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  1. I’m really liking this project John. An old Monogram base kit, a Koster vacuform based conversion kit, and combined they make a rare member of the Jug family.
  2. So more progress on this over the past few days First up, off came the circle masks, and on went a gloss coat for decals Then on went the decals, markings as in GI Blues for tank B-11 from 32nd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division. I used spare decals from various kits to do the markings. I just need to get the decals sealed in, then I can start final detail painting & weathering
  3. Mark, there’s always something fun coming down the line. 😉 The only real question is when will the next one get finished… 🤔 So Ive gotten a few new aircraft items in over the past couple of weeks. First up, some 1/48 Eduard BL.755 CBUs for a future project or two Then some Yellow Wings white number decals and Verlinden yellow stencil dry transfers, both of which will come in handy and lastly this Hobbycraft 1/48 Bf-109B, which I had been wanting for quite some time, and I was finally able to score at a decent price I must like 109s, because this is the third that I’ve picked up in the past year…
  4. Mark & John, thanks for looking in and your kind comments. I really can’t say enough good things about this kit so far.
  5. Lol! Thanks John. And yes, this build can be found on several forums. 😉
  6. Thank you very much 😉 And we are back! First up I put down some Insignia Yellow on the turret front sides for the company insignia. Then I cut some circle masks from Tamiya tape and masked off the appropriate areas. Much easier to do it this way due to the location and items around there that would interfere with masking around the area. Then earlier today I airbrushed on a coat of Gunze Olive Drab (2) Now I’ve got to let that dry and cure before the next stage of gloss coat & decals.
  7. Gil, thank you for looking in and your kind feedback.
  8. Thank you James! Not bad for a $12 kit 😉 So here we go, a proper all angle walk around of the Hobbycraft 1/48 F8F-1B, in the markings of the VNAF 1st Fighter Squadron, Bien Hoa AB, Republic of Vietnam, 1959, at the end of their service career. And out in some sunlight Only changes to the kit were replacing the gun barrels with brass tubing, adding an acetate gunsight lens, and a Kits World 3D decal seat harness. Paints are Humbrol and Testors enamels. Mig panel line wash, Tamiya Weathering Master set, and oils used for weathering. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques welcome.
  9. Thanks Mark. Just black based and some airbrushed light coats of Tamiya Yellow Green in the wheel wells. Ok, I’m calling this Cat finished I’m gonna let the landing gear fully dry overnite, as it is a bit spindly. Tomorrow I’ll get a full proper finished multi angle bunch of photos taken and posted.
  10. Finally, enough time in the day, and no complications, to get in a good bench session. I did the last bits of airbrushing, then started removing all of the masking. Some of that dampened tissue paper in certain areas sure was reluctant to come back out, and that ended up causing me to knock a 5” rocket loose during the handling. But man does this look good now. One more good session and I ought to be able to wrap this one up…
  11. That turned out very nice! The Malta camouflage is quite striking in its’ appearance. You’re also quite right on the Bandai 1/48 armor kits being quite exceptional for that era. It’s too bad that they have not brought them back to compliment Tamiya’s new 1/48 armor line.
  12. Thanks Mark. I’m using a Mig panel line wash and cleaning it up with Mona Lisa thinner. Very easy stuff to use. A little more progress on the Bearcat. I painted up and weathered the kit 5” HVARs, plus added some Pro Modeler decal stenciling, then glued them in place. I also painted up the 20mm gun barrels using a mix of Testors Gun Metal & Flat Black. That gave a nice parkerized finish looking color. More coming tomorrow hopefully… lots going on here…
  13. I’m working on it Gil 😉 I just don’t want this one to end up like poor old Red Leader did… 🤨
  14. So I’m trying to get this project wrapped up shortly, and have been working on it for the past few days. First up I added and cleaned up a panel line wash and then this evening I made up some replacement gun barrels using brass tubing More updates to come soon…
  15. So… two more acquisitions for my flight line from IPMS meeting the other night First up a large scale Yellow Wings beauty…. and then my first SMER kit, a beautiful little float plane racer…. now the kit itself is quite basic, looking about the same as old Hawk kits from childhood
  16. Nice pair of choppers Mark! Funny how the old Cheyenne looks every bit as modern and menacing if not more so than the new Japanese tank hunter.
  17. If Dave Fredericks was building this kit, it would run 😉 But not mine… 😆
  18. Thanks Bob. This one was nearly destroyed by a cat hopping onto my shelf, along with several others below that did not survive… but yes, Russian tanks don’t look normal in pristine condition… unless they’re on parade in Red Square.
  19. Another day, and another new project starts. This time it’s an ICM 1/48 MiG-3, the first combat aircraft of the MiG dynasty. I’m adding some Kits World 3-D decal seat harness belts and a Cutting Edge IP to this project, and will be making it in the markings of one of the top Soviet aces, Aleksandr Pokryskhin. Flying first the MiG-3 then later the P-39 Airacobra, he amassed more kills than any western Allied ace. last night at IPMS, I started construction and built up the gem of the engine that this kit has I still have a few more projects to wrap up before I go full bore into this one, but I’m really liking it so far.
  20. Ok, I’m calling this beast completed… an old shelf of doom damaged and sidelined project, many years, moves and repairs later, the old Dragon T-72M2/T-72B w/ERA. I added some resin stowage and figures. Also had a driver figure in there, but his head blocked the turret from rotating forward, so he was nixed… “Vanya, what’s that flash in the treeline?” Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcome…
  21. Boy, that’s turning the clock back fifty years or so…. I loved all of those kits back then. Still have a few to this day, but most don’t look quite so well done
  22. So I’ve gotten in a few aircraft kits over the past couple of weeks. A couple off of eBay, and one from consignment at Andy’s Hobby HQ shop First up, an old ESCI Mirage 5 that was the consignment find. then off of eBay, these two, where each one had the seller offer them up at discounted prices now for me to get an aircraft project finished up this year…
  23. Ya beat me to the finish line by about 30 minutes Mark 😉 But no hard feelings. 😏 This looks great, and I’m glad that you were able to partake in the challenge. It’s always more fun when you’re along for the ride.
  24. And now back to our regularly scheduled build… today I finished up priming the rest of this build so it’s all in black now, ready for regular painting to begin
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