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  1. Thanks guys for the usefull info, I will have to try it, when I get a day off.
  2. Does anybody know of a good way to make a desert/sand base on a piece of small wood? I tried plaster as the base for texture covered with woodland scenics fine ballast, but it doesn't seem to look very good. I used woodland scenics glue but it doesn't seem to hold the ballast down very good, and looks to grainy for 1:35 scale.
  3. Hey Gil, It was all freehand using Tamiya Paints, and an Iwata CMB.
  4. Tamiya 1/35 Jagdpanther. Working on the camo today.
  5. If your using Squadron putty, try mixing some tamiya thin glue with it.
  6. Looks great, where did you get those shackels from?
  7. X-acto roll off the table, and naturaly try to close my legs to catch it. Stabbed right in the thigh, but the doctor said he sees it all the time. Go figure
  8. Very Nice Kit, I just wish that I would of added the Cavalier Zimmerit instead of the PE.
  9. Looks Great! Did you have any problems spraying vallejo model air paint?
  10. Sweet, what did you use for the mud effects?
  11. Looking good, what kind of tracks that come with?
  12. Looks great, what did you use to paint the flesh?
  13. 1/35 Dragon King Tiger w/ Zimmerrit. Straight from the box. Tamiya Paints, Winsor & Newton Oil Paints. What an awesome kit to put together.
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