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My 2016 Production at Maddog Manufacturing

Mark Deliduka

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Gil, I am honored by your comment. I do enjoy the Hobby and while I may never achieve the Mastery of many on here; I surely do savor every moment on the workbench. Seeing all my finished builds on the shelf also brings me great satisfaction and pleasure. Compliments and awards are simply icing on the cake when I do receive them.




Maybe I should have "Ambassador at Large" added to an IPMS USA shirt that I buy. :smiley2: :D That would be interesting and probably generate some unique conversation. LOL! :D





Okay, enough joking around; time to get back to the bench.... :army7:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, here's another two-post update since I have too many photo to fit in one post.


I finally found some time to post something here. I have a lot to show, although it may seem like only a little was done to each model I'm going to show. I'd been fighting a deep depression over this past month and some of what kept me going was being able to sit in the hobby room and just work on something. Part of the issues I had was the hobby room was getting messy again. A friend offered to let me pack up and store a bunch of models at his place in his garage, so I went on another cleaning and packing spree. While pulling out everything in my stash and going through it; I found a number of models I had started some years ago, put aside and promptly forgot about for years. I figured it was time to get some of them done.

While I shall try to do well on these, I'm just going to get them finished. If they are less than contest quality, oh well. I just want them done so I can toss the boxes and clear some more space.

I'll start with a couple of my 'maritime' models I've been doing. I found this old Revell fishing boat that I'd started some long time ago. This past month I took some time to touch up the paint, repair a couple broken parts and add the fishing platform on the bow. Here is where it sits now:


Next I took some time to repaint the white on the decking of the USS Arthur Radford. It doesn't look perfect, but it's better than before. I might just go ahead and move on with this:


Moving on, I finally was able to progress further on the Airfix P-51 Mustang that had been languishing because the instruction sheet was gone and I had no way to apply any decals. So, I went to my local hobby shop and purchased another kit of the exact same Mustang, pulled out the instruction sheet and went to work. I painted some more of the details and then added the decals:


I'm hoping to be done with that one pretty soon.

During this past month, I'd been trying to smooth out the surface of the C-118; especially where the area had to be built up behind the cockpit. It kept revealing tiny pits whenever I tried to smooth it out. While spending a couple hours sanding down a re-fill of putty during a long distance call with a friend, the canopy popped off:


Later on, I re-glued the canopy back on and when it was dry; I then shot a bit of Tamiya putty from a spray can over the offending area (after masking the canopy windows again). I then spent the next three days sanding and buffing that plane. I still have a long way to go, that's why I didn't take any more pics of it yet.

Next up, I'm going to show you a couple cars that I had found which had been started and forgotten about. First is my Revell Corsair 'Rebel Racer'. I had painted this before, but the paint on the body was rough and uneven. I took some time to sand it down and smooth it out:


Now to get another coat of red on it.

I also painted the leather bucket seats inside:


I may have to re-think that interior somehow.

The other car I found was the old Revell Mach 5 from the old Speed Racer TV show. I had painted the upper body on this white and then promptly put this away some years ago:


It was time to get this back on track. I spent a few hours assembling the interior of the car, and dry-fitting it to the lower chassis:


This car has working steering on the model. How cool is that?!

The engine compartment fits under the upper body, trapping the engine cover in place so it could be opened to show the "engine" inside. Here it is only dry-fit in place again so I can pull it out and paint the engine and interior compartment:


Later on, I sprayed some red in the interior of the Mach 5:


That's as far as I'd gotten on that to date on these. There's more to see below; on to the next post....

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Now for part two; progress on my small scale vehicles.

