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  1. Have you tried a Google search? I did ("new Bugatti Veyron model kit"), and the only thing that turned up was the Airfix Quick Build kit.
  2. I don't have the kit in question (wrong scale for me) but I'm assuming that the item to be painted fuselage color is some engine component or something engine related in the engine compartment. In this case you could probably paint it any metallic "silver" color. On another forum, one modeler has suggested a 50/50 mix of Tamiya Chrome Silver and Tamiya Aluminum to replicate a natural metal finish. Both these colors are available as non-spray paints. But keep in mind that Tamiya's bottled paints have a much larger grain size, so you won't get as smooth a finish as you would using Tamiya's spray
  3. I subscribe to his channel. Some good stuff.
  4. I have often wondered how both Airfix and Revell could have screwed up their 1/72 P-51D kits from those years so badly. They look almost like some kid's badly drawn version of the airplane. Surely there were some more accurate references available back then. Your model turned out far better than that kit deserved.
  5. I have som 60-year-old Humbrol paint that is as good as the day it left the factory. If you make sure the rim of the tin and the inside of the lid are clean before putting the lid back on, and apply a little pressure to the lid to make sure it is sealed, there is no reason why Humbrol won't last indefinitely.
  6. Besides aircraft of the Texas Air National Guard, how about decals for Texas Highway Patrol vehicles of various vintages (1/24, 1/25)? The Texas Highway Patrol have also operated various aircraft, including a Navion (1/72). Some of the smaller, lesser known Texas-based airlines might be good subjects (1/72, 1/144); the major ones are commercially available. I'll see if I can stir up some photos. The Department of Public Safety was very helpful when I was looking for a photo of the car my late dad drove when he was a License & Weight Inspector, and they probably have more in their archives
  7. 1/48 scale 500-lb bombs have been produced by Squadron (TD48503), Eduard (EU648081), and MK.1 Design I (catalogue number unavailable). Between these and Nick's offer, you should be able to find what you need.
  8. If you have access to a lathe, you could turn the bomb body from acrylic rod. The fin assembly can be make from sheet styrene. But I think you have miscalculated the 1/72 dimensions. The overall length of 90.4 in would be 1.25 in (90.4/72) or 31.9 mm (90.4/72 x 25.4) in 1/72 scale. Length of bomb body would be 0.97 in or 24.7 mm in 1/72. Diameter of bomb body would be 0.32 in or 8.2 mm in 1/72. A 500-lb AN-M64A1 General Purpose bomb has an overall length of 59.16 in or 1.24 in or 31.5 mm in 1/48 scale, and a body diameter of 14.18 in or 0.30 in or 7.5 mm in 1/48 scale. So I thin
  9. I've long thought that OOTB has outlived its usefulness, given the advances in kit design and manufacturing since the category was established way back then, and given the exceptions which are allowed which have really turned it into "OOTB+". I'd like to see it eliminated. Redefine OOTB as strictly OOTB: Use only what is in the box, built per kit instructions with no major modifications to the parts (rigging and antennas allowble if suggested by the kit instructions). Put OOTB entries in the same categories as the others. If only the basics of construction and finishing are judged, then it's e
  10. Those of you familiar with the Dallas-Fort Worth area will know of M-A-L Hobby shop in Irving, which has been at the same location since 1948 and which has also been a vendor at many past IPMS national conventions. I just learned this past Saturday that owner Ed Seay Jr, was diagnosed with dementia a little over a month ago and is now in a long-term care facility. The business had apparently been affected by his condition for some time. Another local modeler reports that the building has been sold and will be transferred in phases. The N-track railroad club which is in one of the 4 or 5 s
  11. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, White. Use from the spray can or decant for airbrush use. When it's fully cured, polish it to a smooth, satin finish. Apply decals, then a final semi-gloss or gloss coat.
  12. Found at a local hobby shop's going-out-of-business sale: A KP Il-10 kit sent to Jim by a Czech modeler during the Cold War. (Photo by Scott Copeland)
  13. It's a sticky problem. https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/a28172758/how-to-remove-super-glue/
  14. After acquiring the Pactra and Floquil brands then discontinuing them, and more lately discontinuing most of the Master Model enamel line, Testors has apparently decided to get out of the acrylic paint business as well. The following are the Testors acrylic paints listed for discontinuation, according to an email I received from one retailer: TES-4399 1/2oz. Bottle Model Master Acrylic II Fantasy Figure Sullen Grey TES-4604 1/2oz. Bottle Model Master Acrylic Skin Tone Shadow Tint TES-4605 1/2oz. Bottle Model Master Acrylic Burnt Umber TES-4608 1/2oz. Bottle Model Master
  15. Those of us who used Floquil paint wrung our hands and gnashed our teeth when (1) Testor's acquired Floquil, and (2) Testor's discontinued Floquil. Now there's a company in the UK (Archive-X) reproducing some of the Floquil colors. There are only two drawbacks: (1) it is frightfully expensive (£12.00 for a 30 ml bottle!) and (2) being enamel, it cannot be mailed to the US. However, for those interested, here is the relevant Interweb page listing available colors: https://archive-x.com/collections/all-paints Most available colors seem to be either railroad or ship colors, but elsewher
  16. You're not alone; I'm having the same problem. I thought at first it was my ISP (TimeWarner/Spectrum), but this is the only site I frequent that seems to have got stuck in a vat of molasses.
  17. Scalemates also lists these additional Snark kits: Ventavia (1/100) Sanwa (1/160) Monogram (1/128); included in the United States Missile Arsenal (PD40-298), Model Missile Packet (MP-2), and Missile Mobile (PD-43) kits, but these did not have a trailer.
  18. A friend of mine has suggested it is the Sharkit 1/72 kit, but the Sharkit Snark does not include a trailer. Sharkits are resin; is this heavy enough to be resin? See here for Sharkit info: https://sharkit.com/sharkit/Snark/snark.htm
  19. Hey, Dick, I posted a coupla pix on Hyperscale. Maybe some of those guys have a clue, 'cause I sure don't.
  20. invariably, the list of "New Forum Posts" duplicates those listed under "Reviews." Do we really need to be told TWICE about new reviews? Is there a way to fix this so that reviews are listed only once and other new posts are listed in the New Forums Post category?
  21. I have a tapatalk account and have been a regular on Hyperscale. I posted as late as yesterday with no issues. Today, however, it's a different story. Not even my email address is recognized.
  22. As of this morning the Hyperscale forum does not recognize my ID or password. Anybody know what's going on over there?
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