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  1. Thanks David. Light application of pastels Dave
  2. Although expensive, starting with a simple Tamiya kit out of the box is a great start as the fit is usually good. Maybe something with a simple color scheme Dave
  3. Another thing to consider is that their may not be "flaws". The other models may be better weathered or etc. But, as others have said, the basics is where all judging starts. One thing I have noticed for aircraft is to check the canopies and glass parts. And I love the models especially the P-51! Dave
  4. Xtracolor did sets of varying colors and width of stripes. Haven't seen them for a while Dave
  5. There was a 25 year membership pin given back in the Ron Bell era (so 3 years ago or so) Not sure what happened to that program. Suspect the leadership changed (and its changing again in several months ) so...... Dave
  6. Sprue Brothers almost never vends at the convention although Gordon makes the rounds. Not sure they ever vended Dave
  7. Great looking kit and I love Carcal Decals too Dave
  8. No Zoukei Mura and their fun raffles. Very understandable though Dave
  9. Eric: So I tried a couple browsers. If you Google IPMS/USa, it is linked to www2.ipmsusa.org and not www.ipmsusa.org for some reason so it is going where Google aims it but no idea why. If I type ipmsusa.org, it goes to the www2 site. Beyond me why Dave
  10. Me too . Just happened. Will try clearing the browser cache Dave
  11. Great recovery. Looks good Dave
  12. Nice./ One of my favorite planes! Dave
  13. African or European? HAHAHA Dave
  14. I saw it. They do not watch the forum and i do not have a reply to my email yet. Personally, I don't see the need for masks if we don't need them at the convention. Only place in Ohio still using them is doctors offices Dave
  15. Having fun is more important as either craftmanship or accuracy....at least to me Dave
  16. Did you email him? I copied your post and sent it to him Dave
  17. If you are doing "cash only", have change to make Dave
  18. What Gil said. Unfortunately, I was IPMS Prez when all this started mostly from one individual but we did get several complaints- for example, a model of Big Foot which was a "male" and his junk was at eye level for a child. We even had one gent send us books on pornography and were accused as a society of pandering pornography. Fun times....NOT Dave
  19. Correct. They do not care. This is such a miniscule amount of business for them, it doesn't matter. They are focusing on making money and Testors is not anywhere near the top for them. They may redo the web page or update it but who knows Dave
  20. Hi Noel: The blanket insurance helps. All you do is contact the National office with a date and venue and the insurance company issues a certificate as needed. Depends on state and location how much but we cover them. IN a normal year, there are 80-100 IPMS shows including the regional and national. Of course, we have a lot more square miles to cover than the UK too. I do remember several cases where the insurance was used too I believe Dave
  21. Get ahold of Stevens International, they are the importer of Trumpeter. Phone: 856-435-1555 Fax: 856-627-6274 Email: info@stevenshobby.com Dave
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