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  1. Ough! Same I did with my Triumph from Minicraft - I not even started it - I gave it away. Now I feel sorry. Not for the value -it was cheap - but because now I feel I have the skills to tackle it. Gabriel
  2. Welcome, Hank! I'll be happy to see more of your work. It looks very neatly done. Cheers! Gabriel
  3. I've ran into thick chrome you're talking about on AMT kits. Unfortunately, the molds are old and and full of flash under the chrome. The only option is to remove the chrome, address the flash and re-chrome. Alclad is very good if applied correctly, but in my salty air has a tendency to dull out. Same goes for Model Master enamels. The only viable solution for me is BMF. As for the newer kits you're correct: very thin chrome and superb metallic stickers. My last Hasegawa was a blast to build - the quality incredible and magical engineering.
  4. That is going to be a very interesting build, Rob. I'll follow it with interest. Not too much paint either ;) For what I can see on the cover, the head lamps are old style, with chrome instead of transparent material. That is a reason I've gave away a Minicraft kit from my stash - a TR2. They really looked horrible! As for Sint Maarten: it was bad: shortage of everything, looting, no electricity, no communications, no law, no medical care, no functional infrastructure. Some people turned to ravenous hyenas, others to angels; a few died. Now things start to return to normal: shops and gas stations are re-opening, electricity service re-established in some areas, ADSL internet running... I was of the lucky ones with minimal damage to my house, but my man-cave is a cave for true now: no electricity until January, no internet, windows boarded up against looting. Fortunately my boss gave me a room by his villa and here I have all the comfort. The only thing I miss is my modelling desk. From a modeler's point of view, I have enough photo footage for a lifetime of Stalingrad, Monte Casino and Dresden dioramas. Gabriel
  5. Nice catch, Robin! Are you going to build it or just keep it in your collection? Gabriel
  6. That is a daring venture, Gil. Good job so far - waiting for more! Gabriel
  7. Nice collection, Carlos. As Gil already mentioned, I like the fact that you're not using the same base color. I do the same with my pazergrau models, mixing "by eye" my own color each time. Gabriel
  8. @ Chuck: Thank you, Sir. I'm glad I found some fine company. Gabriel
  9. @Mark: Thank you! I wanted to attach a picture with the progress on my Wespe model, but I didn't get it to work. Still trying. Gabriel
  10. @Gil: Thank you for the warm welcome. Wespe Models are quite difficult, indeed. Mine arrived awfully late from Romania (USPS fault) and into a very sorry state. Basically the only usable parts are the body and the cable reel. I tried to attach pictures - it didn't work for me. It is a very instructive building, when patience reserves are high. Gabriel
  11. Thank you, Rob. I just hope the situation will normalize asap so I can go to my modeling desk again Cheers! Gabriel
  12. @Mark: Thank you for the warm welcome. I feel already more comfortable among you, guys. @Gil: Thank you! Yes, Wespe models aren't easy but quite a few are unique on the market. Mine arrived from Romania with huge delay and in a very sorry state. Basically, I have only the body and the cable reel that I can use. Everything else I have to scratch-build or to "borrow" from other kits. Nonetheless I enjoy it when I am in a patient mood :smiley33: :smiley14: I'm not being entirely happy with the paint job and there is a great chance the entire model will be stripped. I'm still deliberating with myself :ph34r: Gabriel
  13. Hello, Guys! My name is Gabriel. I live in the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten (formerly into Netherlands Antilles). Given the geographic proximity, I think subscribing to US based modelling sites it is the logical choice, although by rising and education I am die-hard European. I have a "inconsistent" modeling history, but I took it seriously for the last four years, and I intend to keep it that way: I have a few blogs and features on different sites. Recently I started my YT channel. I love making build reviews as this activity mates my lifetime great passions: writing and modeling. For now, my island is being still heavily perturbed by hurricane Irma passing, but as soon as I have the modeling tools in working order, I'm going to post my builds. At this moment, I have four ongoing projects: 1/35 Kfz.2 BMW LKW from Wespe Models (resin kit), 1/35 MiniArt T54-1 mod. 1937 (without interior, still in early building stage, in-box review published on YT), sent by another modeling site for review, 1/48 Revell B-17 Flying Fortress (commissioned, stalled, partly damaged by Irma), 1/72 RS Models Heinkel He 112B (almost finished, inbox review published on YT). If you like to see any of this models on build blog, please leave a comment - I have progress pictures and hopefully in two weeks time I'm going to return to my "normal" modeling life. Warm Regards from Caribbean, Gabriel
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