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  1. Ralph has it. I don't do things exactly as he does, but I get all the same steps in. For example, with acrylics, after I've finished a color, I flush the brush with water, then thinner/cleaner, then water again. And I lube my brush at the end of a session -- or, if I've laid on four or five colors, after about every fourth color.
  2. The topic of the demise of our local brick-and-mortars is both longstanding continuing and longstanding. I do miss the weekly trip to my local shop(s). However, as I've watched several decline and disappear, I note that they were often passive as ecommerce surged and did not aggressively create a niche for their products and services. I also offer that, IMHO,, the transfusion that appears to have kept the diminishing number of shops going has been picking the bones of the remaining business from the shops that have gone under. Sad.
  3. Mostly Brit subjects ... what a surprise! Up to your usual high standards. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Highlander


    Great subject and quite good work.
  5. Just renewed my membership. Quite easy.
  6. Perhaps no longer a foreign national. Nefarious, on the other hand. Really glad to see you back. We've wondered, from time to time, where you had offed to. Hope to see you in Omaha.
  7. Nice, nice, nice. The figures -- colors and clothing -- make it a great diorama.
  8. You got the Post Office to answer their phone ... at all! How did you even get the phone number? Impossible round here.
  9. I like. I'm starting the Tamiya kit and your work strengthens my resolve.
  10. I do the folding thing too. I tear the sheets, which is good enough for paper that is due for the trash anyway.
  11. Just successfully disputed a partial credit card charge. An online hobby shop indicated product was in stock, accepted payment for a multi-item order, immediately notified me that three items were "backordered" and would be sent upon receipt, and did not respond to several emails asking for a refund for the items which were paid for but were not in stock. After nearly six weeks, I told the shop I was disputing the charge -- no response. So I did. And got my money back.
  12. Really sorry to hear about your tribulations. Lights, cameras, sirens, and alarms can be deterrents. Our local police have basically stopped responding to burglary alarms. I know folks who've reported response (if at all) times of over five hours. More recently, the PD has announced that it will take burglary reports, but will not respond to most alarms -- which have to be registered and require a fee. Now I have two friends who have hired private, armed security services.
  13. Before trying this, I'd check on local laws. There can be some serious legal issues with this approach.
  14. Don't know when the picture of the Russians was taken. But, if it was long enough ago, and they were Soviets, they probably earned most of them. The Soviets loved to hand out medals, but during the Great Patriotic War, the Russians who had only a few medals were often the ones who didn't make it.
  15. From the 2021 National Contest Rules (underlined italics for emphasis): II. CONTEST DEFINITIONS AND JUDGING 1. Judging. Models will be judged for skill in construction, finish, realism, and scope of effort; accuracy may be used as criteria for determining final ranking for similar model subjects. In short, accuracy is a final ranking criterion or a tie breaker. I encourage all to read the rules. Though not germane to this discussion, I really encourage all to read the category descriptions.
  16. Your flesh work is remarkable. Incredible blends.
  17. Not my Charlie Brown, but an imaginative speculation. Caught my attention.
  18. Thulsa Doom. Long time since I've been reminded of him ... and Conan, of course. Nice work.
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