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  1. Just checked on sprayhammer.com regarding parts for my Grex Genesis xGi. It has stopped working lately and I am trying to replace parts on the body (such as the needle chuck). However, sprayhammer.com says the parts I am looking for are just one in stock right now. Anybody else have any problems getting Grex parts? Any other outlets I should look into? I really like this brush. Thanks in advance. Bob
  2. Cancel that! I found my certificate at home. It was in one of the file folders I took to Las Vegas and back. As Gilda Radner's Emilly Litella said on Saturday Night Live, "Never mind."
  3. At the Judges Briefing in Las Vegas just over two weeks ago, I received my three-year Nationals Judging certificate and pin. I photographed the certificate, but when I came home to St. Louis, I could not find that certificate. Did anyone by chance pick up my certificate? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you. Bob Delaney
  4. The second one does. The kit I got has decals for US variants. Thanks, Keith! Bob
  5. At a recent swap meet, I bought the Minicraft boxing of the Hasegawa 1:32 Boeing F4B-4 kit (JS-066:350). I opened it up to find two copies of the second sheet of instructions, which includes steps 1 through 13, plus the part drawing and part numbers. I have most of the instructions, but not all. Does anyone out there have this kit and can copy the other sheet of instructions for me? It would be most appreciated. Message me for contact info. Bob
  6. I bought a Fujimi 1:72 UH-1N kit recently at a swap meet, but it lacked instructions. Anyone out here who has that kit and can copy the instruction sheet for me? It would be most appreciated. Message me here for my contact info. Bob
  7. UPDATE: I have found a room in the LV area with roommates. You can 86 my request.
  8. When does voting end for the E-Board candidates? I haven't found a date on the website. Thank you.
  9. I am flying in from St. Louis on Wednesday morning 18 August. Flight, car rental, and convention registration all done. Just need a roommate to share room cost. I have an early flight on the Sunday morning after the convention (22 August). Anyone of you who can help, please let me know as soon as you can. If you have a room already, let me know the cost that I will help out with for you. Thank you in advance. Bob
  10. Anyone here have any experience with packing models for air travel? I am thinking about flying to Las Vegas for this year's Nationals. Looking for tips in this area. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. Bob, Thanks for the update. I will make sure the Region 14 chapters know about this. Bob D.
  12. I was an editor at Squadron/Signal Publications from early 1999 to early 2005, when Jerry Campbell dismissed me. I had good memories of Squadron Mail Order and the people who worked there. (While with Squadron/Signal, I helped proofread Mail Order's monthly flyers and annual catalog and helped with their semi-annual inventory.) I even ordered from them now and then. Most recently, I ordered two bottles of Vallejo paint from them last month, which arrived just days later in good order. I was aware of the problems Squadron has had in recent years, so the news of their apparent closing (temporarily?) really should not come as much of a surprise. I would agree with the comments about their website. They were slow to embrace the Internet and not very efficient when they did. Plus, I wondered what the point was of the collectables (die-cast models, plaques) they were selling. Not something a real scale modeling retailer would have on offer. In 2019, while in Liberty, Missouri for IPMS/West Central Missouri's contest, I was invited to visit the Sprue Brothers Models facility, which most impressed me with its efficiency and service. II have ordered from them on occasion (including last month) and would certainly order from them again if the need arose. While touring Sprue Brothers' warehouse, I mentioned to one of the principals there (I can't remember his name) that I had worked at Squadron, and he mentioned to me the problems they were having at the time (stock on hand, credit issues). I filed that note in my memory. It is sad to see Squadron go, but the same goes for Sears.
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