I started out by painting the interior of the Vomag bus. I couldn't find any references that showed or described the interior of this bus, so I winged it. The instructions said to paint the floor black, so I did that. Then I painted the seats leather, the rails chrome, and the backs of the seats and the front of the cab in a wood pattern. It ain't perfect, but then it won't really be able to be seen much anyway. I just wanted the suggestion of it when seen through the windows:


After setting that aside to dry, I decided to start my other bus, the Ludwig Areo. The first thing was the chassis:


Next I assembled the interior:


Finally, I assembled the body of this bus. There are a lot of places I'll need to fill and sand smooth:


Just for fun, here is an interesting pic showing the relative size between these two buses:


I didn't stop there. I shot paint on two other models, my BRDM with Konkurs ATGMs and my German Boxer. They both got a basecoat of Dark Green:



Back when I was putting decals on the Mustang, I also added them to two of the trucks I've been working on. My Canadian 15CWT truck got decals:



After this one, I added the windows to the cab of the Japanese 3-ton Fuel Truck:


Later I applied the decals to it:



The cab and the tank are only mocked up in the above pics, as you can see here below. This shows where I weathered the wheels and added them to the lower chassis:


I also weathered some more of the upper cab and tank, but not much. I wanted this truck to be lightly weathered. Here it is mocked up again after the weathering:


Later on, I also weathered the wheels to the Canadian truck and added them to the chassis. I finished weathering the rest of the truck as well, after gluing everything together:



Both these last two trucks still have a few little bits and bobs to add, as well as some touch-up painting and detailing to do. I should be able to finish them in another day or so, I hope.

Well, that completes my long tedious two posts showing everything I've been able to get done between down times over the last three weeks or so. Maybe sometime this week I'll be able to post some finished models.

Thanks all for looking in, and for your patience with my long post. Comments are always welcome.

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Hi, Mark,


"Patience" is not the issue at all. I consider your posts and updates as "Required Reading."


I have one of those fishing boats in progress, though not as far along as yours. So I am jealous.


I'm not so sure that Chevrolet Corvettes ever came with army green seats in a black interior. An army green shift knob has to be a unique feature anywhere.


Keep 'em coming!



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Thanks Ed! "Required Reading"? Really? I am honored. :blush:


The fishing boat had it's challenges, so I'm glad it got done so far. I have jut a little bit more to do and I can call it finished.


I think I need to adjust my color better in my photos; the Corvette seats are supposed to be painted leather color and the shift knob a mahogany/dark wood color. I did say I was going to re-think that interior anyway. I'm going to go with a more tan color with the leather bucket seats.


Stay tuned for more...

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Thanks Gil! It's been tough as sometimes I've been so down that I just sat there and looked at everything without any energy to even pick up a small part. Still, I tried to keep myself busy until this passes. Besides, it may be hard for anyone else to keep up, but at least everyone else surpasses my work in quality as evidenced by all the awards they bring home for all their work. Still, I'm happy with my models, they are done to my satisfaction and for the most part I had a blast building them.


Now I have to figure out where to put them...


I just completed about ten models now over the last couple weeks. I'm hoping to get them posted later today.

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"Still, I'm happy with my models, they are done to my satisfaction and for the most part I had a blast building them."



You, my friend, have figured out the end game perfectly! THAT is why I said you embody the true spirit that IPMS should promote.


I too have friends that out build me a slap me down on the contest table at every turn. I learned long ago that I had little to no fun in trying to build to "match or surpass" their efforts, especially just to say I won an award; so I've learned, like you, that I have to build to please myself.


About the only "pluses" I can put forth is I tend to build some kits others wouldn't touch, and I'm able to build more per year than most of the "perfectionists" can! Works for me! :D


GIL :smiley16:

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That about sums it up for me too Gil! I already knew that I couldn't compete with most all the other modelers at contests, but I continue to enter contests because I build to please myself and don't care whether they place or not. If they do, that's just cream. I am just thrilled to be able to show them off.


I'll be showing ten models in the San Diego Model Contest tomorrow. Can't wait!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay here is what I've been working on over the past few weeks.

Most of this is armor. The exception being a few shots of some progress I made on two of the cars I'm working on, as well as two more aircraft I started for the Canvas Eagles game and another aircraft for a commission build. I'll start with them.

