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  1. This is my Airfix Harrier GR5. This is a little gem in the Airfix lineup. Overall accurate and mostly acceptable decals. i did replace the "slime lights" and gray flap strips with decal stock. I very seldom use pilot figures in my models but the molding on this strike pilot was to good to pass up. Thank you for looking And remember.....Airfix is your friend.
  2. JeffS

    A Few More

    Very nice work. I really like the Mirage 2000.
  3. Very sweet build Andy. I really like the panel lines.
  4. Hey Gil, so far so good. I didn't realize that the Halberstadt came in a pretty little red plastic. Great work so far, can't wait to see the rigging
  5. JeffS


    Nothing wrong with this project Clare. It looks fanstatic. I also have the Raiders flying wing with thoughts of replicating the FSM article. These types of projects are great to getting out of a slump.
  6. Nice piece of work there Keith. The colors and weathering look spot on.
  7. Thank you all for the remarks. Scooter, the scale is indeed 1/35. Overall I really like Trumpeter Armor. I am not a rivit counter but I do care about a nice building model. The instruction sheet is well thought out and the artwork make the assembly pretty much fool proof. The other build was the Styrv103B and again very easy to come to terms with.
  8. I have just completed the Trumpeter KV-1 and have to say that Trumpeter Armor and I get along very well. My other project was the Strv103B. This project is out of the box. The kit comes with several options including segmented or vinyl run tracks. I used the vinyl but in retrospect, there maybe could be more sag in the tracks than the vinyl allows. Trumpeter added some very nice weld seams on the hull pieces. Cleaning up the seams some of that detail was removed so by stretching sprue and attaching it with Tenex 7R, they were recreated with the edge of a very small screwdriver blade. Overall colors was Tamiya Black Green oversprayed with Tamiya Field Green. That is my redition of Russian Tank Green. Thank you for looking
  9. Real sweet Gil. Hope you do the 354th Sharkmouth. Now that really makes a statement.
  10. JeffS

    1903 Wright Flyer

    Thank you everyone for the kind comments. dcaponeII--no offense taken, I have been at this hobby to long for that. I did mark down your advise for the Bleriot IX that will someday make it's way across the workbench. Pyrman--my drug of choice is NyQuil. Look what it has done for Louis Black! NOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PIECE OF PHOTO ETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It took awhile but here is my finished Monogram/Revell Wright Flyer. As you know this is a very old mold that has been rereleased many times over the years. Surprisingly, the molds have held up very well in regards to the subject but not so well with the figures. The kit comes with all the materials one would need to do a diorama of the first powered flight. Track, tools and figures are included. The track in my kit was curved badly. Wing detail includes stitching etc. Basic finishing included preshading the ribs with Polly Scale dark earth and applying misting coats of linen on top of that. The rigging was silver colored cotton string which was passed through bee's wax to remove the fuzzy appearance. One of the gimmicks in this kit was positive locater rings for aligning the struts. Although they are out of scale, it made assembly easier. The struts also have built in hooks to catch and hold the rigging. The model scales out to about 1/39th but I may be wrong there. This project was loads of fun an maybe it is time for me to do more two wingers. Thank you for looking.
  12. JeffS

    Libery Bell 7

    The Liberty Bell 7 was recovered a couple of years ago and according to the televison show was to restored and place as an exhibit in a museum somewhere. The show producers attempted at solving "The hatch just blew" theory and as I recall, Grissom was correct in his report.
  13. JeffS

    Libery Bell 7

    Thanks for the comment Gil. Greg, this was the History Makers release which included the Gemini Capsule also. Had it for a long time. I want to do the Gemini soon to go with Mercury. Right now I am studying how to do the the Service Bay with all the dangly straps and whatnot. Got lots of foil but now thinking out the structure underneath to support it. Real Space has some stuff I can use. Thanks for looking
  14. JeffS

    Libery Bell 7

    Here is the Revell 1/48 scale Mercury capsule finished as Libery Bell 7. A rather nice build for it's age and the only real gripe I have is that the decal sheet was so thick, it took a bucket of solv-a-set to lay them down on the lovered panels. There is a nice interior with really sweet instrument panel representing the early Mercury flights. The pilot figure looks a lot like an Egyptian mummy bent at the knees but you don't see much in there anyways at that scale. Thanks for looking
  15. Ok, I am brave here. I normally build 1/48 aircraft and 1/35 armor so I am really crossing a line here. This is a Bandai 1/144 snap tite kit. I picked a mess of these up at the local WalMart for around $4.00 a piece. It is a terrific release from tedius building
  16. JeffS

    1/48 T-28s

    I agree with you Mike. Although there is enough aftermarket to make "a silk purse out of a sow's ear", it sure would be sweet if someone would re-mold it. After all, it is a rather important aircraft that filled practically all missions.
  17. JeffS

    My last build-

    Very nice build sir. Great paint work.
  18. I enjoy Bandai 1/144 Gundam kits for a little light model building. I have two built and another two in the building dock.
  19. Very nice there Gil. You must be getting dangerously close to completing a NavalAir collection.
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