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My 2016 Production at Maddog Manufacturing

Mark Deliduka

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Thanks Gil and Chris!


Gil, that was tough masking off that ship. Both of them were tough actually, even with a liquid mask. It kept wanting to climb the sides of the superstructure.


Thanks Chris so far, my eyes are good. All I have to do is take off my glasses and I see fine.


Hopefully I'll have more to show soon. Thanks again for looking in and for the great compliments.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I hate to break it to you, but you're not working on nearly enough models. I bet you only have 40-50 in progress. I have maybe 15 --- 10 of which I haven't touched in months.


Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy the hobby more than you do.

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Okay, as promised, I have a new update...and it's a long one. My apologies.

I'll start out with my armor this time. I finished up the German A7V so you won't see any pics here; they'll be in the finished armor Forums. Other than that, I got some paint on the Gigant:


That's all I got done on my armor this week.

Moving on to my aircraft, I finally got all the parts onto the Neiuport 11, including the rockets. I then pulled out some red paint to get the rockets painted red. That's when this happened:


Yep, the bottle busted because the top was dried shut too hard. Don't worry, all that red on my hand is paint; I didn't cut myself. I did however, spend the next few days pulling a few tiny glass shards out of my hand!

Once I got all that cleaned up, I finished the Neiuport. You'll see pics of her in the Aircraft Forums.

Next, I pulled out the Eindecker and finished putting the decals on it:



Later on I rigged this bird (not very well!) and I'm calling it done. Finished pics will be with the Neiuport in the Aircraft Forums.

After all that, I decided to do an easy, simple build and started on the Italeri Me-110 someone gave me. I started out with the usual, building and painting the cockpit:


While I was painting, I added the detail inside the wheel wells:


You can see I also added the nacelles to the wings. Which brings me to the next frustrations. Simple, easy build? Riiiighgt! It was until I had to deal with the nacelles:


Here's one thing I did to deal with this gap. I stuck a strip of styrene inside and hit it with Tamiya Extra Thin:


Later I snipped that off and sanded it smooth. The rest of the gaps I was able to fill with Mr. Surfacer 500.

Moving on, I closed up the fuselage with the cockpit inside:


It looks pretty good in there:


After all that, I spent a lot of time doing some more sanding and buffing and filling and sanding and buffing on my C-118. In this pic, you see the result of more than a month of repeated sanding, filling and buffing; and I'm still not done yet:


Since I was going to be shooting a bare metal finish on the C-118, I decided to also pull out another model I'd gotten in a Distressed Kit Auction that also needs a bare metal finish. This is a 1/72 scale B-377 that has been assembled to this point and mostly buffed smooth. All I did here was to add the engine nacelles to it in preparation for paint:


You can see that this is one big beastie! This is why I'm also working on it; I need the space on my workbench!

Speaking of big beasties, I got the decals on Madge, so Madge has Bling now:



Later on, I painted the engine cowling faces and the propellers, along with the beaching gear. I also fixed the nose cannon with a piece of styrene rod. Now I just need to finish up a few details and touch-ups here and there and she'll be done. Here's the last Work in Progress pics for Madge before she's done:



Finally, all I have left to show are the progress on my ships. They will be shown in the following post since all my pics won't show in one post.


Continued below....

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Continued from the previous post...


My shipyards have been humming along these past few weeks, all of it was masking and painting the decks, hulls and superstructures. Here's a few of these ships after the masking has been removed.

USS Ingraham:


USS Arthur Radford:


USS Forrest Sherman:


You can see she needed a bit more work done on the hull, so I did some more masking, then sanded the hull sides smooth and re-shot the grey:


Finally, the USS New York can be shown too, after the masking was removed and some touch-ups done:



Since I had completed all that painting on these ships, I figured it was time to get my Russian aircraft carrier caught up. She needed a lot of masking and painting. So I started out by shooting the brown color on most of the decks of the main hull and island:


Then came the first masking on the Island and the main hull:



Then came the second color:


Third mask came next:


Followed by the third color for the main flight deck:


Finally, I masked off the flight deck section I'd painted last and then shot the grey all over the hull and superstructure. Here's the main hull all masked off:


Finally, after all the painting was done, I pulled off all five miles of tape. I was quite pleased with the results! First, here's the hull and decking:


And finally a shot of the hull and island dry-fit together:


Whew! That's all I have for now. Hopefully soon I'll be able to finish a number of these so I can get to some other models that are calling my name. Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll try to post the pics of my completed models; right now it's quite late and I need to get some sleep. So, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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LOL! I almost fell outta my chair when I read that. Thanks for the great laugh my friend! Try to think of it as motivation instead.


