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  1. Ralph Nardone

    Airport to Hotel

    I'll fix Jim's link: https://www.skyharbor.com/ Also, last time I was in PHX (October/November last year), Terminal 3 was under construction, so be advised. Traffic moves around the airport fairly well, but it gets a bit constricted around T3 and T4 (T4 due to the sheer numbers of flights from American and Southwest). Alas, no travel for me this year. Y'all have a great show! Ralph
  2. Ralph Nardone

    Judging Question

    We're getting prepared for our show coming up on the 23rd, and as such I'm gathering the guys and gals and will have the whole discussion on contests, judging, and what it means in the big picture... The advice I always offer to someone new to model contests is this: Read the rules governing the contest. Any game comes with rules, and if you want to play the game, you have to play by the rules the sanctioning body developed for said game. If you don't understand something, ask in advance of the show for clarification. If there is something in the rules you do not like, understand that you have two options--enter, knowing there are parts of the rules you don't like, and accept the consequences; or simply do not enter. By the time a show is advertised, the rules aren't likely to be changed simply because someone doesn't like one thing or other... As for the judging being done while the world watches, my take on the situation is this: All those people milling around had the opportunity to join the judging staff for that show (usually) by answering the dozen or more "If you'd like to judge, we will have the judges meeting in 20 minutes by the water cooler" announcements. It always chaps me that an irate entrant will come up to a judge after the fact and recite why his/her model should have won because, and I may be paraphrasing here, "I'm an experienced judge, and your guys missed this!" Fine, cowboy--if you are such an experienced judge, why didn't you lend a hand with this show instead of wandering around, catching a cool breeze, and (more often than not) trying to lobby the judges to choose your model... The other advice I have for noobs is to understand that "contest" is defined by Merriam-Webster as follows: Definition of contest 1 : a struggle for superiority or victory : competition a football contest between rival teams 2 : a competition in which each contestant performs without direct contact with or interference from competitors He won the contest for best photograph "A struggle for superiority or victory"--which means there will be one winner. So, understand going in that you may win, or you may "not win". What was it that Ricky Bobby's daddy told him (along with, "If you ain't First, you're last!")? Second place is the First Loser...but only if you look at things in a certain light. Go to the show, enjoy seeing everybody's work, talk to people--make friends!--and, if at the end of the day they call your name to go accept a tin pot, so much the better. Not winning a model contest is not the end of the world, especially an IPMS contest where this week's Best of Show can be next week's Out of the Running, depending on what else is present on the tables... (I'll not begin the discussion of why I think the AMPS scoring system is a better way to help modelers improve their craft...) :)
  3. Ralph Nardone

    VENDOR List- updates?

    They do offer HUGE support for the shows--they sponsored the decals and t-shirts for Columbia 2016--they just don't have a huge vendor presence.
  4. Ralph Nardone

    VENDOR List- updates?

    Sprue Brothers didn't have much in Columbia, either. Darren with Steel Beach had more stuff than Gordon did in 2016... Curious, too--I've never based my decision to attend a model show on which vendors were going to be there, since I can do commerce with many of the established ones from my couch. R
  5. Ralph Nardone

    One Ocean Method for your Ships

    Now, that's pretty neat! I'll have to give that a whirl at some point--although I may have to tweak it for 1/350 scale...
  6. Ralph Nardone

    Kinetic 1/48 E2C Hawkeye Build Series, Part 5

    Another something to try: strap things in place (dry) with the rubber bands, and then insert toothpicks under the rubber bands on either side of the seam. They will prop the rubber bands up off the surface so the cement doesn't run under them. Apply the cement of your choosing, and let 'er dry. Works like a charm... Cheers! R
  7. Ralph Nardone

    A-4 Skyhawk Tailpipe

    To the best of my knowledge, no. It is more or less a straight exhaust pipe--there are maybe EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) and maybe EPR (Exhaust Pressure Ratio) sensors, but since there is no afterburner, there is no need to have a DI/CON (Divergent/Convergent) nozzle...
  8. Ralph Nardone

    Inside of F-16 exhaust nozzle

    I've painted the liner white or light gray, then dusted with dark gray and black pastel, depending how "used" I want it to appear.
  9. Ralph Nardone

    Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    The latest, from Kalmbach (Scale Auto magazine, to be exact). Note that this was derived from court documents and not direct discussion with the new owners: http://www.scaleautomag.com/articles/2018/04/revell-has-been-sold So there are some answers--the new owners basically bought the whole wad--molds, trademarks, etc. The questions that remain: 1. Despite owning the molds, will the new owners reissue legacy kits? (My opinion--yes to some, no to others.) 2. Who will distribute Revell GmbH kits in the States? 3. Ditto Hasegawa and Italeri kits. Again, this is early days, a lot remains to be seen. Ralph
  10. Ralph Nardone


