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  1. Looking forwards to this. Thanks Dave. Chris Graeter IPMS # 39558 Colchester, VT
  2. Spent a good part of my life working on the flight decks of carriers as a catipult sailer. I have been to this museum. Great place, really captures the the whole Navel avation experience. Chris Graeter IPMS #39885 Colchester, Vt
  3. Yes that will be interesting to see. Chris Graeter IPMS # 39558 Colchester, VT
  4. Tim, Yes I find that it holds up well and does not crack. I would not use it to fill a large holes or cracks. Dennis, You moved this on me, Now all the plane guys are going to know this treadhead secret. Oh I seeeee you are a plane guy. RATS the secret is out. Oh well enjoy. Chris Graeter IPMS #39558 Colchester, VT
  5. Looks good so far, can't wait till it is finished. Chris Graeter IPMS#39558 Colchester, VT
  6. Tim, A 2nd place for a OOB build. Nice!!! I can see why. Excellent job. Chris Graeter IPMS #39558 Colchester, VT
  7. Tim, Nice job on an old classic. I have a bunch of old Tamiya ket's that I'm building. Some OOB and others with after market stuff added. Personally I think the real joy with these kits is to just build them OOB as you did. Again nice job, Thanks for sharing. Chris Graeter IPMS # 39558 Colchester, VT
  8. Well said Mark, Well said. Chris Graeter
  9. Hi all, Here is different and easy way to fill holes, seams, etc.. As a carpenter I use light weight spackling compound every day to fill nail hole etc.. A year ago I tried it on a model, worked great. Now I use it all the time. It sands easy and is easy to apply. Try it on the underside of a tank first to see if you like or not. The cost is cheap. There are sereral different makers. DAP is the most common. Hope this helps. Happy modeling. Did you notice that I didn't put this on the gerenal tip forum. Didn't want to give any AIR-planehead any good info . Enjoy, Chris Graeter Treadhead Colchester, VT
  10. Way to go. This will help spread the word and the world of modeling the IPMS way to all. Chris G.
  11. Dave, The subject you are talking about is a captured KV-1 russian tank used by the Germans. The Pz.kpfw Kv-1 was the German assigned name of the vehicle. For a history on this tank try this site, Achtung Panzer. This is a good site with history of all Germany vehicles and captures equipment. Oh one more thing, you must be a plane guy, because no self respecting Treadhead would have a plane next to his info. Good luck with your project, I hope this helps. Good to see that you are coming around to world of armour. Chris Graeter Vermont Treadhead
  12. Oh man does this hit home. I live this every year here in Vermont. On really bad storms the trucks will come around twice. Once to just clear the road and again after the storm to clean up. My garage is always fully loaded with shovels at the ready. Chris Graeter IPMS # 39558
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