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  1. The online voting for the 2021 Executive Board Election is now open at https://voting.ipmsusa3.org. Biographical information about the Executive Board candidates is online at https://voting.ipmsusa3.org/page/2021-candidate-biographies View the full article
  2. Review Author: Dave Morrissette Tamiya Another quick addition to the lovely new Tamiya 1/48th scale F-4B is this decal set which includes decals to recreate the numerous numbers and cautions found on the aircraft's access doors. Also included are decals to recreate yellow canopy rain seals, as well as adding details to engine nozzles. Inside the package, there is a large foldout sheet with large enough print to add all the appropriate decals for the door markings. What I found nice is the size of
  3. Review Author: Floyd S. Werner Jr. Magnum Books The MiG-25 conjures up, at least for me, huge engines and wicked speed. I remember when the Russian pilot defected to Japan in one. It was impressive looking. That was at a time when the Russian military was very secretive. I've always had a love of the bad guys, and in my early military days there was none badder than the MiG-25. This paperbound book contains 122 pages of information that is easy to read. Once I sat down with the book, I did no
  4. Review Author: Dick Montgomery Detail & Scale, Inc. When visiting the D&S website, note that when the page opens it will feature a series of publications labeled, "Detail & Scale Series". To find the publication being reviewed here, scroll down to find the "Colors & Markings Series" in which this publication is listed. About the authors: Bert Kinzey is well known as the creator/author of the Detail & Scale series of publications. These publications, as noted in Kinzey's b
  5. Review Author: Gino Dykstra Helion & Company As a figure modeler for roughly half a century, I'd like to think I know a wee bit about the Napoleonic Wars. And yet, up until recently I really had no idea that the Danes were much involved in that series of scuffles until I sat down with this little volume. Although the author David Wilson doesn't dwell a great deal on Denmark's direct involvement, apparently Denmark joined sides with Napoleon when the British attacked the Danish fleet in Copenha
  6. Review Author: David Horn Helion & Company "Air Wars between Ecuador and Peru" is volume 3, Operations over the Cenepa river valley 1995 is the final book in the three part air war series between these two countries. The author who is from Peru goes through great detail from both sides with a strong emphasis from the Peruvian perspective which is understandable. The book is 80 pages of print and eight pages dedicated of colorful aircraft art, photos and a map. There is a list of abbreviations in
  7. Review Author: Bill Kluge Avonmore Books This third volume of Claringbould's aircraft profiles, the first of Allied aircraft, highlights the Douglas A-20 Havoc (Boston to the Commonwealth forces). The A-20, and its stablemate the B-25, were the two-workhorse low level attack aircraft of the US Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific. At one time or another, the A-20 equipped three medium bomber groups in New Guinea - the 3rd, 312th and 417th (the 3rd often known by its pre-war moniker, the "
  8. Review Author: Doug Hamilton Pen & Sword Artillery has generally been known as the King of Battle for quite a long time and for good reason. The ability to reach out and touch your opponent on a battlefield is an obvious advantage. And if you can do that first, further, with more power than your opponent there's a strong chance your forces are going to win the day. Battlefield artillery has come a long way since the United States has been in existence, and the US has found itself at the forefron
  9. Review Author: Frank Landrus Guideline Publications Matthew Willis is a writer of historical and speculative fiction, and non-fiction. Matthew studied Literature and History of Science at the University of Kent, where he wrote an MA thesis on Joseph Conrad and sailed for the University in national competitions. He subsequently worked as a journalist for Autosport and F1 Racing magazines, before switching to a career with the National Health Service. His first non-fiction book, a history of the Blac
  10. Review Author: Chris Smith ICM Seldom does a military aircraft gain a reputation the way the MiG 25, NATO codename "Foxbat", did. When it entered service in 1970, little was known in the west other than grainy satellite photos and radar tracks that showed impressive speeds at high altitude. It was originally developed as a counter to the American XB-70 Valkyrie bomber, Western analysts believed the MiG 25 was a highly maneuverable, high-tech fighter based on the limited intelligence they could gathe
  11. Review Author: Eric Christianson Das Werk Scale Models Frankfurt, Germany-based Das Werk has released another trailer option for their Faun L900 series truck - this time a 5-ton, four-wheeled 'unit trailer' or Einheitsanhanger. As with previous releases, Das Werk continues to stick to its roots of providing interesting and imminently buildable kits for a good price. The Kit Das Werk has gained a reputation for using only the best of materials and packaging, and this offering is no exception. Th
  12. Review Author: Dave Morrissette Tamiya USA When Tamiya announced they were entering the Phantom market in 1/48 scale, the Internet buzzed. And now the kit is out, a 1/48th scale F-4B Phantom. Let's start by taking a looking the box. For starters, there are 14 sprues of perfect Tamiya grey and clear plastic. There is also a set of instructions, a set of Tamiya Tech tips and a background information booklet about the plane. There are two large double-sided four-color pages with markings for the three
  13. Review Author: Dana Mathes Helion & Company Reviewer's Comments: Ravi Rikhye is an international affairs and military historian with a remarkable academic background. He holds seven master's degrees and is currently working on his doctorate. His career has also included the completion of more than thirty books. For the first offering in the Helion and Company's new Asia@War book series, Rikhye has authored a two-part history of the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. This review looks at the firs
  14. Review Author: Ben Morton Foxbot The Warriors of Light 1/72nd scale decal series from Foxbot is a collection of aircraft numbers for ten Su-27s with a complete data and stencil set for a single example. All of the Su-27's were assigned to the Ukrainian Air Force. Most Su-27s in Ukrainian service carried a digital, tri-color camouflage pattern on the upper surfaces and vertical stabilizers. The colored instructions are printed on thick paper with marking and stencil placement instructions. There
  15. Review Author: Paul Mahoney Kagero Publishing This is the 2nd volume in a revived series from Kagero. According to the editor the series was originally launched in 2001, but decal production issues caused the cessation of publication. They have now restarted this series, and so far, have issued 3 volumes ("Eastern Front" armor, "Japanese Fighters", and the subject of this review). "Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-F" jumps right in with color profiles on the very first page. This is followed by 38 more page
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