David, thanks again for stopping in and posting; your comments are always a pleasure to read.

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Well, it's considerably later than I wanted to post, but I finally have some time to post here. First off, I didn't get much done on Hobby Day. I did finish up one model; the Panzer II in 1/35th scale for someone, and I completed the basing of two regiments of Union Infantry and one of Cavalry. You can see the Panzer II in the Armor Forums...

On Tuesday, I finally finished moving an end table into my Hobby Room. This was an end table I got from someone that I was helping to move. He was going to toss it so I decided to take it home. Now it is my new Spray Booth:


I like the fact this has a drawer too. Now I can put away some of my tools:


Now on to the models I was working on.

In aircraft, I focused on my Madge to finally get it done. I was so close so it was time to buckle down and get it finished. Now she's done and can be seen in the Aircraft Forums.

Then I moved on to the Me-110 I'm doing for a Group Build on another Forums. I took time to sand and smooth out the nacelles until I was satisfied enough. Then I cemented on the tail and wings to the fuselage:



Now I have a few more gaps to fill and sand now. I'll get it done as far as I can until I can replace the lost nose cone.

Moving on, I went back to the shipyards....

This next one is a kit I found in my stash. It's a Frog kit of the HMS Undine that was a bagged kit. The hull pieces had torn the baggie, leaving all kinds of holes so I figured I'd better build this before all the pieces got lost. I was almost succeeded, the two main guns disappeared. Still, I was able to complete 99% of it:


This next one is an interesting diversion. My wife found this ship set next to the dumpster in our complex and told me about it. I found it and looked it over. The masts had all snapped and the bowsprit had broken, as well as a couple yards. The rigging was all mostly intact. My wife wanted me to fix it so I took it in and started work on it.

Here it is after I started to fix a couple of the masts:


I then tried to fix the bowsprit here. I'm using the lamps to hold the pieces in place against the rigging so they stand straight. The bowsprit didn't take, so I have to try again:


Finally, I felt the USS New York had sat for long enough. I finally got all the little bits and bobs on it:



Now all I have to do is paint these little details and then clearcoat this for decals. I am hoping I can finish this and maybe one or two more ships this coming week.

It's a small update, but with life getting in the way, I actually got a lot more done than I expected. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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So THAT'S it! The secret to your hyper productivity is your attention to organization, just looking at pics of your building area! :smiley29:


wait....that's not it......you look as messy as me! I think Wee Davy hit the nail on the head....you just have a lot of FUN! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Wow, thanks guys! Gil, I do have fun. This is too fun a hobby not to enjoy it! Still, after having to pull four boxes of things off the bench some time ago; I have been trying to be more diligent about replacing things where I got them from so I don't have to go through that ordeal again!


Ed, thanks! You should see the rest of wife might even be thrilled at your collection then!

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This past week I had a lot of fun so I have a good amount of progress to post today. I was able to get more done this past week than I thought. I also decided to sit and get a final count of all the models I've completed to date. More on that later....

First I want to show the progress I made in the shipyards. The last time I posted, I showed all the detail parts applied to the USS New York, making her ready for decals. This week, I was able to get the rest of the US ships closer to the decal stage. This first one is the USS Ingraham, all finished with assembly:


Next up you'll see the photo etch I added to the USS Forrest Sherman, That was a bit of a challenge! I cemented everything in place with Gator's Grip Glue. I still have a number of detail bits to add to this:


Finally, here's some progress I finally made on the USS Arthur Radford. I cemented in the AEMSS mast and assembled all the stacks and other boxes on the top of the superstructure. I then added some of the fiddly bits that the superstructure is supposed to have:


I then completed the two masts that this ship would normally use. Because of the AEMSS mast, I will only be using the one on the right:


Here's a shot of the whole destroyer all dry-fit together after I added some of the deck fixtures to the ship's hull:


And just for fun, this is a shot of my Task Force New York, showing all the US Navy ships I have in progress now:


Now that's all the progress from my shipyards. My armor progress can be seen in the following post....

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Hey, welcome back! Let's check out the armor factory now....

Remember this?


Well, I finally found this bugger after almost a year of not working on it so it was time to get this done. I started out adding the windshield and then painted the interior:


After that, I painted the chassis:


Here is a shot of the whole thing dry-fit together. I should be able to airbrush this pretty soon:


Moving on, I also added the windshield and windows to the Russian Fire Truck. I had to cut out pieces of clear acetate to place them in there:


While that was drying, I painted up the dashboard that you won't see when this is installed in the cab:


Finally, here is the fire truck after I dry-fit the cab and added the headlights and a few other bits to it. This one is nearly finished:


This will be number 683 when it is done.

