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  1. Ok, got a little bit done on the front wheel well, I should be posting a few more pics tomorrow. Update, missed my Friday post but this is where i am at. I had a more then a few dissension to make to the former front wheel bay set up, Where or how to run the intake so i looked to the U4 version of the ME262, the wheel went up and rotated, so with that in mind i re worked the wheel bay and made the strut out of brass and will do the same for the other two. Don't know at this point if i am happy with my layout, will have to take a longer look at it, i might just re-print a few things with corrections instead of trying to fix them on the fly, so stay tuned changes could be coming.
  2. The fit of the parts is working out well to this point, just like any other kit i will have some filling to do, Just so everyone is clear the only parts that i have 3d printed are the main structures,wings and fuselage,cockpit tub and the turbine which i need to get a picture of for you guys. Everything else i will scratch build. Now i will be printing one wheel then resin casting a pair and the canopy i will print and vacuform with 1/8 inch clear plastic. My decals i will be printing myself on clear decal sheets or there is a great little stencil machine out there that i might get to do my markings. Until Friday....... Rick
  3. Ok, Got done pretty much what i wanted to this week, the main wheel bay is complete less the wiring and plumbing which is ok for now, here's the update as promised.
  4. 1/24 was to small for my first shot at this and 1/16 was bigger then i wanted to go. 1/20th is easier for me to convert to Millimeters and yes lots of sections, but i am using HIPS so its just like working with Evergreen plastics when it comes to assembly. Just some side info for those who are curious, This will cost me about $12.00 to print all the large assembles, I pay $24.00 for a spool and i can get just over four of these from a spool, so its cost effective and quick. So will this take the place of off the shelf kits, not in the near future. Does time invested run the same as a $100.00 kit, maybe. Can i create anything i want thats not injection molded, Most definitely. Now when i go to a resin printer I will be able to get finer detail,cockpit,gear and the like, spending less time on the small details. My biggest investment for now is the design time, but I'm getting quicker at that also.
  5. Hey Folks, Been while, I had started a post almost a year ago about scratch building but life got in the way, we made a big move and so on and so on, But during that time i also chose to teach myself a new skill and learn a new medium to do my scratch building in. Now if i remember right there was a post or two about 3D printing in the past but not much more then that related to the hobby. So i decided what the heck I will teach myself Blender( a free semi cad program ), get myself a small 3D printer with a small build platform to start (Lulzbot Mini) not to expensive,but to cheap either and i thought, Now what subject to print. any production kit i can go buy off the shelf so that was out, Then i thought or fantasized, what if Germany had thwarted the allies in the west, sent them home packing, and now all efforts could be focused on the eastern front. What would have been the development of there jet program, what would Heinlkle, Arado, Blohm&Voss and Messershmitt have in the works. So i decided to research what made the drawing board but never made the tarmac. I decided to follow the ME262 for my first project, we can take some artistic license with this because we do know that some of the German designer came to the US after the war. Which influenced our jet program. So my vision of the ME262 around late 1946. I used online drawings of the ME262 and scaled it to 1/20, redesigned the air frame a bit and did my own version of turkey feathers for the period . Then I did several test prints to get the feel for how i would do this or to say how i would slice up the sections for printing, since the print bed is only 6"x6"x6" and the model is a little over 15"L and 20"w. As you can see below the final test print, three stages of the print, right off the printer, first sanding to smooth and the final that is primed. So thats where i am at to this point, i will be working on the gear bays this week. and i will (promise) be posting an update every Friday.
  6. Got a bit more done tonight, I find that if I'm looking for parts that are not actually parts I can always check out my old circuit boards or old video cards, a wealth of bits and pieces can be found there. Little more work on the LH side, rear bulkhead, start of the floor deck, the yellow area is where I will have the pilot/driver access. This will all be pretty much duplicated on the RH side Hope to have more tomorrow!
  7. Ok, Got a little less then I would like to have done tonight, but it something. So I have started on the Driver /Pilot tub. I actually wanted this double lined, an outer shell and an inner shell, so what I have done is vacuformed my forms one more time and I have them labeled as such(as you see here), I for inner and the O for outer so I don't end up cutting up the wrong one. This next picture is the inner cut to what I need along with some structural elements in place, I can always use the remainder for hatch covers and things like that on the outer skin. And this is it just set in place for now, I have a bit more work before this is complete. All for now but I will be back tomorrow with a progress update, Happy Modeling
  8. I wanted to start this post for those of you that have an interest in Scratch Building or Kit Bashing.... So lets start! I have been Scratch Building for some years now and have worked with several diffrent mediums, from Brass to Plastic, Clays and Putties. All work well but each has its own set of skills and tools to use. Reference Material is always a must, even for the most off the wall build. I am going to start with some sample work in progress projects to get things started. Then take you though a complete Scratch Build and the process's that I use. First off my work area, pretty similar to most hobbyist, I also have a Sherline lathe(not pictured) my Proxxon scroll saw. All of my sanding. vacuforming and such are done outside (I only vacuformed once in the house and the wife said no more, so I had to build my own w/heating element) Next I get an idea and do my research, lay out some drawings then work it out on the computer, I use a variety of programs from Photoshop to Sketch Up, I search online for a drawing that I like and go from there. My ideas are very fluid and change on the fly, but I get the basics down and run it from there. As you can see in the next few pictures. Then there is assembly, I cut out the templates and past them to plastic card stock (.020" or .030") I will start to skin the project with .010" (0.25 mm) card stock. Another method I use is Vacuform, and the next pictures will be the start of the project that I will be walking you though from start to finish. The project is a Rail of Race car built from an airframe, there are several of these on the internet but most were Kit Bashed and I want to do something from scratch. To start i made my forms, you can use balsa, balsa-foam or basswood, which ever i decide to use I always seal them with some form of wood filler or spackle, then prime and a last coat of High Temp paint, then lots of sanding for a smooth finish. So today I finished up my forms and went to the garage and did the Vacuform magic everything went well. In the next picture you can see my forms and the finished sheet stock, I also keep the forms as support for the plastic, give the plastic a light sanding for a smooth surface to work on, the forms also give support if I need to scribe or make certain cuts to the plastic, once I start the interior frame work I will no longer need them. Ok, we have this project started. I will make posts on a regular basis about the project along with the details. If you have any "Stop go back one step" questions, fell free to ask or email me.
  9. Want to get up to Columbus in July, been many a year since i entered something. And thanks for the Welcome!
  10. Hello to all your fellow modelers, Where to start: My real name is Rick(Richard) I live in S Florida at the moment. I have been modeling for about 36 years now off and on, Kept things pretty much to myself, I knew that the IPMS was out there but never joined, Guess older age and wisdom makes you want to share what you know. I now do mainly scratch bulit right know, I will do a OotB kit form time to time. I have donated or sold most of my work to this point, dont have the room to keep everything. Looking forward to chatin with you all and I hope I can share my Ideas and be of any help to anyone just starting out.
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