I finally got an acceptable enough coat of red on my Monkeemobile so now I'll buff it a little more smoothly and then apply a gloss coat to this, I hope:


I also got a good enough coat on the Corvette Rebel Racer I'm also doing. I do still need to buff out a few blemished on this before I move on, but it's closer to what I deem acceptable:


I also went ahead and shot a tan color inside the interior to improve the look of the interior of this car. I will re-paint the leather seats soon:


It will feel good to be able to move ahead on these cars...

Here are the two starting pics for two new aircraft I picked up for a song at a local contest. I'm building these for the Canvas Eagles game again. The first one is the Revell 1/72 scale SE-5A, one of my favorite WWI biplanes:


The next one is the Fokker DVII, also from Revell:


Finally, here is the commission build; the Airfix 1/72 scale Hampden. I started out, naturally; with the interior, such as it is. I had to paint the pilot and crew and then add them to the interior after painting it:


That was the closest color I had to British interior green so I just went with it. This will be almost impossible to see once this is closed up and the glass is installed.

I then assembled the tail section of this plane:


Finally, after awhile, I closed this aircraft up. Here it is with the tail assembly positioned aft of the plane:


Oh, one more thing... Here's a small update on the Revell Chris Craft fishing boat I've been working on. It has two long rods I needed to rig. Here is a shot of one of them rigged next to the other:


The other will be rigged later and then I'll paint both sets of threads in black. After that, all I really need to do is add the decals and then I can install these rods and call this boat done.

The rest of my progress is shown on the following post.


Continued in Part II below.

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Okay, that takes care of those, now to move on to my armor and vehicles here in Part II....

I guess I'll start out with two more modern German vehicles that I started so that I could paint the three-tone camouflage patterns at the same time. I'd already started the troop carrying Boxer for the APC Campaign on the Modeler's Alliance, so naturally, I got the other Boxer started. This is the command vehicle version of the Boxer. Just like the first one, I started by assembling the interior of the lower hull:


Then I assembled the command module that fits in back:


Here they are fit together. For some reason, it doesn't seem to fit as well as the first one:


Later on, after I assembled the suspension underneath, I closed off the front of the hull and manhandled the nose into place. Due to the previously mentioned fit issues, this was a real bear to get fixed. I even had to resort to filling a few gaps with styrene rod:


You can see that most of it was painted. That was because I had some leftover paint after shooting a basecoat on this next model....

This next model is the German Fuchs that I started. It was an easy model to assemble at first, except for the extremely tiny headlights:


Then I got to the suspension underneath. Holy crap! That was when I remembered why I'd waited so long to build this model!


After that was dry, I installed many of the additional detail parts and shot the basecoat on it:



Since I had the paint booth going, I then pulled out my two Russian tanks and shot basecoats on them too so I could get them all ready for their camouflage patterns. I started by applying grey over the T-64BV. It's hard to tell, but yes, I did shoot the color on this:


I then shot the tan base color on the Russian T-90MS:


While all that was drying, I figured it was time to work on my two buses.

I started out on the Ludwig Areo bus, sanding down the puttied joints and then added the windows to the body:


While that was drying, I painted up the interior of the bus, doing all the chairs and benches:


Next I painted the dashboard for this bus, trying to make it look like natural wood with a chrome plate where the dials are:


It probably won't be able to be seen once it's all closed up, but I do like doing this to make this a little better.

Here is the interior fully painted and ready to close up inside the body:


Finally, I dry fit the body onto the chassis and interior and then added the fin. I have to say; of all the buses I've assembled so far, this one was the easiest and best fitting bus to assemble!


Once I get the wheels installed, I'll glue down the body. What a sweet looking ride!

Okay, that's one bus down, one more to go to get ready for paint.

