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  1. Jef V posted a great history/explanation under his Facebook page. Was very intetresting. Dave
  2. Its a little longer than 18 inches and not quite as wide but would be without the wing folds. It is very large Dave
  3. Finally, after many years, this is finished. I can say that there were not wo pieces in the entire build that fit together easily. And Trumpeter found ways to take one part and make four out of it. I will say it is a huge plane and I do love Navy schemes. Finished with Squadrons decals Dave
  4. Welcome...have a look around and enjoy! Dave
  5. I do wonder what, if anything will happen to the Lancaster. It was close or seemed to be from the mock up at the nats a couple years ago. I assume due to the detail it was going to be really expensive and like most large kits, reaches a specific audience. Time will tell. I will tell you the stuff is selling for a ridiculous price now. Dave
  6. Best way is usually to register. That gets you in all week plus seminars, etc. @$55 versus $60 for the daily for four days Dave
  7. Web site now says closed for renovation. Hopefully they do reopen and gain their past glory back. The lady from the Franklin Mint had no clue at all what modelers want Dave
  8. Thanks. Tree of Woe made me laugh Dave
  9. Vinyl kits. Don't like the fish Dave
  10. The sarcophagus was a lot of fun Dave
  11. 1/4 scale bust of Thulsa Doom by Kent Kidwell Dave
  12. LOL...try building resin figures. Used to be under $100 for a 1/6 scale figure. Now they have increased sizes all the way up to 1/4 or 1/3 scale and prices up to $800 each. And Kaiju kits (Godzilla) can go well over $1000- which I do not own but....never say never. In the end, its up to the individual. I know for me, if Tamiya ever came out with a 1/32 scale A-10, cost be damned, I am getting it dave
  13. Greetings: Doing a purge of things I will never get to so.... Mig-21 Sold Trumpeter 1/32 $75.00 Cutting Edge Colorful Mig 21 Decals, QB Air ScoopsMaster Pitot Tube, Zacto Pylons, Begemot Stencils, CE Cockpit Me262A-2a Trumpeter 1/32 $65.00 QB Seat, Black Magic Masks A-7E Corsair II Sold Trumpeter 1/32 $175.00 Zacto Nose correction Set and Canopy; Victoiry DecalsAvionix Cockpit
  14. Most impressive. I still remember pumping gas into Mavericks as a kid. Great project and superb execution Dave
  15. It would be nice. Hasegawa's P-47 bubble top is very good too. I have read Tamiya will not do 1/32 anymore probably due to tooling costs Hope its wrong Dave
  16. Working in medical devices, please don't count too much on a vaccine. Between a less than 100% efficacy and a fairly large percentage who will not take it plus the fact virus mutate, I personally do not hold out hope on the vaccine side. Sounds good but I suspect that this won't be the cure all some are hoping for world wide. Dave
  17. Oh No! Clare was a great guy and true gentlemen. I worked with him on the IPMS Reviewer Corps and spent time with him at contests. He was very funny and was a hoot to spend time with. He'll really be missed RIP Dave
  18. There are some great jigs that can hold the plane upside down but to start, I used some styrofoam/foam rubber packing and support off both wings and the tail. Of course all things like antennae's and the like need to be left off the top. I have also used paint bottles in a pinch for smaller planes Dave
  19. The circled part shows things needing removed probably due to the version of the plane. You can sand them smooth. as for decals, I usually put them on when done as I screw around with seams forever it seems so I would wreck them if putting them on early Dave
  20. No impact. Work for a medical device company. Got furloughed with pay for three weeks after working 24/7 for three weeks. Were selling at 90% normal, got raises and bonuses and feeling very blessed Just bought a couple figure kits that were grails and cost ~$400 and went on vacation so, like I said, very blessed. Wife still working to albeit from home Dave
  21. Totally impressed. Mach 2 and Fonderie Miniatures were some "interesting" kits. Really well done- not sure I would want to sit in that cockpit though 🙂 Dave
  22. Hi Kevin: Interesting kit. Love the backdrop too Dave
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