Moving on, I also got going on a couple models that I've been neglecting for too long. It's time to move these along.

The first one is the Mitraellieurwagen. I had 30 of these tiny little handholds to glue to one side of the lifting cradle:


Here they are all installed on the side of this thing:


Later I added the rest of the final parts to this so I can get the painting completed. Here it is all ready for paint:



Just for fun, I pulled down my completed V-2 Rocket to see how it looks on this trailer:


That's pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

With that part done, I assembled all the final parts on the SS-100 Gigant; all except for the wheels. I now need to finish spraying paint on this now too:


Here's my last shot; a pic of the two together sans rocket, just for fun:


After all this, I later found another truck I'd started but apparently never posted pics of it before. At least if I did, I cannot find any on my PC that I may have uploaded. This is a modern Japanese GSDF fuel truck. I had already completed the chassis before, as well as the main tank. This time, I completed the cab, all except for the clear parts. I plan on adding them after everything is painted:


Next I completed the rest of the tank and support structure on the back of the truck:


Here's a shot of the whole truck dry-fit together and ready for paint:


With all these trucks in progress; it was time to pull out and start a tank. I decided to go beefy with the 1/72 scale Modelcollect Russian T-64BV tank. I started with the turret as per the instructions, getting most of it done. I still have the sides of the turret to do:


After that it was a simple matter to assemble the lower and upper hull. What wasn't simple was adding the suspension and wheels to this model. For the life of me, I could not get them properly lined up! I can only hope they look good enough later on:


Later I wanted to put on the fenders, but they can't go on yet. I'll have to paint the whole thing first and then add the tracks to this before I can install the fenders:


Here is a shot of the whole tank almost ready for paint. A few more detail parts and I'll be able to start flinging some color on this:


That's all I have for now. Hopefully next week I can get a few of these completed. I apologize for the long update, I hope I didn't bore any of you too much. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome!

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This week I have a little bit more to show. I was able to get a lot more bench time than expected so I made the most of it.

I'll start with my aircraft. Only one update there; and it's a small one. I found the nose cone for the Me-110 and now I can move forward on this:


Next up are my ships. I got all the detail parts on and painted on almost all of them so far. Here's the USS Ingraham first:


Next is the USS Arthur Radford. The main mast isn't glued on yet, that'll come later:


The USS New York now has all her detail parts as well:


Finally, I got most of the photo-etch and other detail parts on the USS Forrest Sherman. I still have more parts to add to the photo-etch platforms:



After all this, I started the decals on all these ships, except the Radford. I still have to paint the white stripes and patterns on the deck first. The others are sporting their deck decals though:




Finally, it's amazing what I find on my workbench when I'm moving things around. This is Revell's Chris Craft fishing boat that I started some time ago. I decided to pull it out and start detailing it out. Here's where it is now with some additional paint work done and the masking removed from the windows:


That's all I have for all of that so far. Now check out my latest armor progress in the next post....

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Now here's my latest progress on my armor.

I'll start out with a couple trucks. The Canadian truck and the Japanese fuel truck now have a basecoat of green on them:



Then I decided to shoot another coat of Panzer Dunklegelb on the SS-100:


I also finished painting the mittraelerwagen with Panzer Schwartzgrau:



While it was sitting and drying, I had the misfortune of having the fan on my 'spraybooth' fall on this, breaking it up pretty good:


After some time, I re-assembled the wheel truck:


I then finished adding all the rest of the broken parts to the rest of it:


And now it is back in shape again! I also gave it a wash and a dry-brush of a lighter grey so now all this needs is dust and weathering to be done.

I also removed the window masking on my SS-100. All I have left to do is add the wheels and then weather this as well and I can call it done. Well, as done as I can get it since the decals went missing. They are only license plates so I can replace them with spares from my spares box:


Finally, I started a model for the APC campaign on the Modeler's Alliance. This is the Revell of Germany 1/72 scale Boxer. It's a neat little kit with some pretty good detailing. I started out building the lower hull:


After that, I added the floor plate inside:


Next it had me build the driver's compartment:


After that, I added it to the lower hull:


Next I started the rear troop compartment. Since the real vehicle is modularized, they made the model the same way. Here is the basic box:


I didn't worry about the huge sinkholes in this because the top covers them quite well:


Later, I slipped this into the rear compartment on the lower hull. I was very amazed at how well this fit! This is only dry-fit in place:


Well, that's about all I have for now so enjoy the tour. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Okay, Hobby Day weekend is over and I have quite a bit to show. I hope I don't upset anyone with my long post.