The Vomag, was a bit of a challenge. I started out painting the dashboard, the steering wheel and the front panel, trying to make it look like natural wood again:


I took my time making sure the lower deck was firmly seated on the chassis below when I glued it in place:


This made it a bit easier to close up the front of this bus when I finally got the main body on the chassis. I still had a pretty good gap to deal with:


I used some more styrene strips inside the gaps; melting them in place with the Tamiya Extra Thin cement. Then I sanded everything as smooth as I could. Later on, I added some Mr. Surfacer 500 to the seams that I will sand down later to smooth things out more:


Here is the whole bus fully assembled (sans wheels yet) and ready for more sanding and finally paint:


The blue mess you see on the windows is my liquid masking agent.

Well, that completes my latest couple weeks worth of work. I've been slowing down due to the heat increasing around here; makes it hard to get any painting done since I have to open my window. I do have a few more models I can get more assembly done on. Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to get something more done this week. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, here is my small update from the past couple weeks. I had slowed down due to having no air conditioning in my house for five days; making it tough to find the energy to do anything. So, this will be a small update.

I'll start with the aircraft I had been working on.

I started an F-8 Crusader for the last Summer Break Group Build on the LEM before it shuts down. I thought I'd taken pics of the cockpit and all before I closed it up inside the fuselage, but I didn't. Oh well. Here's the fuselage all closed up and clamped together:


Later on, I added the wings, tail and engine exhaust:


I also fixed the gap below the Fokker DVII by adding a small plate of styrene and sanding everything smooth:


Later on, I masked off the cockpit and engine areas to prepare this for painting:


While I was at it, I also added Silly Putty to the SE-5 cockpit, machine gun and engine areas:


Moving on, I placed tape next to the seams in the Hampden that needed some filler and added the Mr. Surfacer 500. I wanted to preserve as much of the riveted detail as possible on this plane. Now I just need to sand it:


That's it on the aircraft so far, except for a lot of polishing and sanding on the C-118 again in an attempt to make it smooth enough for paint. Nothing to see so no pics yet.

Next I decided it was time to get the decals on my sport fishing boat. I had a devil of a time with these decals falling apart and taking forever to come off the paper backing. I finally managed to get them looking okay:



This won't be a contest-worthy model but I do hope to make it at least a five footer...

Onward to the Armor I was working on.

On the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums, they started a Shturmartillerie Group Build. Since I had this little kit sitting in my stash forever...:


...I figured this was a golden opportunity to get it built and out of my stash. I started by assembling the main hull and then adding the top hull to it before starting on the roadwheels. It's a good thing I did given how rough this short-run kit is:


I had to clamp it seven ways to Sunday to try and close up so many of the gaps and seams on this. I was not always successful:


After awhile, I managed to get it close enough:



By this time I was so fed up with this I tossed it back in the box and moved on.

I went back to something easy. I l pulled out my Silly Putty again and masked off the first of the three colors for the T-64B:


I also masked off the T-90MS I'm doing. However, this tank will be reversed in color arrangement. It was supposed to be mostly tan with brown, but I applied the wrong basecoat color to it. Instead of stripping and repainting, this is going to be brown with tan splotches:


Last but not least I moved forward on my Vomag bus. I re-textured the roof here it was supposed to be rough, and smoothed out the rest of it:


Later on, I added the front fender and then installed the photo-etch roof rack:



This just needs a few more fiddly bits added to it. I wanted the roof rack to dry and set up more before adding them. After that, this one will be ready for paint and I'll be able to paint it with my other bus.

Well, that's all I have for this week. Like I said, small update. Hopefully after the Fourth of July weekend, I'll be able to move even further forward on some of these. Until then, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Well, it's 2:00AM right now and I can't sleep; so here I am showing another small update of work I got done earlier today, or yesterday as it were. Most of this is armor/vehicles, but it all was done in the spray booth.

