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  1. Great information, everyone! I don't know why I had such difficulty in finding these, but so glad a forum like this is around to help me find them. I hope to return the favor at some point.
  2. I must not be as good at Googling as I once thought, because I'm having real trouble finding kits of these. If someone knows of any of these kits already in production, please let me know. Thanks! FPI Cougar H MRAP M93 Fox Foxhound (Ocelot) LPPV Buffalo H Husky VMMD RG-31 RG-33 Navistar International MaxxPro Oshkosh M-ATV
  3. I really like the "melted plastic" and the "baby powder" ideas. I'll have to try those next, because I, too, have been looking for an alternative to standard putty. Thanks for the info everyone.
  4. Does anyone have any experience using Holloway House Quick Shine in place of the Pledge (Future) polish? My wife is urging me to only use natural or low/no VOC products at my workbench. While she concedes that some things are just not going to be an option, I'd like to compromise as much as can be done. I found out about Quick Shine from another model site as an alternative, but have found no one who has actually used it in place of Future. If anyone here has, or knows of an alternative that would work in my parameters, please let me know. I'm one coat away from starting decals and I'd like to get going. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm Shayne from Atlanta and I'm still pretty new to the world of fine scale modeling. Like most kids, I grew up putting together kits, some to better results than others. Over the years, I would get a kit and try to put it together as well as I could, but never really got serious with it. Now, I've jumped in whole hog. The workbench is getting cluttered and I'm thinking of tools and techniques when I'm supposed to be working. I think I'll be hooked for a while. Have been to one meeting of our local IPMS chapter and had a great time. Looking forward to getting further into the hobby and meeting more folks. Thanks.
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