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  1. Last I heard between 4000-4200. Been in that area plus/minus for a while Not sure with the Nats being canceled if that will effect it Dave
  2. Great choice. Elegoo Saturn looks awesome once they actually sell them. Make sure you You Tube some safety videos too and get alcohol (not the drinking kind) Dave
  3. Scale Aircraft Conversions sells a set of metal gear: https://www.scaleaircraftconversions.com/moreinfo.cfm?KIT=506 Dave
  4. Don't forget to add in addition to Gil's comments, we have ~80-100 smaller shows and regionals conventions drawing in lots of modelers and lookers. I used to love going to club meetings (IPMS John Glenn in Cleveland) but now its a much longer drive and Sunday after church so it just doesn't work. All the hours donated to support 200+ club meetings plus the shows shows a lot of love and commitment on peoples part. Plus web sites, club newsletters, etc. Dave
  5. dmorrissette

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    I can tell you that decal setting solutions sometimes have a bad effect on Alclad. Especially the Microset. Best start with water Dave
  6. Considering the people that are wearing masks and wearing them wrong, I suspect it does little to no good. And the fact most people are wearing them for extended periods of time and breeding who knows what funk, we'll see how it plays out I do like the ones that look like Jesse James though... Dave
  7. Hi Kevin: I think beyond the obvious money and effort, there is a complete lack of faith in the medical reporting and government support. In Ohio (where most things are open), more cases are getting reported BUT that is concurrent with much more testing. And, the problem is most cases are not symptomatic enough to make this any worse than a cold. One of our friends missed one day of work feeling ill. Got tested a week later and found out she had had it. We had a women at church with an extremely compromised immune system. She was in intensive care. Seems to effect people differently. At this point, football is going ahead- college, high school and pro with testing. But they canceled the Cleveland Airshow which has a smaller daily attendance that OSU football. The local grape festival in late Sept is also canceled but the high school schedule remains. I assume this is all driven by dollars but the lack of consistency is remarkable and I can't see how anyone can make an informed intelligent decision when the info is so contradictory. I will say that IPMS is a risk group. Not a young bunch. I would also like to see a vendor update. I can't see how Zoukei Mura or Eduard could possibly attend considering the travel Time will tell Dave
  8. dmorrissette

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Here's a link to an article comparing foil vs. Alclad http://famecities.com/2013/07/natural-metal-by-ed-kinney-and-larry-davis/ There is a down load button at the top. Dave
  9. Completely disagree with Kevin's assessment and think Nick hit it on the head. This is no win. Do you throw away three years of work plus costs or not. There is no good answer. As for hot spots or not, since it was reported by the media and the government, I have less than zero belief in any of it personally. I will say that I am glad I am not on the Eboard this go around Dave
  10. A very difficult assignment...good luck with your search Dave
  11. FWIW, I do the same. Cut them off with a sharp knife, use smooth pliers if the part is small and sand the nub off Dave
  12. Yup- been there and done that. I believe Aires sells replacement wheel wells. Dave
  13. Most impressive. I found the ejector marks a real struggle Dave
  14. Ralph and Richard: Love it and a few more thoughts. Like many, I modeled as a teenager and then got out of it until my wife and I had kids and I got a 1/72 Lancaster for Christmas and my boss at work asked if I knew about Jacks Hobby Castle in Cleveland. I was in awe. Bought my first Finescale which had an article by Bob Steinbrunn on modifying the old Otaki Spitfire with photo-etch. Add to that Jack's carried Horizon's vinyl Universal Monsters. The monsters were $25 and my first reentry kits were around the same price. I remember the horror buying my first $40 kit. This was in the early to mid-1990's Zoom to today and I plunk down $100 like its nothing (and for resin figure almost triple that occasionally). I completely agree that the fault is "us". If you look at the local winners for many contests as well as what's on the table, Tamiya, etc. is very prevalent. The modeler doesn't have to worry about fit, missing parts that don't exist, etc. The kits fits and it gets right to the paint which is what most seem to enjoy (including me) Another thing that has really changed is the complete lack of decal support for many of the new kits. Sure- the Tamiya F-14 got love. But there P-38...NADA, Airfix's P-51- go look for old stuff and there are many more. And if you want to look at one of my recent purchases, look here- https://anyz.io/ We do live in he new age of modeling and it has changed. I do love it but I really want a new mold 1/48 B-26!! 😄 Dave
  15. Thanks for the link. Not surprising. While they made great kits, it was a limited WWI market and I am sure that hurt them too. Still very sad Dave
  16. Really nice. Love Sean's kits Dave
  17. Welcome! Sound like you need a break with that work schedule Dave
  18. I love this. Can't wait to see it done Dave
  19. That is truly fantastic especially considering all the work and metallic finish. Nice Dave
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