeep, trailer and 75mm pack howitzer. Again, I started with the chassis on the Jeep: Two minutes later I assembled most of the upper body of this jeep: I then added seats inside and dry fit the hood and body to the chassis. Looking good: The instructions say this thing was air dropped from Halifax bombers so they had developed a sort of tray for this to help protect it when landing. This was included in the kit: This is how it looks sans wheels so far: Next up was the trailer which took all of four minutes to build: ...and finally, I assembled the pack howitzer. That took another five or six minutes: It's a nice little gun, but I have to say the ACE pack howitzer is better detailed and a nicer looking model when finished. You'll also notice I left the wheels off all these so I could spray them separately and add them later after they are fully painted. Here is the whole set assembled and ready for paint: Now when I had painted my Chi Nu, I had also finished painting green on the two Russian tractors. Here's the first tractor: And here is the second tractor: Later on I painted the chassis and undersides a flat black as indicated in the instructions, next is to clear coat these for decals. I also moved ahead on my Diamond T wrecker, first shooting all the cab parts still on the sprues. I also shot the wheel hubs: While that was drying, I started the assembly on the two booms of the wrecker. After ten minutes, I finally got the first boom done. This simple boom had seven parts on it, and lining up the slightly curved outer parts was difficult beyond measure: I took a short break from that and assembled the air compressor next: Then I assembled the second boom seen here: Thank God that was done! Next I painted Oily Black on the lower chassis of the Diamond T: I then built this assembly, which holds the two booms: And that's as far as I got on that. I need to do some painting before I move on here. At about this time, my ACE Centurion had arrived and so I pulled it out and dug right in. I started with the lower hull: The fit is great but there were some places it still acted like an ACE kit of the past! However, I was having a blast and continued on... Next came the five pieces of the upper hull and the two fenders: I then built up the turret while the hull was drying, here's the basic turret so far: Naturally I had to test fit this all together to see how it looked: It was at that time I discovered that the rear corners of the turret were rubbing on the raised engine deck. I carefully sanded these down a bit to make the turret's turning more fluid. Okay, I hope you enjoyed your ride through Maddog Manufacturing today. I know it was a long trip but I hope it was fun nonetheless. Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  8. Happy Birthday to me! Here's two presents I got from two friends at Hobby Day. From my friend Sean I got the quintessential tank everyone should have: The UM Models T-3 Christie tank: And from another friend Dave, I got one of my wants from this past three years: the ACE Centurion Mk.3: Yeah, I wanted that one so much, I started it at Hobby Day. You can see it and many other projects in my Maddog Manufacturing thread.
  9. Mike I thank you. I have several jobs in the queue which; if I get them all and finish them in time, will make it easy enough for me to attend. As for the collection; as mentioned, I'll probably only be able to bring 750 armor, if I can work out the logistics. 800 armor models is just a bit too much to try and finish in the remaining amount of time. It's a long drive from California and afterward I want to attend my nephew's wedding in Columbus, Ohio the following weekend. I'd prefer to have a co-driver; and I also will need a bigger vehicle than I had before. Working out the details with a co-driver will be difficult with the side trip afterwards to Ohio. The drive home from there will be a big issue too. So much to work out. So, if you're a faithful man, and you want my collection there badly enough; say some prayers that everything works out well enough. BTW, Thanks for posting my Phoenix collection display in your newsletter. Great job getting it all in too.
  10. Sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing that.
  11. Excellent! Sounds like some amazing models coming from your bench. Feel free to post pics, I love watching work like this.
  12. Oh man, that IS small! Wow! I bow in the presence of greatness!
  13. Most impressive and imaginative! Way to go!
  14. Welcome Chris! I'm glad to see you here. I know a few guys from a couple of the4 Vegas clubs, hopefully you'll be able to attend their shows and possibly join them as they come to Orangecon. Looking forward to seeing some of you work.
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