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  1. Thanks Mark! I do love me some IDF armor. Too bad I can’t bring it into So Cal AMPS or OC IPMS…. I finally had some uninterrupted bench time today, so I finished up the detail work on the stowage by cleaning up the oil wash then adding some dry brushing effects. I also continued work on the crew figures… more to come soon…
  2. Beautiful build! The 109 looks very attractive in Rising sun markings! But I gotta ask, in your narrative description, you wrote that the Emil’s were given a yellow wing leading edge along with the Hinomarus and the red & white tail band, but on this build, the wing leading edge area is red. Were the wing leading edges repainted into red?
  3. You need to change your screen name to Rumplestiltskin, because you just spun that old kit of straw into gold with your rebuild. Excellent work David!👍🏼👍🏼
  4. BBC does War of the Worlds, Around the World in 80 Days, and who knows what else… US broadcast networks…? Of course I still love my Disney 20,000 Leagues, so I hope they don’t mess with that version of the story too much…
  5. Todays update, gloss coat and decals on. pretty basic markings, blink and you’ll miss them…. next up, some pin wash in select areas
  6. Thanks Pedro. This is one project that I’m sure enjoying for its lack of obstacles.
  7. Nice to meet you and I’ll add a “+1” to what Gil said on your builds and man cave! Great stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work here.
  8. This came in the mail yesterday… Have something of a kitbash Frankenstein project in mind for it…
  9. Thanks Ed. I remember how stowage on our vehicles used to look, so I just used that mental image for my inspiration on this build. So I’m inching this one closer to the final stages. Last week I finished up painting the road wheels, commander’s .50 cal., and today I did the final straps on the stowage items, and the mantlet canvas dust cover So this is how the build looks now Next up, gloss coat and decals…
  10. The classic Tamiya kit. You did this old girl up very nicely!
  11. Thanks Chris. Yeah, a bit more work here and there… I can see the finish line, but I’m not quite there yet. Perhaps by the end of next week. I love working with dissimilar layers for paints. Easier to clean up the coffee hands goofs… 🤨
  12. Today was a paint session on the stowage items base colors. Almost four hours using most of my enamel Olive Drabs, Olive Greens, Khakis, and most everything in between to paint the items. The beautiful thing about using enamels over acrylics is that any enamel mess ups onto the base acrylic IDF Sand are easily cleaned up with paint thinner. Tomorrow I need to work on the road wheel tires and the exhausts.
  13. Great looking finish on this big beauty Gil! Very well done!
  14. Mark & John, thank you. Today I airbrushed on a more thinned and translucent coat of the same color over the dark areas to reduce the contrast… Now the contrast is far more subtle…
  15. Mark, I can’t recommend such paint pens highly enough.
  16. Thanks Ed! It’s getting there, slow but sure. I had never paid much mind to the IDF M50 or M51 Shermans, but after building this one, they sure have grown on me. So today I started slinging paint. I did a heavier highlights coat of Model Master Acrylic IDF Sand I’ll let it dry overnite then do a thinner coat of the same color in the areas not covered yet. It should give a nice look…
  17. Thank you Ed. It’s funny that we see plenty of Iraqi armor subjects built, though arguably fewer now than years ago. But Iraqi aircraft builds are a different matter. Which is a shame because between 1980 and 1991 the Iraqis flew most of the Soviet’s most modern types, as well as then current French types. So that alone makes for a nice collection to have MiGs and Mirages side by side in the same markings. I have several more Iraqi builds planned for the future, so keep watching for them.
  18. Thanks Ed. Yes, the Sharpie and Gundam fine tip paint pens are a godsend for decal mishaps. Much easier to control than even the best paint brush.
  19. Nuclear submarine kits are a good antidote… a lot fewer small fragile parts to go wrong… 😉
  20. Very sharp looking build! Talk about some low profile markings on the Italy bird. That is a great collection of Shooting Stars that you have going.
  21. Keep ‘em coming! Your work is most entertaining 👍
  22. Thank you Pete! That is a sweet little project and I think that your scratch built effort is just as good as, if not better than, the 3-D printed Rover. I suppose my only remaining question is what did you use for the wheels?
  23. Thanks Chris. The M51 is pretty impressive. From a tank that could only take on heavier tanks from the flanks or rear to being able to take out a then current Soviet MBT frontally three decades later is damn impressive. The HVSS suspension gave lower ground pressure than a T-34 and with the new Diesel engine, automotively it was a power to weight ratio that gave the Sherman mobility that the early M4 crews could only envy.
  24. So I neglected to add my last few updates here… Firts up, I built the kit crew figures. I love the poses on these guys, very natural then I started priming… not realizing that I had forgotten to add stowage. So I stopped the priming, let it dry, selected some stowage items from my spares collections and epoxied it all in place then the next day I finished up the priming next up, base colors…
  25. Well I’ve been adding more to the stash since my last update… Since Hobby Lobby was doing their 40% off a few weeks ago, and I had a bit of cash on me, and I’ve been wanting one for awhile now… then I had a $25 gift certificate that I’d won at IPMS for Andy’s Hobby HQ, so another one falls off the wish list and into my stash… and then the seller of this little piece on eBay sent me a reduced price special offer… how could I say no? that’s all for now…
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