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  1. YAY Another Armor builder has joined the ranks. Welcome aboard Bruce glad to have you. Looking forward to seeing some of your work and talking with you on the forums. Chris G.
  2. Thanks Guys, Mark - What me and ego NAAAAA not me!1 LOL Joe - The road wheels & tow cables come with the kit. The rest of the gear is a Legends Productions resin kit. The strap for the road wheel is scratch built. I took a strip of Tamiys tape (yellow stuff), painted it. I cut out a buckle from foil and painted that too. Simple and looks great. All the stowage was hand painted with Tamiya paints. then given a dark wash from Ak interactive. Finally they were lightly given a brushing of dust pigments from MIG AMMO products. Robert - I'm glad you enjoyed it, thatnks for the comments. Chris G
  3. In Armor terms we call this type of model,"Soft Skins". So now you can have Sub categories to your main ones. Good stuff there Mark. Chris G.
  4. Thanks Mark, This was a very very fun and enjoyable build. Was really proud of how things turned out. Glad you liked it. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  5. Thanks Mark, Have you been following my post over on Missing Lynks Humm? For the record it is the Tamiya kit and did not come with the plow blade. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  6. Thanks Jim, Yes the M60A1's were at the end of the service life at this point in time and the USMC soon transfered over to the M1A1 Abrams after this conflict. Want to show a old used ride. Chris G.
  7. Here is one of my latest builds. Built this mainly for a on-line group fun build. Enjoy!
  8. AHH Another Castle Fan. MMy wife watches that every night. I'm so Castled out it's not funny. It's a good show but every night it gets old.
  9. Robert, You are right I do not have any Idea how much it takes to run this site. That said I don't beleive Anyone here has put down or said anything to bad mouth Eric or his efforts. In fact I can tell you That I personnelly applaud all his time and work. The new site looks great and the old site was in bad need of this upgrade. Like any good manager Eric has started this tread to find out any issue or problems that people run accross. As I have stated to Eric one that I was seeing is the old link was showing a 404 error message. Eric is all over this and handling things very well. So feedback helps with any growing process. I'm sure there will be more issue, either operator error ( Members that are not computer savy) or techincal ones. It happens. So far I would say things are going very smoothly. Great Job Eric!! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  10. Welcome Tom, Glad to have you with us. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  11. Nicely done Robert. I like color modulation. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  12. Thanks for working on this. Getting that link fixed is important. Not the members that I'm concerned about it is the guest and people interested in IPMS.
  13. Eric, Success, that worked! Now the only other issues is ; is that when people do a search for IPMS the link to the old site comes up and a message pops up and says "page could not be found.
  14. Nope nothing. will not let me connect.
  15. www.ipmsusa.org is what i have been triying to connect to. When i do a search and the link comes up and i click on it I get the error code. I have tried this at home and work aand both times i get the same thing. Chris g.
  16. Can't bring up IPMS home page anymore, get a 404 error message. Tried to goggle IPMS and hit the link for IPMS USA and same thing happened. Also my book mark link does not work anymore. I was able to getthis meesage out by going to the IPMS forum page link. What's up! And for the record I can't get the new IPMS page to come up. Is the old link still active or down? Is the old home page link going to go away and only the new page. Very confused. Issue has only happen over the past day or so. Thanks, Chris G
  17. How about updating the home page with the correct current Journal image and it's content. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  18. Tim, I have never done this before,but I'm told it will work. Try adding a little Tamiya dull coat to the paint. It is suppose to bring it to a flat. I would mike up a small sample and test paint something. And for the record no there is a slight difference in the paint, but if you try mixing with another color you can get it real close. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  19. AHHH Mark, when you you out build the world and call it Mad Dog Manufacturing, I do believe you have AMS. How many kits did you build this year along? HUMMMMM your so funny,' I don't have AMS really"!!!! :Smile-tongue: Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  20. Love all the little details. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  21. Z, You can pick up aftermarker metal barrels in 1/35, 1/72, and 1/25 scale. Here are two good souces. RB models http://www.rbmodel.com/index.php?action=products&cat=news The Barrel Store http://www.thebarrelstore.com/ Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  22. 802chrisg


    Great job Bryan, Good balance with everything. Great weathering as always. It's Big, Bad,and Green what's not to like right? Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  23. Z Here are some examples of fender battle damage I did on a German Sturmtiger. I use PE fenders and cut & bent them to what I wanted. Also you will note that some are missing all together. That is also battle damage. Hope this helps;
  24. Gil, Good points,but i still believe that the hobby as a whole is alive an well and will be for the forseeable future. You have as well as Robert stated the age when we as Kids could pick up a model kit for a couple of bucks are over, long over in fact. That as Robert said is a point of concern as it prices out young kigs and adults for that matter who want to try their hand at modeling. So yes we now have to live with a hobby that is totally geared to meet our (modelers) needs. That need is as we modelers aged and complained year after year that we wanted better manufatured kits with all the details i.e.PE, turned metal barrels, flash free parts etc.. Well the hooby manufactures have come thru for us and have provided it to us. They will continue to do this as we buy up all this wonderful stuff. So to recap; Yes Robert is correct in that the hobby as we knew it (cheap kits that built up fast) is dead IMO. Is this a cause for concern as Robert stated? IMO YES as it does price out some age groups and beginners. Is the Golden age of modeling over? Some may see it as that way, I see it that this is the golden age. Is there concern that the manufatures and our (modelers) need for better and better kits will drive the price of kits to the point that very few of us will be able to buy kits anymore? Not sure on that one, IMO I do not see that happening. With e-bay and other on-line store site competeing for the manufactures dollars it makes very little business since for them to price themselves out of reach of all modelers. It's a good question and one that us hobbist need to watch and hold the manufactures in line. After all we are their bread a & butter to speak. Without us they are nothing. I guess only time will tell. I for one am enjoying this great age we are in and loving every bit of it. Chris G.
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