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  1. OK- my thougths only RC's are in there job to not get members, that is the clubs function. Some clubs have active web pages, some don't and don't want to be bothered. And Facebook has little activity if you check the clubs that do have pages. Most members come from local shows and word of mouth. Plus we still have a lot of members who would rather build a model than spend time on line so not sure if technology is the answer for recruitment. As for electing them, it is hard enough to find volunteers to work for nothing so elections don't make sense when there are so few candidates As for regionals being two days, many are already. Those that aren't , want it that way. Some are formal with banquets and all, some aren't As for the number of contests, that is dictated by success. Some of the clubs no longer hold them due to not making money or more importantly, over saturation. Our region at one time had a contest every two weeks from mid Sept to start of Nov. It thinned out due to the number and people picking and choosing which to go to...Currently, there are over 100 contests listed this year alone. Seems like it is not declining much at all..might even be growing Dave
  2. I would call them and talk to them directly. I have had spotty experiences with them and only go to Squadron when they are sole supplier or have really good sale Dave
  3. Rusty: There was a vendor at Wonderfest that did nothing but guns- mostly SciFi like Bladerunner, Star Trek, etc. but there were some realistic guns. And I agree with VonL, take the political stuff to the bull pen and lets talk models! Dave
  4. Wonder if this was a re-release of the Alnger kit? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/alanger-40002-k-407-nato-delta-iv-class--105321 Don't see that exact one from them but I do see this but think its different: http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Kits/Ships/Zvezda_350_K-3/Zvezda_350_K-3.htm Dave
  5. Here's a link to a good article on natural metal finishes from IPMS Fame Cities: http://famecities.com/2013/07/natural-metal-by-ed-kinney-and-larry-davis/ Dave
  6. Great looking build of a kit from my youth too. And the rivets. Looks great Dave
  7. Love it. Finished mine too and could not find any markings. We need some decal people to give these some love. Great kit and you did it right Dave
  8. One alternative is Tamiya - either the acrylic thinned with lacquer thinner or their lacquer decanted from the spray can. Both give a nice white and dry in a few hours and rock hard in half a day or less Dave
  9. To support Dan, here's an example of a 3D printed Godzilla fresh off the printer generated by a program called Z Brush The technology is here and if you look at the fact that this years George Lee award went to a 3D printed Lunar Module, it says a lot Dave
  10. FWIW, this is a real person also Pepper was based on Schlitzie the Pinhead (on the left) Dave
  11. IPMS USA already received the kit for review so you may see some updates of the build posted soon Dave
  12. I knew I saw things somewhere. Check out this web site: https://shop.lastcavalry.com/books-mags-and-dvds/?mc_cid=ada12838dc&mc_eid=ec10c2b809 Great store too Dave
  13. No problem. Print media is really suffering from newspapers to magazines at this point Dave
  14. Not that I am aware of but there are several forums like Planet Figure that are good Dave
  15. dmorrissette


    LOL. I love it. Big fan of the big guy Dave
  16. Did you email the office manager? She usually replies in less than a day. manager@ipmsusa.org Dave
  17. Letter is completely false about getting rid of product lines. Check Testors home page Dave
  18. Nice. collection. I love David Whitford's kits- wish I could paint and sculpt like him too Dave
  19. Actually, David...we just don't care. I will not spend hardly anytime on references or research because, to me, its boring. Period. If I can't Google something and find an answer in 30 seconds, it isn't worth my time and interferes with the fun of building and painting. Of course I know people who research things to the extreme and they seem to enjoy it so cool but for me, no thanks to research. And to me more inclusive as a group, we need to include both Dave
  20. Here's the IPMS review of the kit http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Kits/Aircraft/Trumpeter_32_P-38L/Trumpeter_32_P-38L.htm Dave
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