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  1. "I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy" (on two knees, bowing down to a plastic building superior). OK, kidding aside, Eric, this is a stunning build. I don't know where to begin with the specific compliments. It's all great. Thanks for posting the pics. Model on, Master of the Sprue.
  2. - This is a beautiful build Andy. It looks like you have mastered the "color modulation" method. - Barring in mind the fact that pics of small scale models have a tendency to magnify details, both good and bad, I have an observation for ya that you may wish to file in the back of your mind for the next build. In the views where you can see the back edges of the windscreen and the canopy (once I click on them to open them up and they are expanded to full size) I think you can see a certain amount of transparency where the paint applied to the frames might not be as thick or have as much full coverage as you might want. Otherwise, all other aspects of the build look fabulous. Thanks for posting these pics. They're inspirational. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  3. Rockin COOL!!! We got another Bike enthusiast on the DF. And your build is great lookin too! Thanks for posting the pics. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  4. DUKE-IN-A-TOR!!! You....are thee model building Man! - You know that I always check out what you're building, even though I may not always post a comment. This time, I had to note that these four pieces could possibly be your best efforts of 2009. Yeah sure, I know you just plain ole love building models and may not always build them as "show/contest" quality. And all of us will totally agree that is A-OK because you are building for you. Now if I may be so bold as to comment, what makes these 4 stand out is their lack of glue slops, lack of paint slops, lack of brush strokes, crisp looking appearance, darn near perfect alignment, etc, etc, etc. Perhaps the previous builds gave the appearance of all the noted flaws because, as we know, photographed 72 scale models are THAT much more magnified on the web pages here and therefore, any potential flaws are THAT much more magnified. - One might say that the photo quality of these 4 is better. While that just might be the case, I didn't think the quality of previous photos was all that bad, so I see these 4 as being better builds. Assuming you concur with my observation......COOL!!! I am way happy for your displayed improvement over the past year. More power to ya. And even if there hasn't been any improvement, as long as you're enjoying what you do, I am still way happy for ya. Model on, Dukinator of the Sprue!
  5. Rob, - This is a sweet little build. IMHO you did an excellent job on it and I hope that my small artillery pieces come out half as good as yours here. - I can't help but notice the huge similarity between this piece and the German 37mm Pak 36. If not for the difference in barrel sizes (76.2mm as opposed to 37mm) and if you had removed the auxiliary siting plate from the top left shield and then painted it Panzer Grey, I would have never known the difference. I wonder.....which one came first? This....or the Pak 36? Maybe there's a manufacture cross over or shared design in their early development. Still.....great build. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Awesome lookin build Dick. Keep up the great work and we're lokkin forward to seein' more progress pics and the finish gem! Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  7. Mike, this is a really cool looking build. It has also inspired me to pull mine outta the stash and work on it. Hope you don't mind if I steel a few of your ideas and techniques. Just chalk it up to flattery. Excellent work, so far. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  8. This is a real cool build Mike. I've been wanting to get one of these kits, but they're just too darn expensive and it'll hafta wait until I find one on sale. Great job. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  9. Hello John, - Welcome to the forum. And yes, there is a good representation of fellow rotorheads that frequent this forum. Good to have you added to the gaggle. - Escoteric once manufactured a 1/72 H-13. It was a multi-media kit (included photoetch for the tail boom, a vac canopy bubble, etc) but I believe it is out of production and hard to find. That may be all well and good since the Italeri H-13 is an acceptable example with decent quality detail. It's only down side is the flattened (not rounded) tail boom tubes on the inside surfaces and they are a little on the thick side. Still a good choice. The italeri kit can be found easy enough on eVil-bay. - Years ago Monogram kitted two Snap-Together Bell 206's (aka OH-58A) as a rescue and a police chopper. But it is basic and I believe not quite a true 72 scale model. Matchbox released an OH-58D that is quite good and I believe easy enough to find. Italeri's OH-58A and D kits are very acceptable representations of these birds and can be easily found on the eVil-bay relatively cheap. - Matchbox and Monogram both produced AH-1Gs. Matchbox's release was VERY basic, borderline crude, and I believe representative of a prototype or early G. Monograms issue is "dated" in terms of modern tooling technology, but it is a very acceptable representation. It too can be found on the eVil-bay. Fujimi released several versions of the Cobra in 72 scale. The J, S, and Step III S. All are great kits. All or currently out of production but obtainable from the Bay. For those adventurous enough, you can swap a few parts between the Fujimi S and the Monogram G to get an AH-1Q. - Hasegawa has released several variations of the AH-1S in different markings, US Army, Japanese, and Israeli. They are basically the same kit, so acquiring any of them will get you a US version and is the best Cobra in 72 scale. - For the S-51, look for the MPM release instead of the Mach 2. It should still be a currently available kit at more complete hobby shops (or a LHS that will order it for you). MPM also makes a fine R-4. - I agree with David and Mike. Mach 2 kits are challenging at best. Especially with their gold price tags. If you can find them cheap enough and there are no other alternatives (the Mach 2 HH-43 is the only injection release. There was a vac kit of this (Air Model), but it is only a shell), they are build-able. - And as Mike said, go with the Academy OV-10 over the Airfix, Hasegawa or Revell examples. You might consider posting a request for the needed kits in the Wants and Disposal section of this forum. I have all of the above noted kits, but sorry, after all, I am......a rotorhead. Can't part with 'em. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We still need to cover CH-46s, CH-47's, H-3, 19, 34, 37, 60, etc, etc. - Just my 2.75 cents worth. Model on, Brother of the Rotary Sprue.
