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  1. Duke, Grey is always very hard to do right. I think it came out fine. Nice build. Chris G.
  2. Robert, I hear you,but I must disagre with you about you view. I do belive and have seen some manufactures jack up prices on their kits. That does make me shy away from them,but most cost I see is due to better quality of the kits themselves and what you get for your buck. I personnally believe that this is the Golden age of modeling. With all the wide range of kit offerings and the many many aftermarket company's. not to mention the many new manufactures out there has created a healthly business competion amoung the manufactures. I remember when everything seemed to be from Revel, Monogram,Airafix, or Tamiya. Now you have MENG, Trumpiter, HobbyBoss,Dragon, Tamiya, etc., etc. The selections out there is endless. Also now that 3-D modeling is coming into it's own, I see that the future is very bright and will only get better. Just my two cents. Must say that this topic has been very enjoyable so far. Great post and great comments. Chris G.
  3. I was thinking about this last night and today, about the hobby dying and video games making that happen sooner. Speaking stricky on this one point I do not agree with this point. I too was concerned about this and the younger folks not wanting to pick up the hobby. I have three kids all in their teens now and all have at one point built models. My two boys both competed in local and regional contests and did very well. My youngest (my daughter) enjoyed building models but never competed. Yes my two boys enjoy the Video game as I do to. But here is why I think video games are good for our hobby. A lot of the gamers shop at local hobby shops that sell model supplies geared to the video gamers. We have had several young people stop and sit in on our local model club that are gamers. All of them enjoy scratch building the things they see in the games. This has spun off to building regular model kits. So as I see the seeds are planted. Remember a lot of us if not all of us have taken a break from the hobby for long periods of time for one reason or another. So Is the hobby dead or dying? IMO NO way. Is it changing? Yes! As a armor builder we are seeing a great amount of newer kits with modern subjects being released. With all the recent conflicts many people that severed in these conflict will someday want to build that plane,vehicle, or depict what they did to honor their time in service. It just happens that way. And let's not forget about the rest of the world. The hobby is very alive and well in other parts of the world. No I do not see the hobby going away anytime soon. Yes we will pay more as a lot have pointed out as kits get better and better. But let's face it if you had the choice to buy a old piece of crap kit knowing that you will spend ten time more on it to fix the things that are wrong with it, or wil you buy the state of art newer kit that you can build basically OOB and enjoy way more. I think most of us will buy the newer kit. And yes there will always be the ones that want the older kit, just because. Chris G.
  4. Thank God it is not another Kittyhawk Aircraft carrier. Chris G.
  5. Maybe we modelers are the problem and not the model companies? I agree with a lot of what you are saying,but I myself do not help my cause. You see in a world where getting the right detail and as true as we can get it right model. I will spend say $40.00 to $75.00 on a good kit, plue in most cases $50.00 on a set of metal tracks, another $100.00 on PE, detail sets and stowage sets. Not to mention the model supplies. I think we modelers somehow have a hand in driving up prices in our ever ending need for detail on a kit. I'm speeking strickly on behalf of the armor modelers here, but I'm sure that all modelers do this to some point. Are the model companies taking advantage of us? Yes in some case they are. Are we modelers helping with that cost increase? IMO Yes! Just a different take on this topic from my stand point. Good topic, interesting to see were this goes. Chris G
  6. Been waiting for this! This kit will be in my stash soon that is for sure. Chris G.
  7. Congrats on the new hardware for your build! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  8. Yours stands out for the crowd! Nice job! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  9. Great job Mark! Chris G :Smile_sceptic:
  10. Thanks everyone for enjoying this fun little project of mine. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  11. HEHEHEH You mean this bad boy?
  12. Straight as can be, NOT!!!! :Smile-tongue:
  13. Yep all plastic! As I said cut up some plastic stock and take your razar saw an scrap over it on both sides. Sand to shape. Glue it up. I used Tamiya paint. Just hand panted it. After it dried I gave it a wash with AK interactive Brown wash for green vehicles. Thats it Done! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  14. Thanks for the great feedback guys. Joe the fence was scratch built. I cut up some plastic card stock, cut & sanded to shape, took a razar saw and scribed some wood grain into it. Painted and gave it a wash. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  15. Had some fun with this one. Enjoy! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  16. Thanks for he info Robert. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  17. Looks good! What area of operation will the vehicle be depicted of? and what camo? Just jumping the gun a little. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  18. What a Dragon Kit with Instruction issues, NO WAY! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  19. Houston We have lift off!! Chris G :Smile_sceptic:
  20. Hoot There It is. Hoot there it is!!! Yep That helps. Thanks, Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  21. Mark, Can't really tell from the black & white phote , but I'm not sure if the Syrian version retained the zimmerit? Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  22. Welcome back Stanley. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  23. Great stuff there mark. I haven't been following your post for a while so I read throu everything. Great work as always. I noticed you tackled the seam issue on the horse well. He's a trick I learned years ago. Since I'm a carpenter/builder and I know you are to, you should have this stuff around somewhere. Grab some light weight spackling compound and fill the seams with it. Smooth, apply testors liguid cement to harden it, apply Mr. surfacer, sand and done. Works great. Not saying you did anything wrong, just a tip I'm passing along for future use. It's quicker then the fill,sand,fill some more, sand method. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
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