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  1. Great pieces there Chris. Wonderful finishes.
  2. Really nice Adam. One of Airfix better efforts and you did it proud.
  3. JeffS

    1/48 -3 Banshee

    Gil, you make me want to take up any other hobby but this one. I mean you are setting a real high standard there. Excellent work sir.
  4. Hey John, I am closer to you than Paul (postage wise). You're a lucky guy
  5. Can anyone tell me if the VVS during WWII used a yellow (gold) outline to the red star natinal insignia? A couple of kits have that style of marking. The Monogram P39 for one. Thanks in advance.
  6. There are only two times a year that a complete cleaning of the Jeff's Heavy Industries takes place. One is just before my local band of pirates (Model Club) come over for the annual social call. Each month we meet informally at a members house for communimodeling and munchies. The second time is just after our local contest which provides for me a re-charging of sorts. It is a time that I hide my half built "Pile of Shame" and highlight my "Altar to Plastic" But heck, I don't mind showing you guys where (next to being with SWMBO and daughter) I feel the happiest. Some of the finished stuff. Many are in storage boxes as I just had to settle on 1/48th scale
  7. Very nice John. Very eye catching.
  8. Wonderful job Gil and a terrific build article to boot. Real sweet!
  9. Wonderful job Gil. Excellent build.
  10. Here is my Plymouth Prowler. It is the AMT/ERTL Snapfast Plus kit in 1/25 scale. It makes up into a fine replica of the Prowler. The finish is Testor's Boyd Grape Pearl. I am new at Auto building and have a long way to go on glossy finishes. But this kit was a joy to build and will be given to my brother in law who is a Prowler mechanic. The marker lights will be added before presentation.
  11. JeffS

    Otaki 1/48 J2M

    Thanks everyone. The Otaki Ki100 is haeded for the paint shop soon.
  12. Lovely build. Tell us more. Is it the Revell kit? Aftermarket? Building problems?
  13. Has anyone ever heard of a model company by the name of HobbyTime. Kit number 901 XV3? Listed in a kit collection for sale. Thanks Jeff
  14. JeffS

    Otaki 1/48 J2M

    I have always liked the old 1970ish Otaki kits. That is if you could find one with clear glass. The only addition to this kit was landing gear indicators on the wings. The glass was dipped in Future. It's still wavey but at least it's clear. Polly Scale paints were used with a Badger 200 fine point run by a Paasche compressor (the quiet one) at 20psi. Now we have Trumpeter for recessed rivets. Thanks for looking
  15. Chris, I used Tenex 7R which from what I read now is going bye bye. Thank you for the kind words.
  16. I have the ol' Tamiya British Universal Carrier creeping it's way to the paint shop.
  17. Overall it was a good little build. After much pro and con on the internet reference the quality of the 21st Century kits I find them rather well done. Some details excellent and others toy-like. Kind of sad that they are gone. For the price, it would have been an great way to introduce newbies into the hobby. A couple of tips when building these kits. One, I used large gauge knitting needles rather that the ploy caps provided to plug the screw holes. They slotted in nicely. Just cut off with a razor saw and fill and rub down. Two, the decals are wonderful in that they are the thinnest I have ever used. When placing them on the model, be as precise as you can be as they do not slide around very well. I think I will go back and fill in the fuselage crosses with RLM75
  18. Well, my turn. I am a Taurus but still like long walks along the beach...........oops, wrong forum. I hail from Marquette Michigan on the north coast of America. Started building back in the Strombecker days probably around 1956 or so and remember an all yellow Cub with no clear parts. Built most of the Speedie Bilts and cobbled together most everything. Airfix came into my life via poly bags and when I proudly displayed my all gloss red Hawker Hurricane to my uncle (who was one of the 1st IPMS members) he announced "Boy, we have some work to do." Out came the Profile Publications, Harleyford books etc and the rest is history. I came late to IPMS (1982) and by 1985 or so was assistant editor of the old Quarterly during the Lincoln Regime. I have attended three Nationals, 1985 Indy, 1990 St Louis and 1995 ABQ. Many Regionals like Chicago (Bun, I knew you when!), Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Livonia, Nordic Con to name a few. I have placed but don't win much nor do I care. I am very proud of my Sweating Beaver buttons and the dudes from Winnipeg rock! Even built the Academy M7 Priest for the Reviewers Corp. I enjoy building 1/48 aircraft, 1/35 Armor, have done four Gundam's to rile up my local band of pirates. So basically I am all over the map. My local band of pirates would be the Upper Peninsula Scale Modelers who are 30 years old today. Half that time we were chartered but please don't get me going. Recently I have been involved with the local middle school in teaching a model building course and normally sponsor a shining star with an IPMS membership at the end of the school year. Great fun. Remember when we were 14. I have three daughters and a grandson and a wife that really supports the hobby. So there you have it. Love the hobby, Love IPMS and all of that. Cheers everyone.
  19. Very nice job on that one Frank. Keep up the great work.
  20. This project was for Blitzbau V over on the UnOfficial Airfix Modelers Forum at http://gregers.7.forumer.com/index.php It is the older 1/72 scale ESCI/ERTL kit. Those kits are scribed, pretty well detailed and long gone except at conventions or the Bay. Overall a great base for power building. The decals were sourced from an even older Hasegawa kit. Out of the allotted 24 hour time frame for building, I used 12 ours and 24 minutes. Cheers everyone
  21. I have used Press and Seal alot with all types of paints. However, using it to mask bare metal finishes, it leaves a residue on the paint that I do not notice of other finishes.
  22. Very good build there. Nice piece of work.
  23. This is looking so good. Love the ol' classics. Love/Hate the rigging thereof.
  24. JeffS


    Hi Gil. Well I hear CCR's Run thru the Jungle myself or Fortunate Son. Oh yeah, the glass. One coat Tamiya clear green with a wide brush leaving no streaks. Seems like when I airbrush the clear colors they pool around the edges.
  25. JeffS


    Glenn, it wasn't so much a fit issue as much as it had many parts out of scale. In that I mean thick, soft detail and the like. Also, there are many options with this kit so know your subject or check your references. Eduard saved the day with this kit. Isn't it cool when a kit that gives you fits is finally done and you can say "I did it!!!!!!
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