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    678 Main Street, Sanford, ME, 04083 This is a localevent hosted each year in Southern Maine. It is a model contest, display, and Make-and-Take event. We have raffle drawings and lots of vendors aswell! New this year, we have added a Gundam category! Region 1 - Northeast Southern Maine Scale Modelers Grace Leavitt & Ron Garland (207) 651-5685 graceee1222@aol.com 2072528566 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/downeastcon-2023
  2. Reviewed by: David Horn Company: Key Publishing Ltd Key publishing specializes in books covering aviation, transport history and sport. This book is a fairly compact, paperback full color book. There are two primary sections, U.S. Customs and Border protection in the first section and U.S Coast Guard in part two. In each section are two chapters further breaking down into further sub groups. more...View the full article
  3. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Helion & Company In the spring of 1999, NATO intervened in a conflict in Serbia. This effort called Operation Allied Force (OAF) was undertaken to stop what the NATO nations said was systemic ethnic cleaning by Serbian forces of the Albanian population in Kosovo directed by Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic. Several books have been written about this intervention, but they tend to favor the NATO side of the story. This volume is an attempt to tell both sides of the story. It written by two Serbians, one a historian with high level government experience and the other commanded a missile defense unit for Serbia during OAF. Make no mistake, OAF was a remarkable military achievement. more...View the full article
  4. Reviewed by: David Horn Company: Helion & Company Helion & Company publishing produces specialized military history books. Part of the “Middle East at War” series, Lebanese Civil War, volume 2 (second of a four part series) book covers the period of 1978 to 1981 known as the “Quiet before the Storm”. The publication is 70 pages of full color, black & white photographs, diagrams as well as artist illustrations. more...View the full article
  5. Reviewed by: Chris Smith Company: Stratus Reviewer Name: Chris Smith IPMS #:39182 Title: Polish Wings #34, Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-15 and license build versions Author(s): Lechoslaw Musialkowski Company: Stratus ISBN# 978-83-66549-92-0 Other Publication Information: Soft Cover, 104 pages, B/W & color photos, color profiles Price: $30.00 Product Web Page: https://www.casematepublishers.com/mikoyan-gurevich-mig-15-and-licence-… Product provided by: Casemate Publishers more...View the full article
  6. Reviewed by: Scott Hollingshead Company: CMK As I sit writing this review, the invasion of Ukraine has been ongoing for approaching seven months, and the Ukrainian forces are currently making gains in their eastern territory against their invaders. This recent and timely release from the folks at CMK was kindly provided to the IPMS USA at the Nationals this year in Omaha, Nebraska. Consisting of polyurethane and 3D printed parts, along with a small decal sheet, this is a relatively easy build that nearly any modeler can enjoy. If you are looking for a symbolic kit of a current conflict, I would highly recommend this offering. more...View the full article
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    1077 Pond Street, Franklin, MA, 02038 Our showhas 35 categories covering everything from ships, automobiles, trucks,figures, si-fi, armor, aircraft ,dioramas, Gundums, to flat art. There are categories for novice and junior entrants as well. There are 14 vendor tables there with plenty to buy.Food is available on site. Region 1 - Northeast BAYCON 2023 IPMS Bay Colony Historical Modelers Robert Magina treadhead@comcast.net 508-641-5873 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/baycon-2023
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    5450 State Route 20, Cartersville, GA, 30121 Pleasejoinn us for our 28th annual ACME Southern Nationals at our new venue & host hotel; The Clarence Brown Conference Center & Marriott Courtyard Cartersville. Our new venue offers 3 times the space of our previous location with easier access and ample parking. Vendors may set up on Friday evening, Early Bird passes available. The three themes for 2023 are: 100 years of LeMans, 70 years of Corvette and NASCAR. Region 3 - Southeast ACME Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts Wayne Webers president@acme-ipms.com 6782961197 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/acme-southern-nationals-2023
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    801 W. 1st St., Grimes, IA, 50111 Our event is an NNL style show, where participants do part of the voting, and our specialawards are judged by a committee. Our theme this year is vehicles fromMovies/TV. We build our special awards each year, so they are unique, not just copies of the previous year's awards. We do have vendors, and we don't charge for spectators, or junior entrants. Region 14 - Mid Central Facebook - IPMS Glue Brothers - Des Moines, Iowa IPMS Glue Brothers Mark Johnson mjaafd1@msn.com 515-803-1628 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/mid-iowa-modelers-expo-4-nnl
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    13005 Wings Way, Englewood, CO, 80112 Region 10 - RockyMountain The Official CoMMiESFest Facebook Page IPMS/CoMMiES Brad Guy Mr.Badwrench64@gmail.com 303-467-2009 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/commiesfest-2023
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    260 E. Connelly Blvd (Freeway), Sharon, PA, 16146 Region 4 - Great Lakes IPMS - Shenango Valley Area Scale Modelers Shenango Valley Area Scale ModelersIPMS - Dave Taylor daverace@roadrunner.com 17249831568 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/free-free-free-summer-swap-meet
  12. Reviewed by: Phil Peterson Company: Phoenix Scale Publications Phoenix Scale Publications is a new publishing company in the world of scale models but the team is made up of several veterans of the business. They have released two modeling magazines, one on all types of models and this one which is just on the aviation side of builds. They also have released several aviation modeling books. Do we need another scale modeling magazine about aircraft? The more the merrier I say but Phoenix has put together a quality product that covers a lot in its 82 high quality, glossy pages. more...View the full article
  13. Reviewed by: Phil Peterson Company: Phoenix Scale Publications Phoenix Scale Publications is a new publishing company in the world of scale models consisting of several veterans of the business. They have released two modeling magazines, one on all types of models and this one just on the aviation side of builds. They also have released several aviation modeling books of which this one is the 2nd in their Real To Replica Series. more...View the full article
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    4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89103 IPMS LasVegas Best of the West Saturday August 19th Orleans Hotel and Casino, French Quarter Room Upstairs Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contest& Show Admission: $20 entry for first 3 models, $2 for ea. additionalGeneral Admission (non contest attendees)$5 Individual or family, Children under 12 freeActive Military & First Responders are Free Celebrating 30 Years as Las Vegas's oldest IPMS Chapter. We invite you to visit our website and share our passion for building highly detailed and realistic scale models. ipmslv.comOur club boasts a friendly and supportive atmospherewhere modelers come to show their work, share skills and techniques and bolster our common interest. We welcome modelers of every type, medium, subject matter and skill level. From master level builder to beginner, all are welcome and invited to stop by and meet the group. Juniors under 18 are always welcome when accompanied by an adult.IPMS Las Vegas is proud tobe a chapter of IPMS / USA and participates in community activities whenever and wherever possible. Region 8 - Southern California Best of the West Las Vegas Nevada IPMS Las Vegas Jay Bergeon ipmslvraffle@yahoo.com 7022343826 https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/event/best-west-2023
  15. Reviewed by: Ben Morton Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez “Communication Chief Lizbeth informed me that we were receiving an automated distress signal from a terra forming station on the planetoid LV-426. While not exactly on our current flight path we were the closet ship available to investigate....” AMMO by Mig Jimenez offers a plethora of finishing and diorama accessories for just about any modeling need: paints, static grass, scenic plants, and pliable terrain among others. One such item is from their Terra Form Premium Textures line of acrylic base ground textures. Case in point is item 2178: Road Sand. more...View the full article
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