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  1. Bob, Thanks for the update. I will make sure the Region 14 chapters know about this. Bob D.
  2. I was an editor at Squadron/Signal Publications from early 1999 to early 2005, when Jerry Campbell dismissed me. I had good memories of Squadron Mail Order and the people who worked there. (While with Squadron/Signal, I helped proofread Mail Order's monthly flyers and annual catalog and helped with their semi-annual inventory.) I even ordered from them now and then. Most recently, I ordered two bottles of Vallejo paint from them last month, which arrived just days later in good order. I was aware of the problems Squadron has had in recent years, so the news of their apparent closing (temp
  3. Nick, thanks for getting back to me on this. Bob
  4. Can anyone help? I am wondering how to resize color templates from 1:350 scale to 1:400 scale for a ship model I am planning to work on. Specifically, I have the Heller 1:400 Gneisenau. If anyone here has any ideas, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  5. I am seeking acrylic clear coats (gloss, semigloss, clear) to use. It would be mostly spray painted. I have been mostly using ModelMaster Acryl clear varnishes, but since that line is being discontinued, I am seeking other options. Can anyone help me find the best ones to use, based on personal experience? Any help you can give is most welcome. Thank you in advance. Bob
  6. Thank you for the information. However, I am seeking markings for a USAAF C-46 for the model I'm working on. I appreciate you getting back to me, though.
  7. Seeking decals for the Williams Bros. 1:72 C-46 commando. I have the decals with the original (mid-1970s) release, and it has the blue of the US insignia too light. Plus, it's for a natural medal one and I want to do one in Olive Drab over Neutral Gray. I know Caracal Models has a sheet coming out sometime later, but I would like to get something sooner. I am planning to build the C-46 for a chapter display project. Any help in this matter would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.44 Bob
  8. I recently bought the AMT 1:32 1963 Studebaker Avanti kit (AMT885/12). I wonder if any of you can help me regarding exterior and interior colors. Checking on http://www.theavanti.net (website of the Avanti Owners Association International), I found paint colors used for the Avanti, and upholstery and carpet color schemes for '63 Avantis. After seeing photos of one on The Vault Classic Cars (www.vaultcars.com/1963-avanti), I want to do one in Avanti Gold (Color Code P-6333, Rinshed-Nasson No. 63S72), with interior in Color Scheme 1 of Fawn (instrument board, upper door moulding and rear shelf),
  9. Neil, I received the instructions in my mail this past Saturday. Thank you very much! They will work very well for me. In fact, I started work on that kit that afternoon. Thank you once again. Happy Modeing! Bob
  10. Thanks, Neil. I just emailed my US Mail address to your home email. Thanks in advance! Bob
  11. I just bought Glencoe's 1:48 Jupiter C kit (05103) at the local hobby shop. Coming home, I opened it up to find no instruction sheet with the kit. The parts and decals were there, with a Glencoe promotional brochure, but not kit instructions. Can anyone help with a copy of these? You can scan them to attach to an email to me. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Bob Delaney IPMS/USA #17414 St. Louis, MO
  12. I'm starting work on Trumpeter's 1:72 scale Chinese New Fighter (Chengdu J-10). Does anybody have any reasonably close FS color match for the cockpit? The kit instructions say Sky (as in the British Sky color from WWII), but checking photos online of J-10 cockpits, that doesn't seem quite right. Any help you can give me on this matter would be most appreciated. Thank you and happy modeling! Bob
  13. On the two National Conventions in St. Louis (1982 and 1991), both hosted by IPMS/Gateway: George Woodard was the 1982 chairman, while Gil Godfrey had that role in 1991.
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