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  1. Along with Richard's advice, look at what the other authors do in their articles and take your cues from them. You'll eventually develop your won style, but in the beginning it helps to have a trail guide, so to speak. Another thing I do--once I think the article is finished, I save it and revisit it the next day. I usually find that I need to tweak some aspects of the text. If you have someone else who could give it a read-through, do it. Two sets of eyes are better than one... Cheers! Ralph
  2. Artists' Matte Gel Medium works, too. Thin it with distilled water, if you feel the need. Ralph
  3. Nice. I loved that series of models as a kid. I was glad to seem them being reissued, even in their "un-Disney" guises.
  4. That is one of the USCG's P4Y-2G's, and that SAR nose was peculiar to them. Nobody I am aware of makes this as an aftermarket canopy set, so you'll have to make a form (buck) and thermoform one. It isn't as hard as it sounds--the buck can be made from wood or air drying clay. You'll want the buck to be slightly smaller than the final item. When you have it shaped, make sure it is smooth and then seal it with a few coats of a clear gloss until it is smooth and shiny. Make some sort of provision to add a dowel "handle" on the back side, then securely clamp the handle in a vice. Take a she
  5. René Leduc certainly loved his ramjets. Nice work! Goes to show, those Model Building 101 skills come in handy! Ralph
  6. I'll play... My models on display. The Hasegawa Beaufighter illustrates part of my "Model Building 101" seminar, as does the Revell Voodoo. The other two were long-term projects that finally got off the bench and on to display bases--the Hasegawa F-111F was built as "KARMA-52", the aircraft lost during Operation EL DORADO CANYON, and the ER-2 is Special Hobby's kit. They're all in 1/72 scale: The helicopters--four Hasegawa UH-1H Iriquois, and an Italeri OH-6A Cayuse and CH-47 Chinook (backdated from CH-47D to a CH-47C "Super C") for the Fire Support Base RIPCORD proje
  7. IMPORTANT NOTICE THE 3rd ANNUAL SOUTH CAROLINA SCALE MODEL MEGA SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED Our show committee met this past week and made our final decision for the 2020 South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show: We have decided to cancel the show this year. There were several underlying factors, but South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster's Executive Order 2020-21 was the prime reason we made this decision. Contained in the EO is this passage: …I am directing additional emergency measures in response to the threat posed by COVID-19, to include temporarily prohibiting rest
  8. I used British Interior Green. It is a close match.
  9. But Tamiya doesn't make a 1/32 F4U-4 kit...
  10. I usually set my pressure with the trigger depressed--it gives me more of an idea what the pressure at the gun will be when I'm spraying. I used to return thinned paint to the original jar, until I had several jars solidify or turn to jelly on me after a day or so. I learned then that if I wanted to save extra paint to do so in a clean jar, that way the original won't be compromised. I've had this happen with both enamels and acrylics, the lacquers don't seem to have this issue. I use acrylics almost exclusively these days, so after each color I'll start by spraying cleaner throug
  11. You weren't disregarded--several people explained that it is not that easy to just "push everything back by one year"--Vegas and Omaha (the next two hosts in 2021 and 2022, respectively) have already negotiated their contracts (contrary to popular belief, even though IPMS/USA takes care of the finances, each host negotiates their own deals with venues and hotels), and to push everything back would not only require San Marcos to renegotiate, it would require Vegas and Omaha to do the same. Unless and until the Texas government decides to enact some sort of lockdown or shutdown, IPMS is at the
  12. Gloss: Future (or whatever they call it these days). Flat: Either Vallejo Matt Varnish or Liquitex Matte Varnish. In all reality, they're probably close to being the same thing. Semi-gloss: Either Vallejo Semi-Matt Varnish or the Liqitex Matte Varnish, un-stirred and unshaken. I thin Future with Isopropyl Alcohol, about 50-50. It is certainly thin enough to spray from the bottle, but I find the alcohol helps it to dry faster, and it does not dry to a mirror gloss but rather a smooth, slick, almost eggshell finish. I leave it to dry/cure for 36-48 hours before I start applyi
  13. I'm going to deviate from the Testors demise just a bit. I'll circle back to it, I promise... For years, we've heard the lament that "the hobby is dying", and to a point, it has--it is no longer a pocket money hobby where I kid with a few bucks ($2 in my day, closer to $20 in this day and age) in his pocket can build and paint a model. Plastic modeling is going (and has been for two and a half decades, I think) the same direction as model railroading--it has become a hobby that attracts, for the most part, older men with disposable income. That's not sexist, it is what I saw every day
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