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  1. Hi Clare. I'll be working on my local band of pirates to attend.
  2. Oh man, where to start. For some reason the first kit to come to mind is the 1/48th Revell Bf109G-10. Scribed, accurate, lends itself to many schemes and conversions, and best of all it fits. Maybe that is why it has always been available since it's first release.
  3. JeffS


    Thanks for the comments guys. I do also have two Bradleys in my collection. Both Tamiya. I'll get a couple for pictures in the near future. In regards to the Archer dials, there is enough on the sheet for four vehicles. So you gave me a good idea.
  4. Hi Paul. I have been looking but no luck on the FS numbers. I'll keep checking and let you know.
  5. JeffS


    While I am on an Armor kick, here is my Tamiya M3A2 OOB. A very old kit but not to be overlooked. With the help of Archer Fine Transfers, the instrument panel is really dressed up. Overall finish was done in Polly Scale Olive Drab with a Testor's 1183 Rubber wash. Thank you for looking.
  6. JeffS

    M998 HMMWV

    To be honest, I don't think that this configuration became operational, only a test bed configuration. Still had fun building it. Forgot to memntion that the rear window in the crew cab was clear blue sheet. A poor man's tinting.
  7. JeffS

    M998 HMMWV

    This is the Italeri 1/35 scale M998 Hummer kit number 249. I really like the Italeri Hummers except for one area. The tires all look like they have 50k miles on them and the treads are wrong. But overall the kits fit well and are great fun to build. Best of all, with newer releases from manufacturers, these are pretty cheap now. This is the Deasert Patrol Hummer.
  8. Here is my brush with Whiffery. The Italeri RAH66 Comanche representing the RAH-66UK or what if the UK took over what the US gave up on. My build is a Royal Marines version serving on HMS Ocean in support of the 40 Royal Commandos.
  9. My local Hobby Shop couldn't get it towards the end of last year but now can get it regularly. Yeah They order from both Steven's and MMD
  10. Excellent David. Save one for a Blitz OK?
  11. Excellent work Mike. I really think the Corsair is the cat's a@#. Oops, can I say that here. Darn good piece of weathering.
  12. Wasn't long after the movie came out that McDonalds (I think) had Toy Story figures in the Happy Meals. They looked really nice and they were styrene plastic. Might find tem on eBay.
  13. Right you are David. Ken and the boys (and gals) do all right. I have had the same Badger 200 for 30 years. Recently sent it in for a go over and it works better than new. Amazing the rumors on another website saying they are out of business. Far from it!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I think the Indian Air Force flew late Mark Spits that were bare metal.
  15. Welcome Lee. Don't forget to check out the Classic British Kits SIG when you get the time. Lots of Frogs croaking it up in there.
  16. Arkut, that is a fantastic piece. The exhaust stains are terrific.
  17. You may even be able to download the article.
  18. Nice work Charles. Who's kit is that? I will guess Hasegawa. Very nice finish.
  19. JeffS

    DML Ba349A Natter

    It depends on what source you read. Several unmanned launches where made successfully. The first manned launch claimed the pilot. More unmanned testing was done and some sources indicate that a successful manned launch was completed. It is believed that a squadron was formed but was captured by advancing allied armor before use. There are launch pads located in Germany and photos were taken in 2003 of the disks still in the ground. The photos can be found via google images. My base is a copy of the photos.
  20. Here is my Ba349 Natter. Rather easy build. Difficult to line up the launch rail parts. I realize the pilot figure is incorrect for someone flying a T and C Stoff airframe but I could not find the left over Me163 pilot. The base started as the two part plastic base provided in the kit. I added Cel-u-Clay and static grass to bring more alive. The disk base is simular to those discovered in southern Germany with pictures found on google image search taken in 2003. In all the aircraft that I would like to score an hour or so flying time, this is not one.
  21. Hi JR. Welcome to the gang. Michigan,eh? Well there are a few of us in the Upper Peninsula that stay up late building models. So no matter where you go in this State, you are not alone.
  22. Wonderful collection Valdimir. That Typhoon image looks like something from Google Earth for Flash Earth. Very cool.
  23. Hi Steve. Now that is really cool. I love the scheme. Very original.
  24. Hey Paul, not only are the bases very nice but so are the models. Well done!
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