  10. This is a phenomenal kit! Just picked my sample up from the LHS. Thanks for arranging the deal for the club dudes, Brian! Of course, the sectional parts layout is evidence Tamiya plans on other version releases. The most obvious being a Mk. VIII. The separate fuselage side panels on either side of the tail wheel look to be a most accommodating parts swap-out for the retractable tail wheel, etc, etc. - The lesson to take away here is that if you have designs to mini convert this to a Mk. VIII......don't. It's coming in kit form, eventually. - John, Dive in! And please, let us know (pics) how it goes.
  11. Hello Pablo, and welcome aboard. Cool looking models. They are very inspirational, thanks for posting them. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  12. Bill, that is spectacular. I thought that I was the only nut-job to attempt to build one of these. I started out on a vac kit of this (my first vac kit, aaaaaaggg), and butchered it. Never finished it. But yours is fabulous. Great job.
  13. Once again, awesome work Greg. Very inspirational. Thanks for posting the pics.
  14. Awesome NMF work so far Gil. Great job.
  15. Agreed. I have two of these myself and plan to paint one just like that.
  16. One of our club members Tim W. brought in this beauty to our April 09 meeting. He built it OOTB and loved it. And I might add that this example was stunning! Most folks walking up to look at it didn't know it is 21st Century and found it hard to believe. IMHO, these kits are the "Sleepers" of 2009. (Their quality/detail sneak up on ya when ya thought they were just plain ole basic kits). Enjoy.
  17. Gil, we've barely recovered from drooling over your T-28. And already you're at it again with another awesome looking build. It's lookin great and I can hardly wait to see more pics. Model on, Brother of the Liquid Sprue.
  18. Weedeater

    LVG c.VI

    Paul, That's fantastic ......and a HUGE tezzz. I agree with Gil, more pictures please.
  19. Jon, cool paint scheme, unquestionably. But, being only slightly WWI aircraft literate, I can't figure out the pink-ish lookin tires. Is there something particular about that? And thanks for posting the great pics.
  20. - OK Mark, the part went out this afternoon at the post office. You may receive it as soon as Tuesday and hopefully no later than Friday. Please, drop me a note when it arrives. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  21. - Hi Mark, Inbound email. Part extracted and to be shipped tomorrow or Saturday.
  22. - James, WOW. Three awesome renderings in a row. Fan-tabulous work. I do agree a dullcoating might add a finishing touch to this one. But it's spectacular as it is, too.
  23. - James, besides the Sioux Indian bust, this too is awesome looking. Thanks for sharing it too.
  24. - James, this bust is spectacular. I especially love the blending of the facial tones and shading. I can barely wrap my head around blending with oils, but to see it so well done with acrylics is a real treat. Thanks for sharing these pics. - Hi Ed, are you still interested in selling more of those Valleyjo paints? If so, please PM me with your asking price and whether you have a good selection of all the basic colors needed to paint WWII figures (German, US, British). If you just want to hold onto what ya got left, that's OK, I'll understand. Model on, Brothers of the Sprue.
  25. OK Mike, the cavalry's on the way. I mailed the prop out (wrapped in cardboard and bubble-wrap) today at the post office. You may have it as soon as Wednesday and hopefully no later than next Monday. Please drop me a note at my e-ddress or here to let me know that the eagle has landed safely, thanks. Happy modeling.
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