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  1. Congrats Mark! Nice score! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  2. Love the different subjects and as always great builds. Thanks for sharing Mark. Chris
  3. Great Build And wonderful job of weathering. Chris G.
  4. Looks great Dennis. Good luck at AMPS with this one. Chris G.
  5. Seams like MENG & Panda are in a dog fight for this market. Will be interesting to compare the two kits. Chris G.
  6. IPMS Champlain Valley will be hosting CAN/AM CON 13 in Winooski Vermont on this coming Saturday April 25,2015. Location is the Vermont National Guard Armory 255 Lafountain Street. Our show is known for a high quality, well run and very friendly show. We draw modelers from all over New England, New York and Canada. There will be a raffle , vendors, Army National Guard vehicles on display that you can climb in & out of. The Theme for the show is Models in Media (any model seen in Radio,Film, TV or Print). Also special awards for Best American Mussle Car, Best Canadian Subject, Best use of Humor in a model, plus Best of class awards, Peoples Choice and Judges Best of Show. Come on up and enjoy the show Chris Graeter Show Chairman IPMS Champlain Valley
  7. Thanks for sharing, great weathering and very useful step by step info. Chris G.
  8. Agree, In that case I do not recommend the blue painters tape. THe sticky glue backing is to strong and will sometimes pull up model paint. I recommend something along the lines of Tamiya thin Yellow modeling tape. Also as Mark suggested above the silly putty works well also. Hope this helps. As for the order of paint, green,then brown, and then black. No need to clear coat between colors. Just let paint dry fully. Here is and example if you go the free hand route.
  9. Nato Three color paint is not hard edge, so just free hand it. Lay down a fine line on the edges with the different color then fill in the rest.
  10. Cool and Cooler. Love them both. Really like seeing the Ft-17 in U.S. markings, you do not see that done that way much. Chris G.
  11. There is something Sexy about 50's planes and cars. Must be the cool lines and fins. Great job on this one. Chris G.
  12. Glad to have you Kevin, Welcome aboard! Chris
  13. Al, great work, love the dog. Chris
  14. Richard, It depends, if the vehicle is moving around on ground that the snow & ice can be churned up and the tracks can get to the earth then a lot of mud would be on the tracks, road wheels,& underbody. If it is going across just the snow and ice then the tracks would be pretty clean except for the snow and ice it picks up in the treads and some on the road wheels.
  15. I was going to comment on the clean build,but I see now why you did it. Neat subjust and great build. Chris
  16. I made this simple base to show off my recent build. Scrap wood found in my wood shop, a little white glue and model railroad ground work and real sand, add some pigments for high lights on the ground work and done.
  17. 802chrisg


    Google "M915 gun truck" for images; it's an odd looking thing ... Very Strange indeed John, Looks like something out of a Mad Maxx movie.
  18. 802chrisg


    I haven't seen any gun trucks using the M915 as a base. That does not mean it was not done. I know Humvees and Hemtt's were turned into gun trucks.
  19. i have meet him a couple of times at AMPS shows. Great builder and wonderful modeling mind.
  20. Glad to have you here Rick,welcome aboard.
  21. In addition to what Kevin said, Panda 's kit of the couger is the 4x4 version. MENG models will be coming out with the 6x6 version this year. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  22. Only other option is to scratch build it. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
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