I'll start with the one ship I worked on; or tried to. The USS Arthur Radford instructions called for me to paint the white stripes on the raised detail on the decks. Here are my very poor efforts...

First effort on the forecastle:


And the the helicopter landing pad:


Yeah, that's gonna take some serious touching up....

Moving on, I decided to focus on armor for awhile. They are relatively fast and easy compared to some of the aircraft and other models I've been working on.

I'll start with a model I began for a Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. This is a BRDM chassis with anti-tank rockets on it. I first assembled the chassis, which required me to add the two small wheels:


Later I added most of the detail parts and assembled the rocket launcher. Here they are all dry-fit together with the main wheels snapped on:


The next model I worked on was my German Boxer GTF. After I completed the suspension underneath; I only added the forward hull plate and front bumper/headlight bar, as well as assembled the machine gun turret:


After that, I decided to get the rest of the photo etch on one of the train cars that needs it. This thing has been sitting for far too long on the workbench:


This train is practically done with assembly. All it needs now is the quad Maxims and the last flatcar's photo etch and then I can paint this:


While I was on photo-etch 'duty'. I also decided to get the photo etch parts out of the way on the Modelcollect T-64BV model. The two side ERA panels have to be attached to the side fenders with these photo-etch parts:


Each one of those photo-etch parts was folded four times....

Here's the side ERA panel attached to the side skirt:


That puppy is just swinging in the wind, held on by those Photo-etch parts. Man what an ordeal that was!

Moving on, I finished adding all the detail parts to the turret of this tank to finish it:



That is an impressive looking turret!

After adding the extra parts to the main hull and snap-fitting the side skirts on the hull, I shot a pic of this tank ready for paint:


After all that, I needed a break from anything with photo etch. I pulled out the Japanese fuel truck and painted the interior and chassis:


I also painted the frames on the clear parts for this fuel truck:


Now I can start assembling this truck and get the decals on it.

The little Canadian truck was clearcoated in preparation for decals. It was also given a wash on the back bed sides:


After that, I wanted to start that newest T-90 tank I had so I pulled it out and started with step one, assembling the turret:


Later I completed the upper hull with all the detail parts. Here it is with the turret in place:


I just need to add the roadwheels and other parts to the lower metal hull and this will be ready for paint.

Finally, once I received the two buses that someone bought for me, I was very eager to get started on the VOMAG Bus. I was quite surprised how big this puppy is! The instructions called for assembling the engine first so I got it built up:


I added that and some of the suspension parts to the chassis:


Just to give you an idea of how long this bus is, here's a shot of this chassis next to my Exact Blade:


Next I assembled the interior and the hood for this bus, adding the side fenders on this as well:


You can see the first small issue I had; the two hood halves didn't cement together smoothly. I had to add a small strip of styrene to the center of the hood.

Moving on to assemble the body, I found my first 'major' issue. The two body halves when cemented together are too narrow to properly fit on the rear panel. When I pulled them apart and cemented them instead to the rear panel, flushing up the surfaces, I had a pretty serious gap in the center of the roof:


The only solution I could see was to add a strip of styrene to the gap, filling it in:


After this had dried a sufficient amount of time, I decided to dry-fit this to the main chassis and interior. This revealed the third 'major' issue:


This will be an easy fix once I'm ready to cement everything together, as you can see here. There will be some residual gaps to deal with, but nothing unmanageable:


Well, that's all the progress I have to show for now. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Nice corrections on the bus to get it back to respectability.


A suggestion for the ship painting for you...What if you taped the areas to be painted with clear "Scotch tape" and cut out the respective areas for painting?


Just a thought.


I'm really liking those two tanks you've got going also.


Keep up the good work sir.



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Mark, I've recently been visiting the forums more regularly, and I always look for your posts. I can't believe your model output! Not only high volume but high quality too! You are an inspiration. I've completed one model so far this year and have several nearing the finish line. I am in awe of your production line!



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Wow, thanks Mike! Sometimes I wonder if anyone sees my posts since I seldom get replies. Maybe it's because many view my Thread but are too stunned to reply! LOL! :smiley29::smiley2: :D It feels good to know I'm inspiring someone, that inspires me to keep going. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work too.



Stay tuned, more to come.

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