    I also spy a can of Duratite putty and a bottle of Duratite solvent, a bottle of Satellite City Hot Stuff...and is that a Lindberg F4D Skyray I see underway? I got into the Pactra Authentic International Colors late in the game (1981 or so), and by the time I developed a good feel for it--and an appreciation for just how good it was--it was gone. I switched to Polly-S not too long after that... Ralph
  11. Ralph Nardone

    Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    The latest news has a group of investors, thought to be related to Revell GmbH management, buying both Revell GmbH and Revell USA. On Friday, Bert Kinzey made a post in the Detail and Scale Facebook page that said, in effect, that Revell USA has been shut down completely. Supposition has it that all future design will be overseen by the group in Germany. Molds will continue to be cut in either Korea or the PRC. Molding may be done in the PRC or Poland (most Revell GmbH kits are molded in Poland, most Revell-Monogram kits were molded in China). They will need to find a U.S. distributor, since that went away with the closure of the Revell USA offices. Nothing has been said about Hasegawa and Italeri--Hobbico was the sole U.S. distributor for both. I imagine both companies have feelers out for a new distributor here in the states. Lastly, Estes was bought by a group in Colorado. Parties close to the subject say that while the Hobbico acquisition wasn't the best thing to happen to Revell USA, the problems began years before that--some say Revell's problems began even before the merger of Revell and Monogram in the mid-1980's. Still early days yet. It will be interesting to see how this all unravels. Cheers! Ralph
  12. Ralph Nardone

    1/48 Eduard FW-190A-8

    When Eduard came out with the new 1/48 Fw-190 kits last year, the big question I saw on the forums was "Why?" This illustrates the reasons very well. Great work so far. They are meant to have all the guts showing, and for a modeler to close everything up takes some work. You're progressing well... Ralph
  13. Ralph Nardone

    Airfix 1/48 Walrus, best method for rigging?

    Reminds me of a joke... Clem: "Hey, Cletus, why you pulling that rope?" Cletus: "Ever tried to push one?" I've always used either Davis' Invisible Thread (the smoke color stuff if you can find it) or some .010 stainless wire I bought at the 1999 IPMS/USA National Convention. Admittedly, the wire is easier for rigging where you have multiple runs of wire. Invisible Thread works well for single lines, like antennas. Gil cited the reasons above--the thread will need to be tensioned, and tensioning multiple wires at the same time is a royal pain... Ralph
  14. Ralph Nardone

    Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    I used to part-time (and still help out) at the local HobbyTown. And I can assure of this: For every "traditional" model (military, automotive, etc.), we would sell a dozen Gundams. And that's a good thing. Why? Because they are plastic models, same as those Sherman Tanks, P-51's, and iterations of the USS Arizona or KM Bismarck. It is getting kids into the hobby of plastic modeling. The shop has opened up to hosting "Model Building Day" every Saturday, and for every "traditional" modeler, there are three guys building Gundams, MaK, or other Sci-Fi kits. Our upcoming show in June has a category for these models, and we've been getting the word out to the community that not only are they welcomed, they're encouraged to bring their models. I also agree on the WoT and WoS interest--Italeri issued some kits in line with these games, and Dragon used to include coupons for game points in their kits. While some of the "Senior" members of the modeling community squawked that all they were were "old junk" in new boxes, the younger guys and girls who were playing the games snapped the kits up. I had to remind a few of them that regardless of what we thought, IPMS and AMPS represents a very small percentage of actual modelers, and what we found to be junk was perfect for beginning modelers. On another note, I'm dismayed at the comments directed at the youth of today. As a kid, I built a fair number of non-traditional models. I built Star Trek, Star Wars, Aurora and Monogram movie monsters, Aurora dinosaurs, and movie sci-fi stuff just as often as I did an airplane, car, tank, or ship. As I got older, my interests gelled around historic vehicles, but it wasn't the only thing I built back in the day. The point? That kid snapping a pre-painted Gundam kit together today may well wind up being tomorrow's Rusty White or Gil Hodges. We'd do well to welcome them, rather than turn a cold shoulder to them. Ralph
  15. Ralph Nardone

    Vermont Aiir Natiional Guard

    As with most ANG units, finding decals for everything is usually a treasure hunt. In a lot of cases, you'll have to cobble together what you need from insignia, letter, and number decal sheets. If you wait for a sheet dedicated to a particular airplane, you may be waiting. That being said, Caracal Models has been doing a lot of neat subjects lately. You may want to check them out... http://www.caracalmodels.com/ Ralph