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  1. So shiny!!! 😳 Thanks for that Chris. It looks great!
  2. Paul, that is a seriously great batch of additions to your stash. And $20 each for 1/48 Hasegawa Phantoms is definitely a SCORE!
  3. That oleo looks superb! What did you use for the chromed area?
  4. Ed, I started a pilot hole in each exhaust stack using a needle. Then I enlarged the pilot holes a bit using a brand new #11 Xacto blade. Then finally I used a micro drill bit to enlarge the opening a bit more and for more depth. I know what you mean about drilling out gun barrels. I have to do that on my AA Crusader in the next session. On this build I'm gonna swap out the kit gun barrels for some Albion tubing cut to the proper length. That’s another option.
  5. Stikpusher


    Good looking finish Fred! Man that aircraft sure looked a lot better once North American redesigned it with swept wings and tails.
  6. That is one impressive presentation of a very old and wanting kit. Bravo! 👍🏻👍🏻
  7. It is a lot of fun Jim. I actually finished one last year with a bit of time to spare. 😯
  8. More progress! Woohoo! First up, I added some acetate for the reflector gunsight lens Then I masked up the canopy and windscreen and glued them into place Tomorrow I’ll work on the seams around the windscreen, and after that I can start initial painting!
  9. Some very cool trolleys there, aside from the sawed off catapult. Thanks for the heads up. My Kingfisher would look great on one of those. 🤔
  10. A little more progress to report… First up, I drilled out the exhaust stacks and installed them in place Then I installed the bomb racks and rocket stub launchers. I also added some sway braces to the pylons. And lastly I glued together the ordnance that I’m going to mount- four 5” HVARs and the centerline drop tank I also polished up the canopy & windscreen and gave those items their dip in Future. Those are drying now, so no photos until they’re masked off and glued in place prior to painting. Hopefully that will be tomorrow….
  11. Excellent! I’m happy to hear that you’re going to join in.
  12. Thanks Mark. I thought that you had three kits and we had voted on one for you to build. Also, we are allowed to miss one session and build on your own time in a four hour block, on the honor system. If you can make the next two session in April & May, you’ll be fine. Jim Wechsler had to bang out halfway thru this past Saturday’s meeting and will be missing the April session as well, so if that much time away is allowed for him, you ought to be able to play as well.
  13. Ed & Gil, thanks! I’m looking forward to getting this one wrapped up.
  14. Well, it’s that time of year again. Yup, time for the So. Cal. AMPS 12 Hour Online Build challenge. Build a model from start to finish during three four hour onlune Zoom sessions. This year had a bit of twist, the builder selects three options from their stash, and the rest of the participants vote as to which one of the three you get to build. Choose your three carefully. This year I put up the Tamiya 1/35 Gama Goat, the Monogram 1/32 Panzer IV, and what won the vote, Italeri’s 1/35 Crusader III AA Mk.IIII. so yesterday we built for four hours, and in that time I was able to complete steps 1 thru 7, which is pretty much the hull & suspension, and get partway thru Step 8, starting on the 20mm Oerlikon guns next session in later April, I plan to get the build completed, and hopefully the primer coat on.
  15. Ed, that’s a good idea to try out artists pencils for my figure work! Thanks for the Greta tip and for your kind words on this build!
  16. That is a beautiful and very well detailed scene! Excellent work!
  17. Nice haul there Ed. So it sounds like you need a second set of decals for the new Stuka if you’re going to swipe the new decals for the old kit. Ya gotta love the classic Tamiya Panzer IV D. But on that PT-109, I do believe that is the new tool Revell release, and not the 60’s vintage classic from when JFK was president.
  18. Thanks Mark. These final Grumman prop ‘cats are really starting to brown on me.
  19. Yes I have both the original release and “special edition” release on DVD. I’d say about 90% of the special edition changes on all three movies I could do without.
  20. Great little build and a very clever base. Sort of reminds me of the plant in “Little Shop of Horrors” by this presentation 🤔 Wonderful and creative work!
  21. Wow! That is BRIGHT!!! 😎 That is a sharp looking build of a lesser seen type. Bravo! 👍🏼👍🏼
  22. More progress to report! I finally glued the horizontal stabilizers in place… also shows a good view of the fuselage spine seam clean up. that was done after seam clean up on the vertical stabilizer. The kit provides separate tails for a -1 or -2 (as well as cowling and exhausts), but the seam was quite pronounced, along with a slight step. Since I’m doing a bare metal scheme, I had to make sure that the plastic was sanded and buffed super smooth…. Then of course I had to test fit the cowling again for the latest profile shot…. Man this cat is looking like a bear from this angle!
  23. Thanks for the link. Those photos will come in handy one day for the G-10 in my stash.
  24. Tony, I’ve built several Miniart figure sets and I’m quite happy with them. The detail on them is pretty good, although they do tend to need some mold seam line clean up more often than not. They are better than my figure painting skills are in most cases. 🤨 What I really like about most of their sets are the poses- very relaxed and natural on their vehicle crews. And yes, I kinda have a Bulge/Bastogne scene in mind with some of these figures, my new jeep kit, and some Dragon figures.
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