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  1. Been awhile since my last update on this build, back in January I believe Getting there. Tranks and side skirts are in the paint booth, base started, stowage complete, weathering in progress. With luck should have this one done by next month. Enjoy!
  2. Duke completes four models this month, me zero. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I cannot complete with you! LOL :) Chris G.
  3. Thanks Pedro for the wonderful comments. This one was a real honor to build. Chris G.
  4. Beast is right, considering the size of the tank and the man power it required to operate. Nice Job Mark. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  5. Nice progress and I'm glad you did not cut yourself. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  6. Mark it is always a pleasure to check in on your build progress. Always something different and I have to remind myself that you work in 1/72 scale. I don't know about you but my eye sight is not what it used to be and I can't work in anything below 1/35 scale. So hats of to you and as always great builds and great progress. Till next til my friend. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  7. Mark, Thanks for the wonderful comments. Normally I would put this on a base to complete the story setting, but because this one is going into a museum and will be on display there will be no base. The museum display will have each vehicle (model) placed in the correct line of march as they were on April 5, 2003 during the "Thunder Run". Here is a picture of the display taking shape at the Museusm at Ft. Stewart, GA. eventually there will be video monitors and artifacts about and around the display to tie everything in and tell the story of the events that happened. Chis G. :Smile_sceptic:
  8. Robert thanks for the great comment. Nothing better in the world then pleasing the first sargent :drillsergeant: . Glad you liked it. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  9. Thanks Dennis for the comments, the stowage was a lot of work. Seemed like there was no end to it when I was painting it up. Boy did they (the crew) pack a ton of stuff. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  10. Richard Thanks for your great feedback and comments. I sure do hope that this build will get you back to the model bench. Would love to see that project of yours when it is done. As for your time in the desert as a German Linguist? All I can say to that is HUH? I bet you had a ton of time to sight see as I dought you were very busy. Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  11. During Operation Iraqi Freedom the 3rd ID made two armor thrust into Bagdad. They where to be known as Thunder Runs. The first was on April 5, 2003 that went up the main highway into Bagdad and ended at the Bagdad Internation airport. The second was on April 7, 2003 that followed the same path as before, up the main highway,but this time instead of turning to the airport entered the city and stayed. I was invited several months ago to be part of a group that is building one of each vehicle that took part in the Thunder Run's. There will be 60 plus vehicles when done and all will be on permanent display at the 3rd ID museum located at FT. Stewart, GA. the vehicles will be displayed in line of march as they where on those days. Each vehicle must be modeled to look like it did exactly on those days, right down to the gear and what each crew member was wearing. The vehicle I was assigned to build is the 27th vehicle in line #R-14 a Bradley IFV. here is the completed build. The base vehicle is the Tamiya ODS Bradley kit. Enjoy!
  12. Great looking builds! Chris G. :Smile_sceptic:
  13. Thanks Rob, I did not know this nor could I tell from photos. I just put the turret under paint tonight. Guess my tank just got an upgrade. Next time thou. Chris G.
  14. Thanks Mark. Taking a lot longer then normal since I have three other builds going right now and one for a museum which is priority. Chris
  15. Thanks for the comments Richard and Pedro. Richard they say, "if you build it, it will be done".
  16. Getting close to putting paint on this build. Need to finish up the tracks first. I was able to complete the commander's & loaders ammo feeds on their MG's, added the tow bar on the rear, and finished up the Mine plow. Also added the battle board and rear CIP panel to the rear of the turret.
  17. Great build, wonderfull eye for detail. Looking forward to seeing this one painted and finished. Chris G.
  18. I have yet to add the M-103 to my stash, but I have built the Abrams (Tamiya) version in my scale of 1/35. Great builds Mark. Will be great addition to your collection.
  19. Thanks Dennis and Pedro for the great comments. Chris
  20. Rob, I originally bought a set of zimmerit for this kit from Cavalier. It was made for and marketed for the Dragon Panther A. I figured it would work for the Tamiya kit as well, but when it arrived I found that the pieces where smaller then the Tamiya model. So either the Dragon kit is out of scale or the Tamiya kit is. Either way the Caalier zimmerit looks and feels great, but I could not use it on this project. Let me know how yours comes out. Chris
  21. Rob, Like you on your kit that is exactly what and why I'm doing this kit. Simple, good base to start with and wanted to use the apoxie sculp for zimmerit instead of my usual a/b epoxie. Love this stuff, the working time is the cat's a@#%.
  22. In addition to the M1A1 Abrams project here is something else I'm working on. It is the older Tamiya Panther A kit. I had to fill all the motor holes and fill in with sheet plastic the underside of the upper hull that overhangs the roadwheels. I have replaced the main gun barrel and Hull MG with metal barrels. Add PE grills, made from copper wire grab handles, made from brass tubing the gun cleaning stowage tube on the side of the tank, replaced the kit tow cable with resin and copper wire. I have started to add the zimmerit. The turret still need to be done at this point. More to come. Enjoy!
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