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My 2016 Production at Maddog Manufacturing

Mark Deliduka

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Thanks Gil! That bus had two color choices: red and green. Since I already had a red and silver bus, I figured I'd go green on this one. I do love the color I used. It's one of my favorite ones.


Bill, yes it is. I'm bracing myself for the application of it, once I finally get the primer coat nice and smooth. I also have to apply natural metal to the lower half of the C-118. Thanks for the compliments on my tanks as well.

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This week on my bench I have a moderate update, mostly on my armor that I'm trying to complete so I can achieve my goal. In between, I did work on a few aircraft to keep things fresh. This will be a picture intensive post so buckle up and hang on tight.

I'll start with my aircraft...

The first one I did was the Crusader, masking it off to prepare it for painting the grey:


Next I decided to add the decals to my two WWI fighters. First off, I completed the decals on the SE-5A:



After that, I added half the decals to the Fokker D-VII:


This is why I only did half the decals. This aircraft gets a multi-colored pattern on the bottom. Well, here is the decals for that multi-color pattern:


That's right! I get to color them in myself!! YAAAYYYYYY!

Okay, enough fun with wingies for now. Let's move on to my extensive parade of progress pics for my armor which can be seen in the following post.....

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Let's start with the three German vehicles I started; one of which is being built for the APC campaign over on the Modeler's Alliance. I went ahead and painted on the second of the camouflage colors for this beastie:


Later on I added the third color:


Moving on, I also added the second and third colors to my Tpz Fuchs. After all, I had the paints out:



I started to do the same with my Boxer command vehicle, but realized there were a few parts missing that I forgot to add in my haste to keep up with the APC version of this vehicle. So, I glued them in place:



Later on, I airbrushed the base color on these new parts:



Now I can move forward on this camouflage pattern.

After this, I worked on my two buses. The Vomag simply got a coat of gloss clear over it so there wasn't any reason to shoot pics of that. However, my Ludwig bus got it's wheels on now:


I also gave a black wash to the front grill that was screaming for it. It looks a little more stark in real life; I'm very pleased with the results:


I plan on leaving this a semi-gloss color since this was used to ferry around officers so they most likely would have left it looking semi-glossy.

This bus is almost done now. I'm going to try and finish this and the Vomag at about the same time. You should be seeing both of them soon in a finished Forums before too long.

Now it was time to start on some new JGSDF equipment that I've been wanting to add to my collection for some time. I started with the new prototype LAV that the Japanese are developing. I assembled the suspension, then the main hull and before I knew it; I had gotten this far:


The I started on the turret. That was completed very quickly as well:


This little beastie is looking pretty good:


Later on, I realized that I hadn't added the nose and rear panel to the main hull, mostly because I needed to add the clear lights to them. I added them in, masked them off on the outside; then I painted the rear of both of them with Chrome Silver:


After they were dry, these two parts went on the main hull:



This is looking even better now:


I did notice all the seams on the edges of the hull and on parts of the turret and they were bothering me. I pulled out my Perfect Plastic Putty that I finally got some weeks ago and added it to all the seams to fill everything in:


This is now ready for paint.

The last thing I did was to start on my JGSDF Patriot PAC-3 launcher. Naturally, I started out with the suspension and chassis of the tractor part:


After that, I moved on to the cab, adding the windows to the outer part of the cab:


Moving on, I started the interior, adding the seats, dashboard and steering wheel. These guys sure enjoy a comfortable ride:


Just to see how it looked, I dry-fit the cab portions together:


Once I clean those windows back up the interior will be very visible!

Then I dry-fit this to the chassis:


It does look like it's sitting high, but there are some other fender parts to assemble and add to this.

I set all that aside to dry and went to work on the trailer portion. Here's the basic trailer assembled here:



That's as far as I got for now. I'm hoping this next week I'll be able to declare a few of these done. I might know by Thursday. Meanwhile, stay tuned. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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I have a suggestion concerning coloring the lozenge decals. Go to the local art supply store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and get some VERY fine point colored permanent markers. They should be able to supply the colors you need (blues, browns, purples, greens, pinks, etc). They'd be easier to control than paint brushes and when you finish, all of the colors can be protected with a light clear coat for the wetting/application process.


GIL :smiley16:

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Gil that is a brilliant idea! I wasn't looking forward to painting all these in, but that will be an outstanding technique to use. Thank you! Not many people comment here, but I always look forward to your posts since they are always encouraging, motivating and highly informative.

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No touch of brilliance on my part...I stole the idea, using red pens to do the red edges on white Navy gear doors, and black pens to touch up black painted areas. I just hope it works as well as it sounds!


