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  1. Oh No! Clare was a great guy and true gentlemen. I worked with him on the IPMS Reviewer Corps and spent time with him at contests. He was very funny and was a hoot to spend time with. He'll really be missed RIP Dave
  2. There are some great jigs that can hold the plane upside down but to start, I used some styrofoam/foam rubber packing and support off both wings and the tail. Of course all things like antennae's and the like need to be left off the top. I have also used paint bottles in a pinch for smaller planes Dave
  3. The circled part shows things needing removed probably due to the version of the plane. You can sand them smooth. as for decals, I usually put them on when done as I screw around with seams forever it seems so I would wreck them if putting them on early Dave
  4. No impact. Work for a medical device company. Got furloughed with pay for three weeks after working 24/7 for three weeks. Were selling at 90% normal, got raises and bonuses and feeling very blessed Just bought a couple figure kits that were grails and cost ~$400 and went on vacation so, like I said, very blessed. Wife still working to albeit from home Dave
  5. Totally impressed. Mach 2 and Fonderie Miniatures were some "interesting" kits. Really well done- not sure I would want to sit in that cockpit though 🙂 Dave
  6. Hi Kevin: Interesting kit. Love the backdrop too Dave
  7. A very nice gentlemen from my conversations and a great tribute Gil. Great looking kits Dave
  8. Love it. Been holding mine almost finished until Caracal releases their sheets. Lot of different options like sea blue etc. plus a training colored one. I love yours so I can't wait to get the decals Dave
  9. Nice stuff. Next year in Vegas Dave
  10. Very cool. Sounds like a great class Dave
  11. LOL...looks great and love the markings Dave
  12. All: In the January E- board meeting minutes: We added 31 new members in November. We had 3911 active members as of the V31J6 (Nov/Dec) Journal mailing. Dave
  13. Hi : Here's a list of all vendors: http://www.ipmsnationals.com/Vendor-Listing-Alpha.aspx Maybe Bases by Bill? He has a web site Dave
  14. I believe they meet quarterly per the by-laws. Dave
  15. Pilots look great. Love this plane too! Dave
  16. Last I heard between 4000-4200. Been in that area plus/minus for a while Not sure with the Nats being canceled if that will effect it Dave
  17. FWIW, Tamiya has none of this Dave
  18. Great choice. Elegoo Saturn looks awesome once they actually sell them. Make sure you You Tube some safety videos too and get alcohol (not the drinking kind) Dave
  19. Scale Aircraft Conversions sells a set of metal gear: https://www.scaleaircraftconversions.com/moreinfo.cfm?KIT=506 Dave
  20. Don't forget to add in addition to Gil's comments, we have ~80-100 smaller shows and regionals conventions drawing in lots of modelers and lookers. I used to love going to club meetings (IPMS John Glenn in Cleveland) but now its a much longer drive and Sunday after church so it just doesn't work. All the hours donated to support 200+ club meetings plus the shows shows a lot of love and commitment on peoples part. Plus web sites, club newsletters, etc. Dave
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