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  1. Thanks, I'm currently working on my first build ever! A Revell Sopwith Camel F.1 in 1:48. So far so good! JR
  2. Welcome from the greenest modeler on the website! Been modeling for 3 weeks! But I really love it! Great to hear from you, hope to tap your expertise sometime! JR
  3. Thanks everyone! Yeah my biggest problem is fighting the desire to buy all the models I want (easy to do) and then of course, having no time to build them! Seems like this may be a standard problems with modelers(?) I mean everytime I see someone's great work (like the snow plow that was recently posted), I think, "oh, I want to do that one next... no this one... etc"! Oh well, thanks to all for the warm welcome! Lastly, ClareWentzel, thanks for the invite! I have been to the AirZoo before and it was really cool! What kind of contest are you referring to? Sounds cool anyways! JR
  4. All I can really say is wow! Your work is amazing! Thanks for all the pics! JR
  5. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say "hi"! Looking forward to being a part of IPMS! I've been modeling for 3 weeks! Yes, that's right I said 3 weeks! But I love it! I really, really enjoy modeling and it's cool to be finally doing it. I've subscribed to a bunch of magazines, and joined IPMS and I'm psyched! My interests right now are WWI biplanes, some cars (but I'm picky) and some commercial airliners and most bombers. Okay, I guess I'm interested in most everything! Anyways, thanks for this awesome forum and cool club. John Tecumseh, Michigan, USA
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