I'll start with the SE-5A aircraft that I shot a coat of brown drab over. It does look a bit dark in these pics but it will be lightened up later on with some drybrushing:


I had also shot a bit of white on the Fokker, but I didn't shoot pics because the plastic is almost white anyway so there's not much to see. Later I have to mask off the white and shoot the red and blue on it, but that will be for another day.

Now for the armor/vehicles. I'll start with the two buses. I shot a Tamiya primer over the two of them to see any flaws that might still be on them. I saw plenty. The Ludwig had these flaws that you can see which got filled with Mr. Surfacer 500:


The Vomag was also filled and sanded down. In the process, I broke off the entire luggage rack on the roof, and of course, I sanded away all the texture on the roof as well. So, before replacing the roof rack, I reapplied some Mr. Surfacer 500 and stippled it a bit to replace the texture:


Later on I'll sand that to knock it down a bit and then replace the rack.

On my tanks, I shot the second, darker color on the T-90MS:


There's still a few nooks and crannies that got missed so I'll be shooting this again. After that, I can unmask this and move on.

I had also shot the second color on the T-64BV alongside the masking:


After that, I was able to either cover the black strips with some additional Silly Putty or
press the Silly Putty over them, using the spatula thing in the pic. I only shot a pic of the hull here since it showed this more effectively:


Later on, I shot the dark green over this tank:


After this, I let it dry for a few hours before I removed the Silly Putty from the model. While I did that, the side fenders came off; they were only dry fit in place for painting after all. This gave me an opportunity to paint the inside hull sides as well as the tracks where they would be visible. You can see I didn't paint the top runs that will be hidden under the skirts. Here she is with all three colors done:


Along with all this, I also had shot some clear gloss over my Monkeemobile and my VW bus. There wasn't anything worth seeing so I didn't shoot pics of them.

That's everything I was able to get done yesterday. Maybe today I'll be able to get some more done if all goes well. Until then, stay tuned and remember; comments are welcome. Thanks for looking in.

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Okay, it's not as big an update as I'd hoped for this week but I did get a little bit more done so here is my latest progress. Let me start with my aircraft...

I dry-brushed a couple colors on top of the SE-5A biplane to give it some modulation. I like how this looks now:


Next I shot a primer coat of Tamiya Grey Primer over the C-118 to see how many flaws I still have:


There's at least ten or twelve I've seen already. Time to break out the polishing pads again...

After that, I made some more progress on the Hampden that I'm building for someone. I added the tail to the assembled fuselage after sanding the seams and removing the tape:


Next I built up the wings, which meant assembling the landing gear and inserting them between the wing halves:



After that, I assembled all the sub-assemblies. Now this thing is ready to be masked off and painted:


Moving on now to my armor...

First off, I spent five and a half hours doing two quad Maxims for my two Russian Armored Trains. I need five of these guns, yet this is as far as I got after five and a half hours:

Gun cradles:


Guns mounted on gun mounts:


There were eleven photo-etch parts that needed to be bent and assembled there on each gun. I still have five more more photo-etch parts to add to these and four more plastic parts before I can even start on the gun stands! As for making these all line up properly; that is evidently far beyond my skills to do. After this I had it so I moved on to something simpler....

Here's the something simpler. I added the wheels, drive sprockets and idlers to the lower hull of the T-90 MS:


Later I finished shooting the color on the lower hull and touching up the upper hull and turret. After I peeled off all the Silly Putty, I mocked up the tank to show this:



My apologies for the slightly blurry pics; I don't know what happened here as I was quite steady with the camera. Maybe the lens needs some cleaning.

Moving on, I also finished gluing the side fenders on to the main hull of the T-64 BV. This beastie is ready for clearcoat and washes now, along with the T-90 MS:



Again, apologies for the slightly blurry pics....

Lastly, I got more done on the two buses. The Ludwig Areo has a basecoat of dark grey on it now. I hope to modulate that color soon:


I decided to go with the grey so it matches my other grey Opel buses.

