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  1. sprueguy

    1st ID Vietnam

    Thanks for the kind words..
  2. That is so cool. Wish I had the imagination to sculpt that kind of work.
  3. sprueguy

    1st ID Vietnam

    Here are some updated pictures of a figure I've been sculpting for sometime now. It is a 1/10th scale bust using the head of the old Monogram "Three Brave Men" as the base. Except for the grab handles on the AN/PRC radio it is made of discarded plastics, sprue, razor handles, ant thing that will melt. The link is to the how to work with plastic. Hope you enjoy.
  4. I'm not a ship guy, but this is a real eye catching build, great work!
  5. Wow!! very impressive work, can't wait to see more.
  6. Me it's a Tamiya M16 multi gun halftrack, bought it with a book on halftracks while stationed in Japan 1977.
  7. Very nice, the work is great
  8. sprueguy

    F9F-5P Progress

    I'm not a wing-wiper per say, but I got to say you have done a great job on this one, can't wait to see it finished, good luck!!
  9. sprueguy


    Another fantastic work.
  10. One of your best works! Great capture of Ross. In all his shows I never saw him get a drop of paint on his shirt, would have been nice to see one on your figure>
  11. A true classic, you did an outstanding job on this kit. Is the base original to the kit?
  12. sprueguy

    Godzilla 1989

    Great work like the base
  13. sprueguy

    King Seesar

    Great job!!
  14. Where do you get these kits? Your work is always great to see.
  15. Great aircraft, and you did a fantastic job on it.
  16. Looks a lot like a girl I dated a long time ago. Great job on your work.
  17. sprueguy

    The Kappa

    Great work!
  18. Some updated pics, kind of gives an idea where I'm going with this. Pictured are the arm positions and some of the TA-50 equipment of the figure, not pictured are the grenades, AN-PRC25 field radio, butt pack ect…..
  19. Great display, I enjoy the title and it fits the sceen
  20. sprueguy

    Bah Humbug!

    Great likeness to the actor.
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