GIL :smiley16:

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Today I finally had a chance to work on models for the first time in over a month. I've been overwhelmed with a whole mess of things coming at me all at once; including more work than I can shake a stick at. I'm thrilled to be working, yet was pleasantly surprised at the chance to take a day off today. This gave me a chance to get some modeling done and boy did it feel good!

This will be a short update given how little Ive been able to build as of late.

I'll start with a couple fun projects that had been delayed a bit too long. This first one is my SE-5A for the Canvas Eagles game. I finally pulled all the masking, added the propeller and front of the engine cover; and then added the landing gear and the top wing to this bird:



Next up I started to work on my Monkeemobile again, hoping to get to the point where I could finally close it up. I painted the interior and the roof cover, but I didn't get pics of them. Later, I started the top part of the engine and got it all completed:


Next I dry-fit that to the body after adding the headlights and split grill:


Looking pretty good. That's when I ran into a snag. The engine I built first has disappeared. Until I find it, I can't do much more to this. Hopefully I'll find it soon; it's not like it's a tiny piece for cryin' out loud!

Moving right along, I decided to try and get closer to my 700ct goal. Since I finally got the Pershing II missile system, I was eager to get started on it. The first thing I found was an interesting concept: the missile was broken down into six parts that had to be assembled:


I started by cementing two of the quarter sections together to make halves, then I cemented the two warhead halves together:


Next I put the whole thing together:


Not bad, but it's going to take a lot of cleanup. What an ordeal that was trying to get that all lined up!

Speaking of ordeals, next I started the chassis. This was not good: this kit went old school requiring you to take the chassis rails and cross braces and assemble them into a perfectly lined up and squared off chassis:


After that, I had enough. The rest of this went back into the box for another day.

I didn't stop there with the difficult builds. I pulled out the Russian Armored Train and went to work on two more of the quad maxims. What a mindbogglingly frustrating adventure that was! I did manage to finally get them assembled; after having them break apart numerous times every time I tried to adjust them or add something else. They are not perfectly aligned, but they are done!

First Part:


Second part:


Anyone who says anything about them being misaligned can assemble my last two for me and show me how it's supposed to be done!

Once the guns were done, I assembled and installed the mounting posts for these quads on the two places they needed to go. One goes on the little ZIS-5 truck:


Which then gets mounted on a flatcar:


The space in front of that truck will be holding a 47mm anti-tank gun.

The second quad gun goes on the engine and tender:


Once I get the rest of the P/E on the two long flatcars (one holds the truck and gun, the other holds the BT-5) and on the two smaller flatcars, this while thing will be ready for paint.


After all this crap, I decided to go back to something simple. I pulled out the Command Boxer and started the second color on the three-tome camo pattern:



Later on I'll add the third color. Then I'll be able to clearcoat both Boxers and the Fuchs and decal them all, give them washes and then get them finished.

After this, I figured it was time to move on with my Japanese Patriot system. I finished off the trailer; adding the wheels later after these pics were taken:



Next I went back and painted the interior of the cab. Then I assembled the cab and added it to the main chassis:



I know it appears that the cab is leaning forward, but I assure you it is straight. The whole thing is an optical illusion. I should know; I kept checking the cab alignment every few minutes!

That being said, the cab is set up so it does tilt forward to show off the engine. I thought that was pretty cool!

Here's a couple shots of the whole thing put together. This is pretty impressive:



All I have now to do with this is assemble the Patriot missile boxes and mount them on the mechanism that raises them up to fire. I'm looking forward to getting this painted along with several other models.

That's all I have for this short update. It ain't much and probably will be the last for a while until I can get more of these jobs done. So enjoy them now and remember, comments are welcome. I probably won't be able to respond to anything until Sunday at the earliest, so don't worry if there's no replies by me. So let me say up front: Thanks for looking in.

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Thanks guys for the motivating comments! I appreciate them very much!


Gil, I agree, I can't wait to finish that car.


Bob, I kinda have to build the 'obscure' stuff; I've already built all the 'common' stuff in my chosen scale and interest categories! The SE-5 will be sharper when I can find one of the missing center struts and get it installed in place. Still, I'm also happy with that plane; it went together so easy and quick.


Bill, I am also looking forward to having that Pershing built up too. Hopefully I can accelerate the countdown a bit more.



Thanks again for looking in and all the great comments guys!

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Well, I'm home now and just finished a two-day model building binge at Hobby Day Friday and Saturday. I actually have something to post now for once.

I'll start with a couple things I worked on before leaving on my trip. I did these while recovering from my biopsy. To start out with, I tried to rig my SE-5A. That was an unmitigated disaster. I got 65% of it done and then somehow everything unraveled. It's kind of hard to see but here's the results:



After that fiasco, I decided to do something simple. I put away the biplane and pulled out my Boxer Command vehicle and added the third camouflage color to it:



That one is now ready for clearcoat and decals. Finally....