After I fixed the roof racks again, I added the white to the sides and top of the Vomag bus:


It's kind of hard to see in this pic, but I got it painted and now will be masking off to shoot the green color on this. I'm looking forward to seeing this in color now.

Now with all of these armor models getting closer to being done, I have to mention another reason why I'm going slower. Given the hit on my mojo recently, I decided to start packing up my armor and vehicle collection on flat tubs to prepare for the day when I take them down to the hall for pictures. Well, here are the first four tubs holding about a quarter of my collection so far:


I even bought six more tubs to hopefully have enough to hold everything. We'll see.

Okay, I'm done for this week. I don't know whether I'll be able to get anything more done until August so just hang out for a while. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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And therein lies the difference.....I use the big tubs to transport ONE model, while you move billions and billions.... :D


Always amazed at the wide variety of projects you always have going at one time! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Gil! I just figured this was the easiest way t get them all to one site for pics. I still need to load up several more armies....


These are going to be some epic pics!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay, I'm still a bit sick, and was bored out of my skull most of the past week. Whenever I felt up to it, I went in and did a little bit here and there in my Hobby Room to slowly move things along. Today I managed to get a bit more done than expected so maybe I'm recovering a little. So, here's my latest progress on a few models, some of which was done before I got sick.

Let's start with my aircraft....

This is the B-377 all primed up. I also sanded this a bit with some 8000-grit sanding pads but there's still a few rough spots on the wings I need to re-spray and sand again:


Moving on, I also added the AA missile rails to my Crusader and masked the canopy off for painting:


Later on I shot some flat white on the bottom of this:


I know it's a bit hard to see the difference here, but it will show more when I mask this off and shoot the upper grey color.

Moving right along; I had already shot the white on select parts of the Fokker DVII so I masked them off and shot the red on the front of this plane:


Later on, after the red had sufficiently dried, I masked off the red and shot the blue over this:


This plane is almost ready for decals now, just like the SE-5A. It won't be long now.

That's all I have so far to show on my aircraft. Now for some of the work on my armor and vehicles.

I'll start with the Ludwig Areo bus. I had already shot some dark grey over it as a basecoat. Now I shot some lighter grey over select areas to modulate the color. This bus is almost done:


Next up, I decided to get the lower hull and running gear of my T-90 MS done. I had already added the wheels to the suspension arms and painted and weathered them. Now I added the tracks. I chose to use some of the link and length tracks given to me by my friend Dave O'Barr. Because the top run would be hidden by skirts, I only did the lower part of the tracks:



Here's a shot of the lower hull and upper hull together to see how it looks:


Then I looked at the instructions and realized that I hadn't added the rear fuel tanks, so I got them installed straightaway:


I also completed adding the fiddly bits on the turret that I knew would fall off if I'd installed them earlier. All that's left here is touch up painting and additional weathering:


The next pics you see of this tank will be in the completed Armor Forums with the T-64BV tank. Shouldn't be long now.

Finally, since my Ludwig Areo bus is so close to being done, I was determined to get the Vomag bus closer to being done as well. Here are the results....

I started out shooting the white on the top and the stripe on the sides of the bus:


After the white was dry, I applied the first masking to this, making sure to cover the white stripe on the sides:


Once that was on, I shot the first part of the green color that I wanted on this bus:


After some more drying time, I pulled the lower masking off and added masking to the upper part; again covering the white stripe:


Finally, I shot the final set of green on the lower part of the bus:



After allowing some time to dry, I pulled all the masking off to see how this looks. Despite a couple areas needing some slight touch-up; I was quite pleased with the final result. It was actually better than I expected:



Now all that's needed is to paint the fenders black; gloss the whole thing, apply decals and complete it. I'm really getting pretty excited about this bus!

Okay, getting all this done, edited and uploaded; along with typing out this post has drained me quite a bit. Time to pop some more meds and hit the bed again. Here's hoping I recover a little more again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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