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  1. Between yesterday and today I did most of the seam clean up on the separated wings and fuselage, then glued them together. I also added the vertical stabilizer, engine, wing cannon drum bulges and cockpit rollover brace. Afterwards I have been doing some sanding to improve the fit of the cowling to the fuselage. It was a bit off, but with some work, now fits pretty well. I just placed it on for the photo, as I still need to paint the interior color. I have a bit of seam filling to do before the next update…
  2. Thanks Ed. Yes, Humbrol paints are still in production. They are my go to paints for enamels since the late 80’s. And yes, this is a fun build so far. Progress today! Got the wings and fuselage assembled! Woohoo! Just need to do the seam clean up, glue these assemblies together, and it will start looking like an aero plane…
  3. Nice scores Mark! Quite a wide variety of subjects! 👍🏼 Had a few more additions to my stash over the past week or so. For the jeep that was gifted to me I picked up this nice crew figure set and for my one of my 80’s Cold War US tanks…
  4. Great save from the shelf of doom! That is one beautiful looking Macchi! Double kudos for successfully pulling off the smoke ring camo! 👍🏼👍🏼
  5. That’s quite colorful for a pre war OD P-40. And it came out looking very nice! Well done sir! 👍🏼
  6. Mark I'm looking forward to building this one. The Tigercat is such a hot rod of an aircraft.
  7. Well, another eBay score has arrived. I had been wanting this kit for awhile.
  8. Oh very nice! I’m looking forward to watching this build!
  9. Thanks Mark. I’m looking forward to building the M115 myself. The last one of those that I built was the old Aurora 1/48 kit with the M8 tractor about 50 years ago… I think that this one might turn out better… 🤔
  10. Fair enough. We can only go with what we have.
  11. My armor stash has grown over the past bit… first up I got a gift package from a friend on another site Thank you so much John. I’m probably gonna donate a few for IPMS auction, as I already have them, but I’ve already ordered a set of figures for the jeep. then I picked up these Verlinden Israeli items and lastly I picked up these
  12. 😂 Clever word play and paint scheme. Reminds of something I saw many years ago driving down the freeway. An old Datsun coupe, remember when the company went by that name on their cars before Nissan? I don’t remember what kind anymore (it wasn’t a Z car), but anyways it was a very faded white beat up paint that looked more light gray or off white by then. Anyways somebody had painted some nice big bright red Hinomarus on the side doors! Must have had quite the sense of humor.
  13. Looking on the box of my Riich 1/35 QF 6 Pounder, on one side it says “Made in China”, and the opposite gives a Hong Kong office contact address and number. I think somebody on Wiki boned that one up.
  14. And now back to work on this project… I resumed work in the cockpit, using a 3-D print decal seat harness, modifying a F6F-5 IP decal for use on this one, and some final detail painting plus dry brushing and I started painting the engine More in a day or two…
  15. I’m pretty sure that Riich models is Chinese. They have a nice big red Chicom flag on their website.
  16. Mark & Chris, thank you. It may be a bit slow, but the year is off to a good start now with this one.
  17. Thank you Chris. It’s a good kit, but it does have a few weak spots. If you can find one for a good price, go ahead and add it to your stash.
  18. So my first project of the year is now complete. This is Academy’s 1/35 M51 Sherman, an Israeli/French upgrade to the basic M4A1E8. I built it mostly OOB, aside from adding a clear acetate lens to the spotlight (no lens was provided), some .010 wire for the antennas, and replacing the nylon mesh for the grouser compartment vents with some brass mesh - the kit stuff was horrid to try to cut to size & shape. Base color is Model Master Acrylic IDF Sand. I based the markings off what few photos that I could find of M51s in the Golan during the October 1973 War, where the Israelis had to bring these old war horses out of war reserve to assist the Centurions in stopping then pushing back the Syrian onslaught and subsequently driving towards Damascus. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcome…
  19. Thanks Ed. Took a bit longer than intended, but the end results are pretty much as envisioned. I hope that the crew figures don’t disappoint you. My figure painting skills are nothing to brag about.
  20. They look good Mark. Your 2022 is off to a great start.
  21. Well, after todays bench session, I’m calling the tank completed. One more session tomorrow and I ought to be able to wrap up the crew figures and do a proper end of project batch of photos…
  22. Today was a good session. I airbrushed on the flat coat then did some of the detail painting that had to wait for that step to be done, such as the periscopes and vision blocks… Just a few more small steps to go before I call this one finished…
  23. Tracks painted and installed Not much farther to go now…
  24. Thanks Mark. I do know that Penni enjoyed Modelzona quite a bit, and I did mention Orangecon to her, so who knows. I do know that we have lots of travel plans for this year, so who knows. Stranger things have happened. 😏
  25. I remember watching that episode when I was a kid. Pretty intense stuff at that age. You sure nailed the look with the reversed negative B&W images! Bravo! 👍🏼👍🏼
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