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  1. O....M...friggin....G! That....is hideous! I feel sorry for any of the air crew having to admit to anyone that they flew in it. Annnd apparently they made a side-by-side trainer version of that! Eeeeeeuuuuuu!
  2. Hi-ya Rusty, - For those aircraft ID challenged members, here's a few photos: Potez-63 Hadley-Page Hampden and here's Mark D's described Blohm und Voss Bv-141 Enjoy the ugly.
  3. - Oh boy Ralph, did you ever hit that nail square on the head. I had thought that Revell's 72nd Buffalo was poorly executed (misaligned wing trailing edge and staggered horizontal tail planes, etc) but their P-51 ONLY barely resembles a Mustang. Poor shape, poor outlines, poor everything except that.....it is possible to actually glue it together. On the up side, their issue of that "Red" (wink, wink) interpretation of "Millie P" 'Stang is an incredibly colorful and attractive box art. Too bad the red is supposed to be green and the checkered nose green and yellow! - I built one of the Revell Dueces kits in the 70's of this Mustang and the Ki-84 (of which the 84 is actually a decent enough kit), oblivious to accuracy at 7 years old, and enjoyed the daylights outta the kit. - Two months ago, I thought that I'd take a walk down memory lane and build my collection (thank you evil-bay) of the Revell Dueces series (7 kits total, 14 aircraft). Two months later and I still can't bring myself to build that crummy Mustang. Don't know how I'm ever going to complete this collection.
  4. - Agreed that French or English aircraft will hog the limelight on this subject. Potez 63-11! Hampden! Nuff said. IMHO, if you exclude French and English A/C, you run outta ugly! LOL. - Funny though, that one of the ugliest (Hampden) and one of the most graceful, (Spitfire) aircraft are from the same country of origin.
  5. Hello James B., PE = "Photo-Etch". - Not sure if you know this, but the brass colored metal pieces in James F's first posting were manufactured using an "Etching" process on a sheet of metal. The etching is done using a acid solution and a "mask" that creates the different shapes/parts. Once this is finished, the parts are washed off and the modeler cuts the pieces off of the "fret" and then glues them onto the model (usually with CA glue). Sometimes the parts require bending them into shape using a "HOLD-N-FOLD" clamp-and-bending tool that Mark A. mentioned, before attaching them. Not sure to what extent you may need a tip or two on other abbreviations, but here are a few others commonly used on this DF: DF = Discusion Forum CA = Cyano Acrylate adhesive (aka Super Glue) HTH = Hope That Helps FWIW = For What Its Worth FYI = For Your Informtion LHS = Local Hobby Shop LOL = Laughing Out Loud ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My (Behind) Off LG = Landing Gear This is just a splash to get you started. I'm sure other members will have a few more. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  6. Hello Richard, - FWIW, over on the "Moving Targets" website forum, user "Clave" has posted a series of profile artworks of numerous Tomcats ranging from the mid 70's up to 1990. They show the variations of the Tomcat's schemes from era to era of the Gull Gray & White to overall Gull Gray to a Ghost Gray looking scheme. It does not look like he has included on this page a representation of the "blue-gray" scheme they went to in the later half of the 1980's. It is possible that Clave has these schemes/artwork posted elsewhere though. Tomcat Artwork from Clave - The one piece of advice that I thoroughly agree with is "check your references." While I cannot speak from an in-person experience (I only spent one full day cruising on the Kittyhawk from San Fransisco to San Diego in 1986, Tomcats and all during flight ops), I can say that I just plowed through 7 references and nowhere was I able to find photos of active duty Tomcats in an overall white paint scheme. I did find repeated shots of the "B" prototype/Super Tomcat in overall white with red graphics. These references might help you out better: Squadron/Signals's F-14 Tomcat in Action, No. 1032 Squadron/Signals's F-14 Tomcat in Action re-print, No. 1105 Detail & Scale, F-14A & B, Vol. 9 Detail & Scale Colors & Markings of the F-14 Tomcat, Vol. 2 World Airpower Journal, Vol. 7/Winter 1991 World Airpower Journal, Vol. 19 & 20/Winter 1994 & Spring 1995 Best of luck nailing down exactly what you want and hope this helps.
  7. Who's got yer back covered? Thanks go to Dennis for given us Emoticon-freedom of expression. And with an option to use ten of em in one post.....the sky is the limit. And for Mark..... (|8^{)> ....a good day to you. Model on, Brother of the Steel Potted Enthusiasm.
  8. Buddy!!!! I gave it my best shot with the...... ...sign off. SHeeeeesh! Some people...... ...with a (| brain bucket.
  9. This....is a test....of the Emergency Emoticon Broadcasting System. This....is only a test. beeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp. If you can see 10 Emoticons, then the system has passed....The Test! (|8^{)> If you see 11 or more, then please visit your nearest Optometrist at your earliest convenience.
  10. That is awesome lookin Gil. Great job. And as usual, thanks for posting your in-progress and finishes.
  11. These pics are great. While I am now recalling having seen one or two of these kits years ago, I do not believe I have ever seen your samples. It looks like every one of the kits they list, were at one time or another issued under a Hasegawa box top, Eggcept.......the Stuka. Never new there was one. Even after collecting these Eggstraordinarily unique kits for three plus decades. Besides the Stuka and any other unknowns, I believe I have all the aircraft. I know I don't even have half of the bikes that were issued and I only have a smidgen of the autos available. Guess I gotta keep watchin the Evil-bay. Thanks for posting these pics, Peter. Model on, Egg-inator of the Sprue.
