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  1. Review Author: Michael Novosad Kitty Hawk Refer to Part One for the assembly review. Reviews note and comments-I decided to make this a two-part due to the number of images and extensive text required to document the basic assembly phase. Although the assembly was a bit of a challenge for this model, the semi-finished model revealed a lot of nice surface detail that was appealing to me. This detail had some merit for an effort on my part to achieve a proper paint job and weathering application. If
  2. Review Author: Brian R. Baker MMP Books History: After World War I, the map of Eastern Europe was radically changed, with a number of ethnic groups becoming independent for the first time. One country, Serbia, eventually became part of the Republic of Yugoslavia, which joined the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes into one country. This, of course, forced considerable reorganization of their armed forces. Of course, Serbia has virtually no aircraft manufacturing industry, so the Yugoslavs were compell
  3. Review Author: Floyd S. Werner Jr. MMP Books These little single books by MMP Books are quite interesting. They focus on a single subject that is covered very well. The only text is the captions which are written in English. They do an adequate job. These books are designed with the modeler in mind. As such they have scale drawings in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale. I couldn't find fault with these. They look very accurate to me. After the drawings there are some historical photos and pictures f
  4. Review Author: Will Kuhrt ICM Thank you to Phil and to Bill for all the work that you do! First Impression This ICM offering is a bundle of two of previous releases: the T-34-85 Soviet Medium Tank kit No. 35367 issued March, 2018 and the Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.B. King Tiger with Henschel Turret kit No. 35363 released July, 2016. The kits are separately packaged. The King Tiger has eight light-gray crisply molded sprues and a set of vinyl tracks. The T-34-85 consists of five dark-green sprues, one cle
  5. Review Author: Frank Landrus David Doyle Books David Doyle's book on the B-29/B-50 Superfortress is one of the latest entries in the 'Legends of Warfare' series with entries in Ground, Naval, and Aviation. The is Volume 2 that follows David Doyle's earlier work, B-29 Superfortress, Vol. 1: Boeing XB-29 through B-29B in World War II, that was released on April 20, 2020. The Legends of Warfare series has expanded rapidly since its 2017 debut in the market with now over 50 titles released. This hard
  6. Review Author: Dick Montgomery AMMO by Mig Jimenez The AMMO website listing for this set of AMMO paints includes this description; "The AMMO range of acrylic paints for figures has been designed to make your painting sessions a more enjoyable experience thanks to the speed and simplicity of use. This set includes 4 colours for painting the infantry uniforms widely used by British troops during WWII. The colours have been selected through rigorous research of period uniforms, allowing you to accurate
  7. Review Author: David Horn ICM Aircraft and history: The O-2A Skymaster, known as "Oscar Deuce" is a small twin engine aircraft used primarily as a Forward air controller (FAC) and psychological operations (PSYOPS). The USAF starting using the O-2 in 1967 in the Vietnam War as a replacement for the O-1 Bird Dog. With just a few years service, the O-2 was intended to be replaced by the OV-10 Bronco but the O-2 remained in service, primarily for night operations. The USAF requested Cessna to make a
  8. Review Author: David Horn Scale Aircraft Conversions Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) manufactures white metal landing gear that is a direct replacement for a kit's plastic landing gear. The metal landing gear offer greater strength over the kit parts as well as having most of the mold lines removed. At times the metal will be bent out of shape but that is easily corrected by bending it back to the correct shape. This set includes four parts; main gear, nose gear, oleo strut for nose gear, and nos
  9. Review Author: David Horn AOA Decals AOA Decals is a relatively new aviation decal with an impressive variety in 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scale. Their product line primary focus is Vietnam era aircraft. Although a relatively young company, their quality and attention to detail rivals all other decal companies on the market. The decal set comes with one large decal sheet and a six-page, full color instructions. This decal set for the Cessna O-2 Skymaster, also known as the "Oscar Deuce" is
  10. Review Author: Ben Morton ICM In what appears to be a never ending stream, ICM Holdings offers the modeling public another variant of the B-26 Invader, Medium Bomber. This latest novelty is the 1/48th scale B-26 C-50 with markings for three separate U.S. aircraft employed during the Korean War. This plethora of variations of the 1/48th scale B-26 that ICM Holdings is releasing is most welcome as it gives all the opportunity to build the Invader of our choice. I for one hope they continue and a 1/
  11. Review Author: Phil Peterson AFV Club Those of us of a certain age remember well the Berlin Wall and what it stood for and probably still remember when it was torn down in 1989. Those of you who are younger may never heard of it. If not, it is worth an internet search. The kit has already been reviewed here and a very nice job was done so I went for a less weathered look, partly to be different and partly because I haven't decided how I want to display it yet. It yearns for a vignette or dioram
  12. Review Author: Dick Montgomery AMMO by Mig Jimenez AMMO has an extensive line of paints and a selection of "How To" publications that are familiar to modelers. IPMS/USA recently received for review three of AMMO's "DIO Drybrush Paint" products. The review samples include A.MIG-0608 Light Olive Green, A. MIG-0626 Light Brick, and A.MIG-0620 Dark Sand. These three items are a part of AMMO's line of Dio Drybrush Paints. There are 27 paints in this series. Each sell for about $3.50. There does not se
  13. Review Author: Michael Novosad Hasegawa Background The United Kingdom bought versions based on the U.S. Navy's F-4J for use with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. The UK was the only country outside the United States to operate the Phantom at sea, launching them from HMS Ark Royal. The main differences were the use of the British Rolls-Royce Spey engines and of British-made avionics. The RN and RAF versions were given the designation F-4K and F-4M respectively, and entered se
  14. Review Author: Dave Morrissette Academy Models The AH-64 Apache helicopter is very recognizable from its unique shape and visibility from both Gulf wars. First flown in 1975, over 2400 have been produced. Academy has released a kit of the AH-64A Apache in large 1/35th scale. Based on the instructions, this a rerelease of the Kangnam kit as the instructions are very similar. That's not a bad thing either as all new decals for the South Carolina ANG are included in an overall gray scheme. Inside
  15. Review Author: Tim Wilding Academy Models The Panzer III was a medium tank developed in the 1930s by Germany and used extensively in World War II. It was intended to fight other armored fighting vehicles. However, as the Germans faced the T-34, more powerful anti-tank guns were needed. Therefore, the Panzer III effectively swapped roles with the Panzer IV and was used primarily for infantry support. The kit can be built with standard Panzer III Aust J version with or without the spaced armor. The
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