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  1. From what I saw on the tables you had a lot of new builds. I got there late and only had time to make one pass through in contest area. One thing that I really liked was that people could watch the models being judged. I know you guys had no other choice but it let others see what goes on behind a closed door.
  2. Lot of great detail throughout the whole truck.
  3. Outstanding work. Are the live resin weapons easy to work with?
  4. I'll be at Indy. I have gone to the last four shows there. I hope to get a little on the job training there if I can. Weather was bad at Columbus Blizzcon so I didn't stay long enough to ask.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I would like to join one of the Dayton Chapters at some point. Indy's chapter meets on a Friday which doesn't work for me. They are both about the same drive time. I do a lot of shows a year so I may have seen some of you already. I went to Blizzcon and I have Indy next weekend. I have a hotel for MTMA Cookeville 31st Annual Show. Ron Bell I will see you at the Nats in Columbus in july if you go. I really would like to set in on judging to learn more of how it is done in IPMS. I used to judge cars at a local auto club in Albuquerque New Mexico when I lived out there. I joined here to learn how to build better models and meet new friends. Thanks again.
  6. I'm Kevin just joined but been showing for years at ipms events locally. I build modern armor, autos, 1/35 boats, modern aircraft and some sci fi.
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