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  1. ICM's imaginative subject matter drew me in on this kit, especially the included figures and graphic background image of the reactor in flames. Note the guy inside the corrugated tin checkpoint hut; my picture is not very good but he's sitting at a table with a phone to his ear, probably trying frantically to get intel from someone. The kit goes together quite well but I'm a sucker for post WWII Soviet military or regime, take your pick. It was pointed out to me by another modeler that the insignia on the cab door is incorrect; that is a Ukranian national flag emblem a
  2. The bumper stickers on the back sum up this scenario perfectly.
  3. I built this several years ago and it included my crude and 1st attempt at a base diorama.
  4. I too, sent money for a 2-year membership on March 12 2021 but never received any mention of a 'IPMS member number'; When I opened up a forum reg name and password I found an order number on my payment confirmation reply so I plugged that in, and it seems to have worked, but I never received any other information from anyone about it or where to find such a thing. Did I miss something?
  5. ...There were the entire bunch of Mad Max vehicles available in 1/35 or 1/24 scale: Immortan Joe's Gigahorse Doof Wagon Nux's Chevrolet Coupe Rictus Erectus's Big Foot The Buzzard Excavator Imperator Furiosa's War Rig
  6. Very cool David, I like your realism and interpretation, right down to the fuselage tears and bullet holes. Are we to assume this is a just-downed aircraft? It seems almost too clean to have crash-landed on open ground without some thrown up soil, dust, or other earthen debris languishing on the wings. But perhaps I don't know the whole story behind your efforts. Also, did you list the scale? Or did I miss that? I can only hope my long-planned diorama turns out as good as yours. I've been staring both a Celluclay box and containers of epoxy resin and
  7. Thanks everyone for acknowledging me and my introduction. I hope to explore this hobby, your work(s) and more of IMPS ASAP.
  8. Greetings all from Southeast Michigan: I am a brand new member to IPMSUSA, something I realize I should have done decades ago, but nonetheless, I finally decided to make the move. Being 66 years old means, well, a few things; more available time at the modeling bench thanks to retirement, needing ever more magnification to see what's ON the bench, and like all of you, facing challenges in finding where to put the stuff I make. But I've definitely got the bug...bad. My dad passed on the genetic material that I now have for this hobby; he used to make kits himself back in
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