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  1. sprueguy


    Good job!
  2. Outstanding work, can feel the drama.
  3. Although I'm not much of an aircraft guy, I'm quite taken by your work. Great piece!
  4. Sorry, I had to look at your work for ten minutes before I even noticed there was a motorcycle in it. Just old guy joking it's a fantastic piece.
  5. Great work, I remember learning to drive a manual transmission on one of these. It was the late 70's while stationed in Iwakuni Japan. It had the same radio as yours, a MRC109. Great memories!
  6. sprueguy


    Another great piece
  7. I'd like to see more done with figures. How the use in a diorama ect...
  8. Love it! I use to drive one while working in a lumber yard in Texas. When ever I trained a new guy, I'd stick a raw egg on some putty I had on the pallet then haul a$$ around the un paved yard, The egg would always stay on and I'd tell the new person when you can do that come back and see me. Of course when I removed the egg I'd take the putty also. Always good for a laugh or two.
  9. Fantastic piece, your painting of it is outstanding.
  10. Had one of these aircraft parked at the airport in Amarillo TX. yesterday. I was wondering what it was, thanks for posting the picture.
  11. This is a good one, great job!
  12. Fantastic piece, really like all the details and great job on the figures.
  13. Just goes to show; you don't always have to have tanks and Germans to make it interesting, great work!
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