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  1. There were at least two different "Sage Greens" specified for USAF flight suits and jackets, identified as "USAF Shade 1509" and "USAF Shade 1511," with 1511 apparently being the predominant fabric color and 1509 the color of thread, anklets, wristlets (cuffs), collarettes. and the tape of the slide fastener, according to MIL-L-27546, the specification for Flyer's Jacket and Flyer's Trousers. So far, however, I have not been able to locate any specification or color chart for these "USAF Shade." I'd suggest starting with Green Drab FS 34086 and adding white until you get a faded green shade t
  2. And just today it was revealed that a coronavirus breakout had been discovered at the Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center in San Marcos. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/hays/multiple-employees-at-amazon-warehouse-in-san-marcos-test-positive-for-covid-19/
  3. https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=11118.0
  4. Here is a great tutorial for us landlubbers or those new to ship modeling:
  5. I'd suggest you try True North. Their paint is an alkyd enamel. I have not tried it myself, but it has received some excellent reviews. https://www.truenorthpaints.com/
  6. Fusion 360 is a 3D CAD program from Autodesk and is free for non-commercial, hobbyist use. I know a gentleman using it to produce 1/72 models of prototype and proposed aircraft. The results are amazing.
  7. There are reports that Rustoleum ceased production of all Testors products today, May 7, 2020. Discontinuance of the Model Master, Pactra, and Aztek brands was previously announced on Testors’ Facebook page.
  8. Sounds like you might have too much paint on your brush. Are you familiar with the concept of "dry brushing"? This entails wetting the brush with a bit of paint, then removing most of it by wiping it on a paper towel or something else absorbent, until just enough paint is left on it to leave a bit of pigment. So first paint the radio black and allow it to dry. Then dry brush the raised detail with red paint. Or, do what some figure painters do. First paint the raised detail red, then carefully paint the body black. If the paint is thin enough, the black paint will flow around the raised d
  9. Particularly the 1:1 scale drawings for the different shapes of the vortex generators placed around the front and rear frames of the cockpit canopy, as well as any info on their placement. Thanks in advance.
  10. Is there any chance it could simply be postponed until next year? This what the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society have done. Their 2020 convention, which was to have been held in Albuquerque in late June, will now be held there next year. I note too, that IPMS North Central Texas has cancelled ScaleFest, which was to have been June 6.
  11. Google “Starship Reliant” and you’ll find many sources of info. I have some bookmarked and will be glad to share them, but I’m not at my computer at the moment. Send me an email (to McMurtreyjames@twc.com) and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.
  12. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/california-vintage-neon-sign-photo-model
  13. I remember these very well. They were beautifully printed, but rather thick. I think they may have been silkscreened. Stoppel is still in business: http://www.stoppel-decals.dk/
  14. I’m looking for some ready-made, wall-mounted, glass-fronted display cabinets. Any ideas?
  15. Is anyone else having trouble using PayPal to purchase Society merchandise? I have a PayPal balance I would like to use to pay for my membership renewal, but the checkout page will not link to PayPal and vice versa. I reported this issue to the office earlier in the week, but so far there has been no response.
  16. Am I the only one who has not yet received the January-February Journal? And where is my renewal notice?
  17. Nick, I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, but it would be nice to know that there are contingency plans in effect by both the organizers and national officers.
  18. In view of the spread of coronavirus and the fact that the World Health Organization has now declared it a pandemic, and in the light of President Trump's message this evening, has any thought been given to cancelling this year’s Nationals?
  19. Oh, no! Terrible news. Mike was a great guy in addition to being a terrific and prolific modeler. He will be missed.
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