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  1. Hi all; Managed to finish about 4 months ago but pic.s could only be taken a couple of days ago by Ufuk Aydıner. Nearly out of box, only seatbelts and gun barrels are added. Except the serial numbers on tail fin and under the stabilizer, which are decal, all are masked and painted. I know that it is not perfect or may be even not good and that is why i would appreciate a lot who criticize it for my future projects. Best regards, Arkut
  2. At first i primed the model and sprayed some metallic on the areas thought to be weathered later on; covering them with Testors Metalizer Sealer. Then i put some gray-green on the model covering all of the metallic painted areas and some others too. At last i did put on the camo. After decaling and varnishing i started to weather. For the walkways i used glass fiber eraser instead of sandpaper. After that process i touched up with some little metallic sprayed on with very low pressure. For the leading edges of the wings i damped the cotton ear buds with Mr. Hobby "Mr. Tool Cleaner" and cleaned the camo. colours with a very soft pressure and slow motion; enough just to clean the camo and leaving the metallic paint underneath. Primer and sealer helped me a lot during this process. HTH. Best regards, Arkut
  3. Sorry, i have forgotten all about the kit. It is Tamiya 1/48. I also unfortunatley forgot to mention about the ultracast sets i have used. They were for the cannons, seat and wheels. I did not have much time so could not deal up with the brake lines. The model is now at the Nurenberg Toy Fair. It is not on show but awaiting its purpose.
  4. Hi all! This time i could not resist myself to build a TuAF plane. It may seem that nothing is extra ordinary about this but i am mostly on other projects. Anyway... It's been recorded that these planes had been used between 44 and 48. They were from the Africa stocks. They had been transfered to Turkish Air Force after their overhaul. That is why they get the late type elevators. The prop hubs seem varying; nothing unusual but it seems that they were either DeHavilland or Rotol produced. Wheel hubs seems with 5-spkoes but there is one photo with covered one. I did not see any photo which shows this plane's ones but liked to opt with the covered one. The camouflage can not be said to be 100% english version; shows some difference here and there. So i decided to imagine what it may be examining various photos of this planes and others photos. The serial number on the fuselage and nose were printed by Ufuk Aydıner, who you may know from his models. The moon is painted using the mask prepared by me some years ago for my TuAF Spit. Mk.I. The crescent is from Turquise Decals. The photos taken by my friend again, Ufuk . I hope you like the model. I will appreciate any proggressive comment about it. Thanks and enjoy! Arkut
  5. Hello all; Thanks a lot for your comments that make me shy. I see some are deeply interested in the decals. Actaully it was not that much hard since the decals were divided into big parts. That is, not all numbers are individual but some are grouped on big carrier film. The only disadvantage of this is that sometimes i had to cut and seperate some numbers so that i could reposition them in their correct place. On the other hand i am glad that most liked the weathering. Personally i try my best to achieve a look which makes someone see as if the model really got weathered and dirt. This time i used the Tamiya weathering pastel and mostly the oil stain. Also some clear varnish went there and there, but in very low quantity. For the exhaust again Tamiya pastel; some yellowish green on the tail cone and yellowish green mixed a little bit with metallic blue in the exhaust. Also the exhaust and elevators were painted with different shades of paints from different brands, like Testors and Gunze. The panels on the exhaust were drawn with lead pencil; 0.3 mm, 2B. I am glad that i could took some of your interest and good comments. Happy modeling!
  6. Hello all; This is my new project after my previous 1/72 Fine Molds A6M2b Zero. This one is from Revell. The mouding is a shared one with the original RF-4 release so some minor surgeries done as appropriate. I hope you will like it. Any constructive criticism is most welcome. Thanks, Arkut
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