  12. Congratulations Mark. Smooth move. Whadda ya gonna do for an encore?
  13. - Typically, I'll use whole or cut pieces of motorcycle tire balancing weights. They are usually smaller (typically 7 grams) than car tire weights. In special cases, (ie, 1/48 P-39/400's) where there is limited space in the nose where you might see the weight thru a gear well opening, I use shot like Bob L. - In almost every case, I have been using CA, sometimes with an accelerator too, to secure the weights. But after reading David's note about potential chemical/element reactions, I am now wondering about that. I have used 5 minute epoxy in the past and it looks like I'll be leaning towards using that more often now. - When to know enough is enough? Usually, I just guess. But that has led to some embarrassing and frustrating out comes. The Accurate (Eduards) P-400 is the prime example. Thought I had enough shot in the nose. I repeatedly assembled enough components together dry and set the model on the workbench. It looked funny to see this airframe proped up on its landing gear, teetering on the bench with as many parts set on the nose and the tail and where ever else I could fit them to see if it balanced out. Ultimately, I decided to leave the top of the nose gun port panel off as long as I could during assembly, painting, and decaling so that at the last minute, I could do another balancing check. That paid off, because after all of the finishing, it still dropped tail and I had to add more shot through the top nose section. In the end, three point (correct) tricycle contact.
  14. Coming from a Prop head that loves P-38's, P-47's, and P-51's, unquestionably the Spitfire. Graceful looking.
  15. Weedeater


    Or worse, that the colors/markings more closely represent a roosting male and that the kit as molded, more accurately represents a female!? But seriously, awesome rendition Paul. Love it!
  16. Ohhhh great, Chris. Now ya done it. A third color, Dark Green! Not OD. Or is it a freshly applied OD? Or does it look like fresh OD because the rest of the exterior of the vehicle seen in the photo has been exposed to the elements and has faded, giving the appearance that they are different shades? .......Just pullin yer chain. It is an excellent photo. But seriously, I can't get past that it is by all measures a "modern" restoration and I must admit that I still question the accuracy of it representing a period correct example. Not tryin to bash your effects, they are appreciated.
  17. Steve, it's amazing how good this looks after that decal/post-it challenge. Outstanding recovery and thanks for posting this. Interesting note about the Tuskegee airman and the denial of their victories. What a shame it took decades to make an attempt to correct the wrong. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  18. That's pretty slick lookin, even if it was a non-Blitz build. Those wing tip nav lights look quite realistic. Are the kit lights clear parts that you painted clear red and green? If not, how did you get them to look so good? Great job. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
  19. This was suposed to be a Nats build, buuuuuutt.... ran outta time and the finish wasn't as slick as I was lookin for. Pulled it back out to get a jump on a Saturday build. Decals are on, waiting for panel wash and additional airbrush effects before flat coat and last touches. Hope you enjoy it, and lookin forward to what else everybody else is workin on. Model on, Brothers of the Sprue.
  20. Hey Tim, - Thanks for the compliment. I know that I haven't done complete justice to the entire Hasegawa line up. I do recall that you're certainly right about numerous re-issues of these kits. I am very intrigued about the Hawk logo issues you mentioned and I hope you can post a pic of one. I have no recollection of them at all. And I am glad that Hasegawa has issued a few new ones too. The P-51 is my favorite. I'll keep my eyes open for any signs of the Hawk boxes and look forward to a possible posting from you. Model on, Egg-inators of the Sprue.
  21. Eggthusiast Dudes, - FWIW, these are examples of some of Hasegawa's first issue Egg-planes: Many of them were re-boxed with the little diorama scenes that Pete is referring to. These are some of what I refer to as their 2nd Generation releases: And these are what I refer to as their 3rd generation releases. As near as I can tell, these are all new tooling: Some folks, (particularly some of the Japanese sites/blogs) sometimes refer to these as "Deforms". The "Deforms" reference is mainly aimed at non-egg shape caricatures, like many of the Gundams that are on the market. Don't have any boxes at the moment, but these are my wife's renditions of a few of them: These are her favorite models to work on. She has no interest in those wingy-thingies or those treaded things. If you wanna step out of the classic "Egg" shapes, these were issued by Bandai in the 80's: These IPT Eggocentrics were issued around the 80's or 90's: And here are a few samples of what I wiped up in the late 80's: Of course, since I am a huge bike model fan, I hav-ta throw in these ARII "Deform" samples: And these Bandai and Fuman issues: Here are a few misc snaps: - Thought that you (or anyone else) might like to see what else has been available. Many of the generic Hasegawa ones are still obtainable from evilbay as are the Mitsawa cars. HLJ has the latest issues only, but my experience with HLJ has ALWAYS been positive. Just be prepared to chose (on the occasional chance) if you want them to hold on shipping the entire order until all items are in their possession, or possibly a partial shipment (with charging only for what they ship and charging again later when they ship the remainder). They have done this to me in the past. It has been a while since my last order and maybe they have improvide this aspect. For your viewing entertainment, this guy has some pretty funny stuff: EggstremeMachines Hope you enjoy it all. Model on, Brothers of the Eggcentric-Sprue.
  22. Very crisp execution and very elegant looking. Kudos.
  23. Woof! I definitely agree with Raymond on the excellent concept and execution. I'm dyin' to know what the image was that was deleted by photobucket. IMHO this entire piece is PG enough, with a dash of risque to make it intriging. Again, suberb execution.
  24. As usual Gil, these are lookin pretty cool so far. I'll give you credit for starting with the ESCI Kfir. It's got more rough spots than many straight Mirage kits. But....you have managed to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, once again. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Thanks for posting your creations again. Model on, Brother of the Sprue.
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