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  1. Love it. Love Reapers stuff Dave
  2. Think of it this way- In 1-2-3 judging, you take the modelers best kit in that class and compare it to other modelers best kits. With no sweeps, a person who is outstanding can't sweep a category. In GSB, you are evaluating the models individually so if a person builds 25 1/48 scale aircraft , in theory, they could win 25 awards. Dave
  3. That's cool. Love that episode too. Great work Dave
  4. Haha! Cripes a Mighty it is- thanks for the help Dave
  5. Hi Chris and Gil: I have the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D kit and it may/may not have a filet on the tail ( I do like those markings). Chris- love those too. And thanks for the offer. I'll dig into the kit tomorrow night Dave
  6. Hi All: So I want to build a 1/32 P-51D and I want some scheme with invasion stripes. I am by no means a P-51 expert so does anyone have any recommendations of cool schemes with invasion stripes that I could paint it up as? Dave
  7. All: There is 154 page thread of details at Large Scale Planes here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/52716-mh-60-academy-seahawk-135-scale/ Definitely a great read Looks like it was started in 2014 Dave
  8. Hi Thom: Welcome. I love Chicago (except the traffic). Dave
  9. Greetings all: I have some 1/48 scale to start and some aftermarket to lower the pile in my basement. Any questions welcome. Starting with IPMS- PM me for any details: F4F Resin Wing Folds Lone Star Models 1/48 $30 Sold TBM/TBF Resin Wing Folds Dangerboy 1/48 $40 BMW003 Rocket Engines Highflight 1/48 $20 Me262 Lorin Conversion Arba 1/48 $20 UH-60L Blackhawk Academy 1/35 $75 Cobra Detail and Correction Sets; CE Masks; Eduard PE; One resin door cracked P-39Q- multiple parts and pieces Eduard 1/48 $25 Mirage IIIc Academy 1/48 $10 Ju87B-2 Stuka Hasegawa 1/48 $30 Verlinden Set; QB Seats. Started PBY-5 Catalina Monogram 1/48 $25 Resin Wheels, Vingtor Decals Sold FW190 D-9 Dragon 1/48 $35 Resin Cockpit; Arba Tail SBD-5 Dauntless Accurate Miniatures 1/48 $25 QB undercarriage covers and exhausts Me262A-1a Tamiya 1/48 $20 Sold Bristol Blenheim IV/IVF Classic Airframes 1/48 $40 AH-64D Academy 1/48 $30 Eduard Brass; Verlinden update E2C Hawkeye Kinetic 1/48 $75 QB intake plugs Misc Bingo Decals AV-8B Harrier Hasegawa 1/48 $25 Quickboost Exhausts, SS Decals Do-335A-12 Tamiya 1/48 $60 Paragon Covnversion nightfighter conversion; Verlinden Update P-61A Great Wall Hobby 1/48 $50 F-94 Kittyhawk 1/48 $35 SAC Gear Ba 349A Natter DML 1/48 $10 Sold Ta-152C-0 RV Resin 1/48 $35 RQ-1 Predator Antares 1/48 $25 Sold F9F-2 panther Trumpeter 1/48 $25 Pavla resin cockpit and flaps Dave
  10. I have bought from DMold and their products are great....when they are available. He has a "real" job and travels and makes parts when he has the time. When they are in stock, they are wornderful. But it is spotty due to his travel. Dave
  11. Sigh. This has been a long conversation so I went back and looked at the last time this was surveyed among chapters, members. Results were overwhelmingly AGAINST changing to any kind of GSB. So unless there has been a large shift in 15 years, this is a great conversation and will probably end right there, a conversation. And I build figures and routinely go through the GSB. Dave
  12. On the other hand, my PC sees the same dates Ronbo listed...weird Dave
  13. Thanks Rusty...probably just my faulty memory Dave
  14. I see the correct dates. Using an Amazon Fire tablet if that helps Dave
  15. FWIW, this was done at the R4 Regional in Dayton at the Air Force Museum. They tried for two years and have since returned to 1-2-3 judging Rusty- do you remember the last survey in like 2003. I actually tipped over the results of that one while cleaning out some old boxes. I think you were part of that team along with Bob Collignon, Nat Richards and a few others. Dave
  16. Just starting the IPMS/USA review of this and so far, great fit. Only working on the cameras and the cockpit so far. Dave
  17. Love the Gillman. Great paint job Dave
  18. Sweet. The lady behind Morland Studios did a class a Wonderfest last year. Nice class and lady Dave
  19. dmorrissette


    LOL...great..I need to buy more paint Dave
  20. dmorrissette


    Yup- Kroenen. All three are excellent. Love the way the red isn't "too" red Dave
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