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    Here is the 1/35 scale Dragon/Panda UH-1H. The kit includes Eduard PE and believe me it really needs it. It was build for the Helicopter GB over at UAMF. I called it finished about 1 hour ago. It was literally whipped into shape. It is done in the marking of the 121st Assualt Helicopter Company, the Soc Trang "Tigers." 1st Aviation Brigade. Thank you for looking.
  2. Hi Gil. Well.....let me see. I use a Badger 200 fine point with a Pasche R75 compressor at about 20psi. Real close and free hand. I should add that the airbrush was purchased in 1979 and has just been returned from Badger after an overhaul. Draw on the pattern with a pencil and start spraying. The only masking was around the lights and canopies. I have rediscovered the joys of Airfix and normally have money left over for other model supplies like Busch Light, Cutty Sark and the like. My work doesn't hold a candle to yours Gil but thanks a bunch
  3. Dick, that will be gone and thank you.
  4. Here is the very old but rather nice Airfix Beaufighter. I used clear sprue for the landing lights and position lights. Just could not go OOB on this one. The radar aerials are small pieces of fine wire super glued in place. The base is a homebrew. This kit was built for the Airfix Tribute Site Nightstalkers GB. The aircraft represents the 416th NFS somewhere in Italy, pre-P61 Black widow issues. Thank you for looking
  5. Very, very, VERY nice build.
  6. I am doing an online build as we speak. There are "issues" with the kit but a little TLC and it will look like a Huey. Check this: http://gregers.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=9332 It is far from being the best but I like it so far. I will not be using the figures. Cheers
  7. Great work. I call that Picture Perfect
  8. Excellent work. Great finish.
  9. Beautiful work Gil, nice stuff.
  10. I sure do like that scheme. Yes, Tim, tell us more.
  11. JeffS

    Sea King Aew

    This is my Fujimi Sea King that was built for the Alan W Hall GB over on UAMF. The goal was to convert the model without the aid of resin or other modern aftermarket products. Relying on crash moldng etc. The Searchwater radome was crash molded over a balsa (and telc) master. Much in the way that Mr. Hall himself has done. Thank you for looking and sorry no female form to oogle over. Cheers
  12. My issue of the Tri Motor is for Island Airlines. It is molded in white plastic.
  13. JeffS

    Jeff's Tiffie Ii

    Ah, you know the Avatar. I am frequently asked about it. I have been researching B-17F 42-29800 Me an' my Gal which was lost 14OCT43. My findings are shared at www.384thbombgroup.com. Yes, the Eurofighter is way sexy. I want the Revell 1/48th one now. Cheers
  14. JeffS

    Jeff's Tiffie Ii

    Thanks for the comments everyone.
  15. Very nice work mark. You are tempting me to try 1/72-1/76 scale armor.
  16. JeffS

    Jeff's Tiffie Ii

    Sorry I forgot this part but the scale is 1/72. Thanks for the comments guys.
  17. Here is my ESCI/Ertl E.F.A. (Eurofighter) which has been languishing in the land of misfit models. My New Year's Resolution is to clean up this lot and find these half done projects a home. At any rate, this was a rather difficult build (that's why it ended up trashed for so long). Lots, and I mean lots, of filler required. ESCI/Ertl based the kit on a mockup airframe so doing an operational Typhoon II was out of the question. For that reason the kit markings were used. The decals, by the way, applied very well with Solv-a-set. About the only change made in constructon was to the canards. The kit parts were attached with blades. On the real aircraft the canards slope downwards at rest. So......I cut off the blades and drilled holes for a sprue attacment allowing for a drooping canards. After all the bother however, it seems to have finished up looking a little like a Eurofighter. Thanks for looking and cheers everyone.
  18. I,M GETTING SEXY ON MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait.
  19. Very nice build. I think it is one that Airfix got right for it's day. Airfix is a lot of fun to tinker with.
  20. Nice builds Mark. You are braving the bare metal finish.
  21. Even with the rivets, this is a great little kit. The Dehaviland-Canada-1 Chipmunk. Man would I like to log some time in one of these. And it comes bi-lingual Thank you for looking and cheers
  22. JeffS

    P-51d Finished...

    Super build up of the 'Stang. Just right on the NMF also.
  23. Welcome. There are a lot of great people hanging out here. Enjoy.
  24. Wonderful Build Adam, Phantoms forever!
  25. Gil, Paul and Dreamsof51 here is my inspiration. You like Harriers this is for you. http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=-KdmJtSZ8s4
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