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  1. Eric, thanks for the link.
  2. Nice little piece, Alan. Is it resin? Where do you get them?
  3. Great job. The eye is outstanding, it brings the piece to life. Well done, Sir!
  4. Very nice. I like every thing about it.
  5. cbush


  6. Tim, Do you ever spray Vellejo Model Color paints? If so, what is your thinning regimen?
  7. I have a short list of favorite prop aircraft, and Kitty Hawk has kitted most of them in 32nd scale.
  8. Thank you for an informative post. Of course, we have all developed our painting regimines, but your post is clear and concise. I can't get model air paint locally, but have been thinking of ordering some. I do use model color for brush painting. Great post, Eric.
  9. Ray, Read the paint bottle, or online info. There may be recomendations as to air pressure and needle size. If you can meet those you should be good. As you progress you will developer your own prefs for paint thickness, etc. Always test new paint on scrap plastic first. Some of us use plastic spoons for this. Good luck.
  10. Very nice build. It makes me want to break out an aircraft kit. Well done, sir.
  11. cbush

    Tamiya Char B1

    The camo is amazing. I had never heard this story. Thanks for posting it. Great work.
  12. Ray, I know nothing about fittings. So this is what I did. I took the airbrush hose to a hardware store and explained what I needed to do. The sales person got me what I needed. I think, from the picture, your compressor has a quick connect fitting on it. Take that picture with you. Some other member may have better advice, but this worked for me.
  13. Rob's wood glue holder is really cool. I don't have power tools to make one (I'd probably cut off a finger the first day). I use a new roll of electrical tape, lay it on it's side, and set the round bottle in the hole.
  14. Hi Ray I use several paint brands, mostly acrylic, shot through an airbrush. I prefer badger primer, but the colors I have on hand dictates the brand of paint. I had never heard of com-ART, but after reading a review or two, I plan to try some. Happy holidays to you. Chuck
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