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  1. Subject: Gran Sasso Raid. I tried to recreate the scene of the rescue of Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini from the Gran Sasso d'Italia massif by German paratroopers and Waffen-SS commandos in September 1943, during World War II. Enjoy the pics...
  2. a dramatic scene and beautifully rendered
  3. Beyond excellent. Realistic dio and pictures like from a movie scene
  4. Amazing... The reflection on the water of the birds looks perfect.
  5. Looking at the title, it was an unexpected finale. I really like.
  6. Excellent. Dramatic... blooming flowers and fading lives ...
  7. Hi, In this diorama, I tried to portray the battle of Hue City scene of Stanley Kubrick's cult movie "FULL METAL JACKET". First of all i apologize for my bad english. Scale 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog Tamiya 35055 Figures US Armoured Troops Tamiya MM217 Hope you like it.
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