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  1. You discovered an anomaly in judging. It happens. We're humans. Going by the facts about how the system is supposed to work, anomalies such as the one you witnessed are not supposed to happen, and that the judges, Table Captains, and Assistant Chief Judges in this instance need further training. The additional discussion within the thread brings up something that I often refer to when discussing judging schemes and systems. Notably, why do we feel the need to compete in the first place? I've said most of this before, so if you've heard the rant or don't care to read it, move on
  2. For a one-time or occasional vendor, cash makes the most sense. Credit card services such as Square charge service fees, which usually make them inconvenient for all but established businesses. Ralph
  3. Bring a collection of used plastic shopping bags--if people buy multiple kits from you, it is a nice touch for to offer them a bag in which they can tote their newly acquired booty around. Start saving your grocery bags now... Cheers! Ralph
  4. You missed my point--they may have judged numerous contests, but whomever trained them did not do a good job. During my 11-year tenure (so far) as an AMPS Certified Judge and Table Captain, splits greater than a point and a half used to come back to us as the ACJ's reviewed the scores at our show. It shouldn't be "too easy for one to skew results" IF the judges are properly trained and are paying attention to what the judging team is doing. They're allowed to talk among themselves. They're allowed to ask questions. And, when one rogue member of the team decides to take two points whe
  5. Whoever trained these judges fell down on the job, and the Table Captains and Assistant Chief Judges also failed in their duties. Typically, a spread of more than 1- to 1.5 points will cause the ACJ to go back to the TC and judging team and ask them to re-evaluate. It certainly does at our shows. Apparently, the judges didn't discuss what they were seeing with each other, either. My bet is that there were new judges on the team who thought the object of the system was to "really teach this guy a lesson" by savaging his scores on minor infractions. Here's a hint--AMPS' system isn'
  6. Click on the link to our (IPMS/Mid-Carolina) monthly newsletter. One of our club members paints exclusively with a brush and he wrote an article describing the process--it starts on page 28. https://ipmsmidcarolina.files.wordpress.com/2021/05/may-2021.pdf Of course, you are free to read the rest of the articles, too... 🙂 Cheers! Ralph
  7. Bingo. What's that old saying? "You can never go home again." I left Ft. Lauderdale 20 years ago. I've been back, and all the signs say "Ft. Lauderdale", but it will never be the Ft. Lauderdale I knew as a younger man. It might say "Squadron" on the letterhead, but to many of us, the "real" Squadron died the day Jerry sold it and retired.
  8. Stik is correct--set the tail face-up and place a few drops of water on the image. After a few minutes, you should be able to gently remove it and reposition it. If you've used a solvent, though, you're probably stuck. The only possibilities are to try and re-float and re-position, touch up with paint, or remove it and apply a duplicate decal--you'll have to get another decal sheet. Or, as you say, it can be the "away" side in the display case. But whatever you do, use this as a learning experience. As the oft quoted (and incorrectly used) Beckett line goes: "Ever tried. Ever fail
  9. Lamenting the passing of Testors has slowly evolved into beating a dead horse. To paraphrase the Pythons: "They're not pinin'! They've passed on! Testors is no more! Testors has ceased to be! They've expired and gone to meet their maker! They're a stiff! Bereft of life, they rest in peace! They've kicked the bucket, shuffled off their mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! TESTORS IS AN EX-COMPANY!!" And as I've posted several times to several forums, there is literally NOTHING Testors marketed than cannot be found elsewhere. Not even the
  10. As an individual, you can build and display whatever you want to in your home--if you want to depict the inside of an Auschwitz gas chamber or the gallows at Nuremberg, go for it. Incidentally, here is another dichotomy--would the latter be acceptable and the former not? Who's to say? Follow along... In a public setting, there are rules. Society has rules, IPMS/USA has rules. You don't follow the rules, you get asked to change your behavior or leave. Why is this such a difficult concept for people to understand? When a person cries "censorship" and "political correctness", th
  11. That looks good, Stuart. Decals ought to lay down nicely. Ralph
  12. Answers: Yes, alcohol will clean Future our of your airbrush--the higher the percentage, the better (I use at least 91%). Make sure you flush thoroughly and field strip the gun to get it really clean. Windex also works, but if you own certain brands of airbrushes that warn about using ammonia in their guns, you need to follow with a clean water rinse. We all know that Windex is very, very dilute ammonia, but is says "ammonia" on the bottle, which is enough to throw the airbrush company that uses the bright green handles into a tizzy. In all honesty, it probably is a good practic
  13. If you apply multiple coats by airbrush, you can start the second coat almost as soon as the first is applied. Just be careful not to apply it too heavily, since it will run. You can airbrush it right from the bottle. Clean the airbrush with Isopropyl Alcohol or Windex followed by a clean water rinse. If you are brushing, follow the instructions on the bottle. To be hones, when I apply by brush, I only ever apply a single coat. The important thing is to let the Future cure out at least overnight before trying to apply decals over it. That will eliminate the potential for the
  14. I've been using acrylics since the Dark Ages of the late 1970's. Before I used Future as a gloss coat, I used Metalizer Sealer. I found that if I left Future to cure for 48 hours, I could do oil washes over them, the same as I could over Sealer, without stinking the house up with lacquer fumes. As I said, if you are unsure of a technique, find an old model that is nearing retirement and use it as a Test Mule. Try to technique, and if it works, do it on the new model. If it doesn't work, keep tweaking it until it either works or becomes obvious that you need to try something else.
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