After my vacation, I went to Hobby Day and these are the things I got done.

First off, I worked a bit more on my Hippy Ed Tribute plane; completing my Vigilante cockpit:



After that, I closed everything up inside the fuselage:


Later on, I cemented together all the parts that had been molded in half: wings, tail surfaces, vertical tail fin, bombs, drop tanks, etc. Once I'd done that I dry-fitted the wings to the fuselage to see how it looks. This is gonna be one big aircraft:


Moving on, I started on my armor again so I could get done with my last ones to make it to 700. I pulled out my Japanese Patriot PAC III system and completed the launch carriage for the launching boxes:


I then assembled all the boxes and got them mounted on the carriage and then added that to the trailer. This little vehicle is starting to look pretty good! It is much closer now to the paint stage, possible this weekend or so:


And, they made it so that the launching boxes raise into firing position:


After this, I pulled out my Pershing II system and tried to work on that. I really didn't get far on that: I just added a few extra parts to the chassis and sanded and fixed up the rocket:


After giving up on that, I moved on and pulled out one of the models I'd been wanting to build. I decided to start the Modelcollect T-14 Armata tank as one of my two CTA campaign models over on the Alliance.

I started out with the turret; getting it all assembled, but not adding any of the detail pieces yet. This kit does come with an beautifully turned brass barrel:


Next I moved on and added all the roadwheels to the lower hull:


Afterward I assembled all the parts to the upper hull, adding the side skirts and hatches, but none of the photo etch yet:


There were two boxes that went on in the back of the upper hull so I added the upper and lower hulls together to make sure they sat in the proper position:


Since I had these together, why not add the turret to see what this looks like? This is one beefy looking tank! That turret looks too small on top of that monstrosity:


That's all I got done on that so far. Next I pulled out the other model I was going to do for the CTA campaign on the Alliance. This one is the Hasegawa Leopold rail gun. I didn't do much to this one; I only cemented the two halves of the barrel together:


And finally, during all this (as mentioned in the Latest Acquisitions Thread) my friend brought me the Borax wagon train. I pulled that out and got started on it. Here's the first wagon partially assembled:


This is how it looked completed:


I then built the second one. It was a lot like the first so it went together fast:


Finally, I built the water wagon. That was easy, except I'm going to have a time sanding the seam on the sides. In this pic, the tank is just sitting on the chassis so I can get to the sides better:


Here's a final shot of the three of them all together. This is looking pretty good!


Now I'll need a nice long board to build a base on so these will sit well.

Okay, that's all my progress for this past couple days. I hope you enjoyed your trip through the Manufacturing Plant floor again. I don't know when I'll be able to do anything more, but all comments are welcome. Thanks for looking in.

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Yeah, that's the Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit. A friend of mine sent it to me. Hopefully I get more done on it soon. With this one, I have three naval aircraft to paint; I'm going to try and get them all done at the same time.

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Okay, I had some time today so here's a small update on some other models I'm trying to get done.

I'll start with two of my large aircraft that need a silver finish. I decided to try something new that I'd been recommended: Vallejo's Liquid Metal coat. I shot it straight through the airbrush onto both of these aircraft and I'm wondering if I should have thinned it. It doesn't show very well in these pics, but there's a number of issues with these basecoats.

Here's the B-377:


And here's the C-118:


I started on the bottom with this one since it needs white across the top. I keep praying that I get a smooth, even finish but so far it is eluding me.

Moving on, I decided to get further along on my three German vehicles that have been sitting for too long.

All three were clearcoated for decals:


Decals were then applied. Here's the Boxer for the APC campaign:


Now the Boxer Command version:


And finally, the Tpz Fuchs:


Before all that, while I had the airbrush out; I had shot a basecoat of green drab over the Japanese prototype armored car:


I also shot the same basecoat on the Patriot system too since I had the color available:


It's kind of hard to see in these pics given how close the basecoat is to the original color, but it's there. I should be able to move on and get the second color on the A/C; as well as start detailing the Patriot.

Finally, while waiting for all these to dry, I started on a vehicle I've been wanting to start but was put off by the delicate nature of the suspension. Since this wasn't going to build itself, I bit the bullet and got going. Here is some of the suspension started; with the instructions showing what I'm supposed to do in the background:


Only six more of those to do.....

This also put me off starting this sooner. These are the rocket tubes for this model that need to be built. On the left is the un-started sprue showing all the parts for two rocket tubes. On the right is one of the sprues with the rocket tube parts put together into tubes. I have six of these sprues to do for all twelve tubes; I've completed three of the six sprues so far:


Now my cold meds are kicking in, so it's time to take a nap. Enjoy this short trip through the manufacturing plant once again.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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